Monday, September 30, 2013

wanting autumn to last forever...

 these are back to hanging valley trek with the o'conners.  it was just such a beautiful trek.  the fall colours have come to anchorage as well.
 tanya and i mug for the camera.
 i think i should be baking for tomorrow's monday walk.  i think i'm hitting my max awake hours though.
 the o'conners.
 i worked ER last night.  was pretty dang busy.  they had some trauma's but i was in the back end.  they had me closing it down.  not sure what all that entails, but the float nurse was super nice and it all got done.  sad, crazy stuff...the ER is never dull.  add to it the regulars and it's just another night in the emergency room.
 today i didn't get out for my walk until after 3pm.  slept great though . rio opted out again so it was just blossom and i.  we headed to powerline pass.
 great day out there.  quickly ran into a couple i'd never met and we all started chatting and ended up just walking together out to the bridge and back.  funny how you meet some people and click, like you've known each other a long time.  anyway, enjoyed the chatter and company.
 only had a few minutes at home to feed dogs and settle them back in before i headed to movies. haven't been to movies in a long time.  i do actually enjoy seeing movies from time to time in the big theater.  the smell of popcorn was intoxicating as i headed in from the parking lot.
 went to see "jon don" or is it "don jon".  can't remember...that is how sleepy i'm getting.  i think it's the latter.  oh well, it matters not really.  it was somewhat quirky, but i can't say i didn't enjoy it overall, wouldn't buy it or even have a need to watch it again. if you are one that is easily offended by tits and ass or the overuse of the word, fuck, well it's probably not for you.
 the main actor also wrote and directed it.  i think it was his fist attempt at a project of this size.  crops for that.  strange subject matter, porn, but in truth it is much more prevalent than we all care to admit.  women are competing with these unrealistic expectations of female bodies and manners.
 at the same time a lot of women do seem to try to make their men what they have in their head their man should be rather than just accept them for who they are.  acceptance out of the sack will for sure bring more fun into the sack.
 electronics have invaded all parts of life it seems.  sex has also invaded all parts of life.
 anyway...did seem odd watching moose go through the mating rituals.  is it wrong to observe them during rut...?  they get no peace. we were all pretty far away today.  as the evening approached we could see way more moose coming out of the brush.
 guess there was a nice make a bit further up the trail, but we were all ready to turn back
 from the distance we all safely observed without being a bother to the moose.  not that when i've been closer i've felt i was a bother to them.  they do what they do really and as long as you give them space and respect they could care less about you it seems.
 we saw several females and one main male who was following a female.  she was pretending to ignore him it seems though in the pictures i can see her neck hairs were standing up and he was leaning in for some good sniffs. eventually, he headed off to scare off the other younger male.
 break time on the way up to hanging valley.  we were teaching maddie to "take pictures" when she needed a break.  it's how we stop and rest without admitting we need to rest...we just take pictures.  haha.
 happy to get to where it was more flat heading back down this upper valley
 blossom got some good tennis ball time in today. lots of puddles to "cool" off in...not that she needed cooling.  it wasn't cold but it is cooler and so our bodies are adapting to the changing weather and scenery.  my hands were a bit chilled at times.  i'd brought a hat but i sacrificed it as a poop bag holder on the way back.
 blossom and boddhi.

 such a handsome guy
 loved this of maddie coming through this brush with all the cool colours in it
 boddhi helps me show off the rock
 maddie does a photo session for me with blossom

 blossom wasn't always an active participant in this photo op

 no bears today but we did see some berry filled scat.  that is blue/purple scat.  always so funny.  they love those berries, them bears.

 maddies turn for a photo session.
 she got silly with it...always fun!!
 serious and the silly

 there is the silly again
 haven't even read my big sunday paper yet.  slow today.

 think i'm a wee bit dehydrated from my day of walking. will swig some before i hit the sack.
 snuck in some laundry today as well, so i didn't totally blow off life.

 we thought this shadow looked like some sort of bird over there.

 there is that darn tarn.
pogi is forever trying to fit under things that he can't possibly fit under...maybe it's like humans and our clothes...weight check.  good night.

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