Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I voted..now can all the ads disappear?


since social media knows all shouldn't it be aware i voted and shouldn't these ads go away...guess big brother isn't as all knowing as we give him credit for.
i waited in line for just over an hour. there were maybe 5 sightings of non-mask wearers..of course the pair right in front of me were not wearing masks and she seemed to know everyone in the hall and had a fairly long conversation with a gal who had just been diagnosed with cancer about her cancer treatment.  the security guy spoke to the pair about masks but that did not spark them masking up, they were not spoken to about it when they went in. not sure what they said to the security guy about it. he asked me if i'd called about it...i hadn't so clearly someone did.  maybe they have already had covid? who knows.  i do not to get into it with people about their refusal to mask up
i got in line and mostly just looked straight forward and avoided conversations at all...especially after the lady got in line behind me.  she asked how long the wait was and i told her i'd just asked someone coming out who said it took him 1 1/2 hours.  she then stated, she would..."do anything for trump".  luckily her friend/companion/whatever came at that time and i just turned my back to her. 
i did spend much of the time waiting thinking of questions i would like to pepper her with....you know all the things that i'd want to ask her if she would be willing to do for trump. my mask kept my smirk hidden.  it was quite rewarding. of course, i would have asked with a total dead pan tone/attitude...
would you have sex with a monkey? would you get in a cage with a lion? would you pee on a bedpost? would you cut off your arm?  you get the idea...
there were some outburst in the line.  she was getting a bit rowdy with another guy who was in line but wasn't actually going to vote...he was standing with a friend who was voting.  he was clearly baiting her and eventually said, "i'm just messing with you, i can't vote, i'm a felon" she then tried to tell him how much trump has helped black folks and felons.  later the lady he was with got on the phone and was screaming at someone on the phone.  something about her whole family being dead...
i looked over my ballot several times, fearing that i had mismarked it and had actually voted for trump by accident.  i hadn't. got the above sticker and headed home.
i have discovered over the years that you get cooler stickers if you vote early.  i'm like a child i guess...i want the cooler sticker.  last time it was various animals. 
when you vote on election day you get the standard yellow dipper on a blue background.  it's not bad, but the others are more fun.  :-)
i made shortbread cookies so i am now eating a bit of the leftover dough.  so tasty.  
i had a headache most of the day, it's finally subsiding.  i really should get a few things accomplished. 
just a few of us for the Monday walk.  the snow is melting but sticking around still. looking for cool ice, starting to form but not tons yet.  for sure it's cooler.  Covid Cat has been out there ,but he seems to be staying in more and more. he's out there now though. he seems to try to avoid the snowy parts.
there was a 7.6 quake out on the Aleutians yesterday.  Sand Point area.  we were briefly on a tsunami watch but the waters around Anchorage are pretty shallow so our risk is super low. that is a big one.  it may have been related to a quake they had back in July....they get big quakes out there and also have several active volcano's. i know there were tsunami warnings/watch all over the coastal areas for a bit.  was getting updates while i waited in line. 
i was laughing as the trumpee lady behind me was reading it aloud and sounded like a second grader reading. his target audience
the rest of these are still September pictures.  i'm looking at the big camera shots still.  was so far behind.  
thinking perhaps i'll see about working on the calendar/card tonight/tomorrow night. generally doesn't take too long once i sit down and do it.  
also would like to head out and look at desks and flooring options. 
this computer is getting up there....won't be too long before they stop updating it i suspect. want to clear out some more crap. i have pretty much wasted these days off.  need to put my vacation time in. 
fall is my favorite but it's so short so i take loads of photos and spread them out to continue to enjoy it.
being civil...which really means being a minimalist with some relationships
so you will just have to bear with the fall pictures
Covid Cat with the fall leaves.

these are still Independence Mine, Arctic Valley and Matanuska Glacier. 
views from the top, now covered with snow.
huge mushroom.
up there in the distance is the old nuclear silo's. 
love all the artifacts at Independence.

