Sunday, May 1, 2016

fun dog photo session

 seems like i have been only taking iphone pics of the dogs so fun to get them out on a walk to the beach and get the big  camera out.  they had a blast in the sand.  above is the Queen Princess Blossom. just in case you fear she is being ignored.  she is still getting the attention she deserves.
 honestly, it's me who isn't getting her attention.  she is starting to really dig these new puppy friends in her life.  so cute to watch.
 these first ones are from anther walk to the dunes.
 the pups love sand.  lets just say that.  both sandy places are a huge hit!!
 the cats are more and more out there.  Miss Breezy Chatterbug is really stepping up her efforts to make buddies of these puppies.  she is a strange cat in that she is a big fan of dogs.  now she sits near them and starts a safe distance. the puppies are doing a bit less crazy chasing and more cautious investigation on the cat population in the house.
 worked 3 nights, all in the ICU.  draining, but more so than usual because of the puppies and lack of sleep between shifts.  still haven't gotten a system worked out. i know the best thing would be to just come home and walk them and wear them out...but i'm worn out.  we started one morning but the pups were not game and i was easy to convince to give up the idea.
 also i enjoy on my days off the schedule that they are growing used to where i wake, feed them and then we all head back for naps for a bit.  Blossom is used to this.  puppies just don't nap long enough yet for an in between work deep sleep.
 when they get into stuff it is always the humans fault.  puppies have to be watched or confined .  so if something gets destroyed either i haven't been watching close enough or i haven't puppy proofed well enough.  using words like "off" and "leave it" more as they grow more confident in their exploratory ways.
 work was busy though.  not sure if my one patient is still with us.  he kept me pretty busy for a few nights.  thankful for all the help from my co-workers again this week. ICU has had me hopping these past few weeks. travel nurses are starting to show up.  summers in Alaska hospitals mean an increase in travel workers.  they all want to do an assignment in AK. the summers anyway.
 this guy, Tusker, has the sweetest little face, right?
 they are awake.  just let them outside for a bit. they have been fairly safe playing out there mostly unsupervised...famous last words, right?
 need to figure out where to walk them today.  yesterdays walk was a total of 3 miles.  they took a rest part way back...that was at my favorite tree in Kincaid which turned out to make for a super sweet photo session with the puppies.  i know i'm sure my friends are pretty tired of puppy photos.  they are only little once and they change so much weekly. their height, weight and fur is pretty dramatic.
 been able to find a bit more time to hit the walrus cam.  i like to try and be a presence and answer questions when i can.  seems like the regular chatters are pretty excellent and informed so really less for me to do question wise.  i like to toss in a photo or two from my collection on those times when the walrus all book to go clamming.
 they have added the second live feed of the dragons spine.  so beautiful.
 still very far behind on my reading.  newspapers are stacked up..except the one that Ivy destroyed this morning.  it was on the coffee table and she was able to pull that over and have a blast with it.  these guys are like little barracuda's.  they chew everything.
 thankfully, that was the one paper i've read!!  haha.
 i think it was Kenya, burning 8000 horns and elephant tusks in an attempt to help stop poaching.  it's awful the number of animals killed for this objects.  a disgrace to humankind.  humans are just awful some times.  there is a lot of good out there as well and you try to focus on that...but 8000 is a large number.  so upsetting.
 puppies are looking for me.  so much for those crazy internet people who kept saying never get sibling puppies cause they won't bond with you.  i think time with puppies and type of puppy probably are large factors in this
 sometimes finding family for your patients is the big challenge of the night. had to do some sleuthing while trying to take care of my critically ill patient.  eventually i dug through my patients clothing, found his phone and we charged that up. i sent it to the E-ICU and they started making calls.  it worked.  not great news for them, but hopefully, they at least will have a chance to make peace.  i also called the hospital chaplains so they could get re-involved.  the patient has actually asked for it, but they hadn't followed through.
 life as a single person.  i do believe my friends would be making those calls for me if i was in that position. sometimes you are in a different country though or speak a different language and that makes it harder.  also makes it harder for people to even try to help you i think.
 we have had some beautiful days. today looks cloudy.  i tend to just look outside at the weather and then determine the plan for the day.  yes, my life is not really all that complicated.
 i enjoy this simple life though.
 blog interruptions today.  puppies are outside with Blossom, but i still need to go out there from time to time and monitor activity.  trying to create more fun obstacle stuff for them to explore.  they are ever curious though.
 the wood bison that were released last year are having their first calves in the wild.  so cool.
 pondering in my head another article to attempt to get published just to keep walrus out there in the news.  just have to find time with pups and other activities.
 loved all these fun pictures though.  these pups are great to photograph.

