Monday, July 27, 2015

mish mash July..

 above is Blossom at Eklutna, below still Byron Glacier.
 more rain today so i opted to stick close to home rather than spend cash for last minute adventure in the rain.  need to be packing is what i need to be doing.  i was doing packing in my brain so that has to help.  temps in Barrow are 30's-40's.
 did do walk with Blossom.  we headed out to Campbell Airstrip..always a rainy day walk.  easy, close.  Blossom was not in the mood to walk there.  for some reason she never seems to like it there....perhaps it's because we walk it so often in the rain.
 there were bear warning signs and my pal was at the bench with Issac when i arrived.  he said a young brown bear had been there yesterday causing trouble.  haha.  the salmon are starting to arrive in the creek...though i never saw one and i was looking.
 i saw no bears or scat.  we just did 3 miles and then i came home, fed the pups and headed to gym for laps.  got my little gym stuff out just need to figure out how to do the bike thing.  looks simple enough...then i can be lazy at home but use the guilt to get on one or both of my machines. gone!!!
 too bad i'm not a runner.  that seems the best way...though it always seems injuries get the runners eventually.
 no obvious leaks on the new roof.  i think they used too long of nails on the front deck since you can see the nails quite clearly though the underside.  i shouldn't get too concerned since i plan on eventually turning that into more of a master suite and walk in closet.  still, since they just did it i'd rather make sure it's going to be weather ready and not wait on it.  texted her today with plan to follow up in the morning.  she did text back but it was nearly 10pm and i was deeply invested in a netflix movie so i just put her off til the morning.
 these are fisherman at Bird Creek i believe.  saw some pulling fish out.  chatted with a friend who is retired and once you are of a certain age you can have others fish for by proxy...i like that!!  less mess that way.  i have a few years to go before i can take advantage of that one though.
 these are back to Eklutna Lake hike
 the walrus were very entertaining today.  there was another alert/stampede event.  no injuries...short lived.  no idea what may have happened.
 perhaps if they keep up with the camera's next year we will have more than one at a time.  one can hope.  i was working on a calendar for 2016. need to set up the web page for sales and then start to purchase product. eventually the hope is that we can make enough money selling product to help Round Island with some costs and projects.  i may be a dreamer and i still have loads to learn, but...i'm willing to keep at it and see what i can do for the place.
 gotta call the sticker guy as well.
 liked this of the bench. it's at the 2 mile mark about. i had been remembering it at the 1 mile mark so it seemed like it took forever to get there...but when i arrived i saw that i'd gone 2 miles instead of one...aww...
 always love the fireweed with the lake in the background.  this lake is where we get our city it's glacier fed.  the color gives that away. we have really good city water.
 it was a hot day so Blossom got in the creek water as soon as she got the opportunity.
 a bit ago Blossom really started to bark.  i went to investigate.  she is the guard dog of the house.  Rio is the muscle.  hehe.
 there was a very tall moose out there cruising the hood.  Blossom knew that wasn't no kitty cat!!
 always fun to see a moose in the hood. seems like it's been a bit.  they probably roam around a lot more when i'm sleeping or at work.
 tend to see more moose in the winters anyway.
 a few from the smaller camera...these are at U-Lake.
 grebe above and duck with ducklings below.
 the babies in town are all growing fast.  we are getting to that point where the flowers are falling back and the shrooms will soon come up.
 summers are short.  these are some beaver shots from the lake as well.

 this one guy is a big one!!
 they are always busy.
 from a walk to the beach at Kincaid..always a favorite of mine.
 Blossom loves beach walks as well.
 i have to leave my mark everywhere i's a habit now

 it's not over until Blossom is coated in mud

 it's pretty easy to do here at the beaches
 tide was super low.  people do the crossing every so often which i still think is not a good idea.  the city of Anchorage tries to dissuade folks from wandering out on the flats at low tide.  the tide that comes in comes quickly and it's easy to get killed.  that mud is like suction and it can be hard to escape.  i've had a boot stuck in it once.  like quick sand.
 a group was taking people out there for the crossing.  an organized walk seems even more silly. first it just encourages others to try each time it's successful.  at issue for me is what does one do in the event of an emergency.  you can't just leave someone there and go get help as you can on most trails.  they would have to keep moving or run out of time and risk the tide returning.
 could be an issue if you have a heart attack, stroke, anaphylaxis...any number of things.
 these guys did wander out a bit but not really that far.  and they stayed together. don't think they all knew each other really, but they ended up together out there.
 i stay pretty close to the main beach.  Blossom would wander all the way out if it meant getting to the water. she has no common sense when it comes to water
 she enjoys the puddles left behind though.
 here they all come back...
 liked the bikes left on the beach while folks walked.  no fear of anyone stealing them.
 Blossom was my main model of the day.
 not the most exciting post i guess. hope you enjoy anyway. back to work for 2 more nights then i really will need to get ready to go as i am leaving.  want to get the papers ready for my pet sitters.
thankful for: Rain and sun...variety is good.  Swimming.  it always feels so good.   chocolate, it melts so even when i'm an old lady with no teeth i can still eat it.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