talking on the phone. so taking a break from writing.
the newspapers are downstairs..i'm behind on those.  no news is better than news most days. our Mayor is almost done since he resigned.   people can be so dumb.  nobody seems immune to stupidity. money and power are good at building confidence and as they say, pride goeth before a fall. many in high places do incredibly stupid things and destroy their own lives.
corruption is just a step away and many find it difficult to avoid getting themselves mixed up in things that in a previous life they would have had more sense about. Guiliani is currently the example of that. he seems to be being used as a pawn by Russia to spread misinformation. that is so easy to do with trump supporters who are open to every conspiracy theory that is tossed their way. 
one day perhaps they will wake up and i'm sure they will be like, "nobody knew"...i will not be very forgiving of their ignorance.  especially as they have called those who don't buy into the conspiracies every name in the book...how often did my brother tell me i had trump derangement syndrome.  like they haven't had hillary derangement syndrome for decades...haha. 
ivy coated in silt...takes weeks to wear off.  
plane flying towards and then over the glacier.
got a good call from the dentist...they had sent me a bill, i sent money and they called to say my insurance had actually paid for it...so they shredded the check.  money for me!!  time to go shopping for a desk and flooring.  okay, the money won't cover all of that but it is nice to have money you thought you didn't have.
not sure if another government check will ever come into play.  i got a small check but we do all like getting money that is unexpected. 
how poor will our nation be when this family in DC is done pilfering all they can from it. 
it's depressing that there really isn't much to be done about what they are doing or how to prevent someone else from doing the same or worse.  lucky for us Trump is so nuts...if he were more together he would have done a better job at screwing us all over....as it is the chaos was nearly as bad for those on his side as those not on his side...still he's done tons of damage. it could have been worse though.
he mentioned in a rally that if he loses maybe he will leave.  when he says stuff like that it is often a tell for what is actually a possible plan.  i have figured it was an option for him to simply escape to another country, like Russia.  if he loses i could totally see him turning it over to Pence, having Pence pardon him for what he can, taking off to another nation while he leaves behind a team of lawyers trying to get him out of all the crap financially that is coming to light. 
he may soon become more of a bother to a foreign entity like Russia though.  they have ways of dealing with people they find annoying.  hopefully, he takes his obnoxious kids with him. 
once he is no longer useful to someone like Putin he won't bother with him.  not sure how many state secrets he actually knows that are actual state secrets.  he doesn't read much.  he is bought in to all sorts of conspiracy theories which will quickly bore Putin or any other leader.  
he is a joke, a clown really.  what money gets you in life....eventually, it can't hide stupidity, especially in one who is so needy for attention. 
another leaf split with color.
the trees often look like a painting.
the last of the mushrooms...will have to wait another year for them
what will have happened in a year?  where will we all be by then?  
thankful for A. the many changes that occur week to week in this amazing place. B. totally lazy days like today.  the headache finally went away but sometimes i think my body just takes a day off C. mellow pups...when i sit they are cool with sitting too.

Monday, October 19, 2020

home again and today it snowed...


our first real snow of the season this year in town.  i'd seen snow in forecast so i had kind of planned by jaunt to Homer around it.  the tides looked to be working well for me as well. the tide was low fairly early in the morning so i could hit sunrise (but not too early) and was going out as the sun was setting as the tide was going out in the evening.  
during the day on the full day i did some drives, took a nap, read and shopped a little bit.
there was a scattering of trump signs on the way down to Homer.  in Homer it was a bit more Biden signs and few trump signs...it's too bad you can't just drive anywhere and not be reminded of all the politics. you really just want to drive and enjoy the beauty.  
sadly there are no restrictions on when people can start on the next campaign and so they start right in...therefore our politicians are constantly working harder on getting elected than doing the work they are elected for.  it's also become a big money maker. this crap is on both sides.
personally, i think there needs to be a limit to when anyone can start campaigning...like only 6 months before any election. we need to get big money and lobbies/interests out of the election campaign mix.  a max of money to get the job done.  we could do so much...for all the right bitches that there isn't money for this or that...clearly there is money out there. it just needs to be used for good not just for re-elections
i am also more and more annoyed by the tax exempt status that religions have enjoyed for generations...sadly, big religion has just become big business.  they own properties, stocks, stash away billions in cash basically...can you imagine what they could actually do if they used that money as God would no doubt prefer...to help their fellow man, woman and child...and perhaps nature and all that God created. 
there should not be starving children when churches have billions sitting in banks.  there should not be children dying of preventable diseases when there are churches that have billions sitting in banks.  saving for a rainy day?  really...while your members struggle financially.  even if you help them some, you should be helping more. doing more to help others.  it's criminal that this is allowed, but sadly, it's not criminal.  
when you can't tell the difference between religion and corporations...they are the same except one is tax exempt.  
corporations also donate money to causes. i'm not sure how different the percentages are...but...actual financial statements for places like "the American Red Cross", "save the Children" or "World Vision" have 85-90% of their donated funds going to program services...some rotary clubs get that near 100% for programs. country clubs...they have some fund raisers...well they tend to be less than 5 % going towards actual programs that help.  churches...their financial statements aren't generally made public in any specific way...and members do not ask for a breakdown. they have faith so they put their faith in the religion of their choice to dole out the money they donate or their tithing.  
churches though, are pretty low on the donations that actually go to humanitarian projects...we are talking less than 10% low...and i'm being generous. there is a great deal of difficulty getting churches to cooperate with accurate counts...i wonder why? 
mostly churches don't disclose this information...
i did manage to get up early enough to enjoy a shower and hit the beach for the sunrise..quite the feat for me...sunrise is getting closer to 8:30-9 am now i think.  the low tide was around 9 am as well.  made it to town in time to hit the spit for sunset.  it was a nice one. 
this woman was taking some pictures...i thought of her dog, but then i came to see it was an otter.  it had been chilling on the beach.  my pups took care of that sadly. no otters or dogs were injured.  no tourists were pissed off. i did notice the otter was not weight bearing on the right front.  once the otter hit the otter it seemed to manage fine.  it left behind some poop...always interesting to see the contents..crustaceans for sure. 
other than otters i saw some moose over the stretch of days.  
the beach is always relaxing as is the pretty drive to and from Homer....aside from the various political signs.
you can't do anything without being confronted with either signs or ads.  i can vote early starting tomorrow so hopefully i will get that done in the next couple of days...too bad our computers that apparently know all about us, don't seem to know when we have voted and automatically turn of those annoying ads. maybe it does though..i'll pay closer attention to facebook.  if i click a box that says i've voted do the election ads stop?  
our Mayor only has a few days left...he resigned over a rather drama filled and embarrassing online relationship of sorts.  he got involved online with a crazy woman.  he had taken a selfie of his backside which is now all over.  i mean over his shoulder.  it is no suave ladies man photograph. it's probably actually a sign that this is not his usual behavior...but these guys often seem to get cocky and believe they won't get caught.  at this point someone like trump could get a blow job in the oval office and his base will not waver...but they are irony impaired. they seem incapable of grasping that they are willing to accept any and all horrific behaviour from their own elected officials while acting appalled if it happens on the other side.  
i think he handled the pandemic as well as could be expected considering the politics and citizenry..he listened to science. for that many anti masker trump cult followers were angry...so they were happy that he will be gone...but unless they are a trump loving republican too, whoever is put in there will be slandered.  conspiracy theories will be written about them.  
we've lost a segment of our population to online conspiracy sites like Q-anon. the pandemic hasn't helped this...people lost work and then got on the computer and got sucked into the conspiracy game. once in it seems very difficult for them to find their previously more sensible selves...according to these sites JFK is alive, the democrats and hollywood popular stars/personalities are part of some demonic pedophile group.  trump is the savior that will bring them all down.  4 years and he hasn't brought any of their so called adversaries down.  the clintons, Obama....they have had control and still can't find anything that actually sticks.  facts are lost on these folks though.  they "see" the evidence on the internet so it must be true....
the deep state...a non-existent force within the us government.  it's all so wacko and yet, seemingly educated folks are so far into their web of conspiracy theories i am not sure they will ever find a way out.  perhaps eventually a few will be shocked when faced with the truth and proclaim, nobody knew this or that about trump...but everyone knew.  the facts are out there, they have just opted to look the other way, to not believe. 