from totally warm and sunny to pouring rain...with a quake in there too

 of course, i missed the quake.  i must just be out and about and moving myself so i don't notice.  i guess it was a 5.0 .  not sure of anything besides that.  half of these are from Powerline Pass-Hidden Lakes.  the other half are part of the Byron Glacier hike.
 today i did manage to get to the dog jog.  the folks who run the non-profit, Friends of Pets.  do remember Rio ( who was star) and i think it makes them happy to see that she is still out there and doing so well in the home they placed her in.  success!!  from running my own non-profit i can tell you it's always great to hear that you have helped in some way.
 just did the mile with the dogs as i had Rio.  she just gets tired and over heated.
 i was up late last night. partly because i slept all day it seems yesterday and partly because i was deeply immersed in the book i was reading and no matter how sleepy you are some times when a good book calls you have to keep reading until the end.  of course, there is always that bit of disappointment and sadness when it's want more!!  this one was called, "At The Waters Edge" so on to the next book
 ran into some friends from the ER at the dog jog so chilled/walked with them.  so bonus.  some little kid seemed to take a liking to Rio and was asking about her.  he apparently loves dogs and has done some research...was excited to add a few new breeds to his list of breeds he's seen live.
 since i was again sleepy...i headed home for a bit of a nap. later i woke and took Blossom down to Point Worzonof for a walk on the beach.  we got lucky and bald eagle #77 had found a dead salmon on the beach. he was pretty chill so we hung with him and i took some pics with my new lens.  so far i'm enjoying it. much easier.
 then i got some to do things checked off the list. much to Blossoms happiness i wasn't able to get dog wash checked off the list.  haha.
 the rain started coming down pretty hard this afternoon, but thankfully, it wasn't raining when i was actually walking.
 i've heard that dogs can go on now i'm debating seeing if Rio can chill at home and i can take Blossom for a train ride.  last minute  may not go very well though.  i really should be planning more this summer.  such a slacker.  if i don't do that i can always do one of the hikes that i've been wanting to do.
 really need to prep for trip next week.  write up a note for what pets will need.
 will need to put some cash in the bag just in case i see some native crafts up there of interest.  bargains can be had i hear.
 bad year for marine mammals. several seal strandings, fin whales and walrus deaths out of Izembek National Park and Kodiak.  Sealife has several seal babies they are working with and fish and wildlife are investigating the other mammal deaths.
 should probably write to  President Obama, he's coming here in late August. seems like we should let him know about the walrus and WARIS and Round Island.  probably won't hear anything but may at least get a form letter...which is nice for our fledgling non-profit i think.
 a few walrus had returned to Round Island to the entertainment of those watching them on
 it was so beautiful on Hidden Lakes trail that day.  the flowers were wonderful and the skies blue.

 Blossom wasn't sure why we lingered here so long, but she's always just happy to be outside doing anything.
 some hikes are great in that you just get more for your work.  in Alaska that is more common than not.
 car talk was on as i drove home from the dog walk.  even though the one brother passed away they still play the old classics.  that show always makes me laugh...
 the rocks up closer to the lakes are plentiful and covered with lichens
 lichens are a combo of algae and fungi...i think i have that right.  there are so many varieties of lichen. i have a  big coffee table book of lichens.  crazy how many there are out there.
 and there is also fireweed up there.  though the fireweed is quickly reaching the winter is coming.
 on the way back down.
 coming back always goes much quicker.  i was happy that i didn't feel exceedingly tired or sore coming back.  always a good sign.
 these switch over to Byron Glacier.
 if it's pouring rain tomorrow it may be tough to get too motivated.
 built a few cairns.  they add perspective to photo's i think. plus it's always just relaxing to build them.  takes some patience...especially with the wind blowing a bit as it was that day
 great deal of snow melt this summer and last i'd say as well.  with warm winters the snow back that often lasts all summer has melted back a great deal.
 this trail is always pretty popular. easy walking to a glacier.  not as easy to get close to the glacier anymore though.  now it's a pretty high hanging glacier.  still pretty and worth the walk.
 Blossom enjoys it because there is plenty of water on a warm day.
 more cairns

 did i mention there was a bear at the zoo.  that doesn't sound strange...there are generally bears at zoos...but this one wasn't in a cage, he was apparently just visiting relatives.  they had to close the zoo for several hours until the black bear was encouraged to vacate the premises.  pretty funny actually
 i had fun with this crack in the snow patch.  made for interesting photo's i felt.
 sometimes i can't decide if i prefer it in color or black and white.  thoughts?
 always prefer it with a little Blossom in it though.  she's such a good girl.
 here i am with Blossom.  wind blowing a bit here. guess i will try to get more sleep than i did last night and hope that i get my arse moving tomorrow and have some fun out there.
thankful for:  A.  days when i get stuff done on the to do list.  B.  strolls on a beach....any beach  C. ice cream with chocolate syrup, blended like when i was a kid.  nummy treat tonight.  :-)