saw an interview with a stay at home Mom.  she used to work in a bar but her hours got cut due to covid...she states she is on Q sites for like 20minutes a day...i call bull.  it's like alcohol.  we ask how much people drink, we know many lie about it.  we'd find the same true for internet use.  most would lie about how many hours they spend a day....she's a bit too familiar with all these conspiracies so she is on the sites much longer than she will admit. 
it's not healthy...it's mind bending.
on the way to Homer, we stopped at many of the usual haunts.  this little swim spot along the Portage Valley road...there was a skim of ice on the water.  then a stop at quartz creek day use, then a newer stop at the Kelly Lake.  we buzzed past a few beaches we often stop at both ways and instead booked to Homer to catch the sunset after checking in. 
they upgraded us to the bigger room, which was great.  it looked like their other small rooms were pretty full so i suspect they put us over there in case the dogs barked...though they have rarely barked and then only one bark....when people came in late i think. it's what dogs do...
i had forgotten to bring my rain boots, which are way better at low tide than hiking boots...so during the day i hit a gear shop that i'd never been too.  always fun to check out local shops....so i bought new boots.  made like down there much more fun.  wet feet on cold days not a great idea.
love Tusker rolling around. so happy.
the second night i sat on the beach enjoying sunset with a fire.  the idea was to rest the dogs...not have Ivy over do her activity....of course, that just led to wrestling.  
i still have her leg and the possibility of surgery.  seems a matter of time i guess...but for the time, trying to put it off feels right. this leg support i ordered arrived just before we left so we did try that out.  she doesn't seem to have a slow down mode out there on the beach...she is so excited to be there. 
on the trails she chased the tennis ball a bit but then seems quite happy to walk and carry the ball..on the beach, she wants to just keep going.  we started out without the support, but that first evening she was limping earlier than she would usually so i put it one.  i think it did help her. the pain meds are for twice a day and i've only been giving them in the morning so i gave her one extra one on the full day in the evening. 
today i tossed the ball in the snow in the back yard and then i headed to MT for this years pumpkin massacre.  she volunteered her place.  more space for social distancing...the snow forced us inside i guess, but i think it was still safe....only a few of us this year. 
everyone had a great time, the dogs stayed home to rest.  when i got home we had more tennis ball time and then later Tusker wanted laser time....he knows it's winter and he seems to understand the darkness means more laser light time...he's a bit obsessed. 
still  behind on pictures in the big camera. i also haven't sat down to do the calendar/cards for this year.  gotta get myself motivated before i head back to work. tomorrow....tomorrow.  
walk and bills and upload pictures and.....and...and...
started reading a book in Homer so i got sucked into that and finished it after the massacre.
just made cookie dough for shortbread cookies so i may roll those out before i crash for the night.  do some baking. 
i woke up too early today but i was also in bed early.  that drive can really take it out of you. 
we are in go mode the entire time so when i get home i just want to crash. 
we walked both Bishops and the spit yesterday morning before heading back.  the dogs were settled in the car...we stopped once, they got out and to stretch and then Ivy Rose stood at the door to get back in...shocking.  they slept the rest of the way home really.  that often happens with these two. and one they are all settled and happy i just keep driving. 
lots of swans...they are booking now more with the lakes starting to ice up.  soon our world will be frost/ice/snow...and darkness.
made one small snowman....it was wet snow.  
working holidays...the season will be pared down quite a bit.  
it was all a bit out of control...the earth has a way of restoring balance. this time it was a virus that seems to be rocking us...but eventually a balance will return.  could be a bit rough for a bit though. 
covid positivity rates are increasing...even in the valley, when the anti maskers have all been saying they are back to normal...see we aren't masking and we are fine.  that foolishness may come back to bite them. 
bake and bed...
work approaches too quickly but it was good to have those extra days off...even if i did hardly anything really.  just not being there was nice.  
thankful for A.  that the pumpkin massacre happened despite the pandemic.  B. for another fun trek down to Homer...spirit refilled a bit.  C. for those that make us laugh.