 sweetness with their big sister Blossom.
 new vet plan..thinking i'll take my cats to one vet that a friend really loves and take Blossom to another vet that has come highly recommended.  no reason really to jump to one and be totally loyal.  will take them in and get a feel for a few clinics.  i'll return to my old vet for that last set of shots for the puppies  just will give me options.  no appointment on the day i need at one place. no reason why i shouldn't have options.
 i think i hear the pups downstairs again.  they look for me and then start whining for me...oh to be so loved.
 settling them down with some peanut butter filled bones for a rest while i finish this up....and eat a little chocolate.  i kept smelling this smell on them...sure puppy breath, but what was the other smell, then i realized its the smell of all the little leaf sticker pods from the cottonwood trees out back. those things stick to everything.  sweet smell though.
 just vacuumed but who can tell.
 here is my favorite tree in Kincaid.  there was this little spot where you see Ivy so i figured i'd see if she would accommadate my photo op idea.  she did.  so cute
 just love the root/trunk of this tree.  amazing
 Blossom was fine chilling and resting and watching folks bike/walk by.
 the dogs all got loads of attention  always great to socialize the dogs at a young age.
 they were pretty tuckered out.  i made a run to the gym last night for a swim.  not back up to my 3x/week goal but i've been pretty excited with myself for making the 2x/week goal with new pups.  lovely evening of swimming.  hopefully i can do a repeat tonight.
 love when Anchorage goes all green.  each spring it's like all the trees decide to turn green within a week.  crazy how fast things grow and change up here.  the light, the scenery. it's just an awesome place to live.  you can travel the same trails all year and see the changes each week.  never dull...great for a crazy gemini like myself. h aha.
 everyone seems to love puppies so we are stopped often on the trails.  on the way back up the hill to the car after this photo session we ran into this family. the little girl just went to the ground and scooped up all the puppy love, then she was laying on the ground covered in puppy love. she was giggling like crazy, which had everyone else laughing.  nothing like that total joy in a child and the puppies are great at bringing that one.
 i was not the only one taking pictures of this pair yesterday.
 she is so chill in the tree, right?  she is my major explorer pup.

 go big or go home...that is Ivy Rose.  they were absolutely thrilled with the sandy beach yesterday.  running up and down the sandy hills, causing sand to cascade down these little hills along with puppies.
 they were also a wee bit too comfortable with the idea of swimming for my comfort...fears that they would be taken out to sea.  yikes.  all was well in the end. sandy, muddy wet and happy dogs.
 i really need to invest in one of those roomba vacuums.
grateful for:  A.  the opportunity to spread puppy love.  the world can always use a little puppy love  B.  to live is such a magical place C.  that i wouldn't be laying dying in a hospital bed and have nobody attempting to find my family and friends to let them know...great to have people in my life....i know of late i'm focused on the dogs in my life...but i'm grateful for the people too!!  :-)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

sweet faces..

 felt guilty leaving them crated for a good chunk of the day today.  had skills lab. did give them extra play time and did a loop of Baxter Bog before crating them.  i'd debating splitting the skills lab and running home part way through. then i kept thinking i'm nearly done. being in Resource pool i have to attend a much longer skills lab day than many.  there are specific ICU and ER skills labs on the same day.  thankfully Peds hasn't gotten it together enough to do an abbreviated skills lab on the same day. it took me 5 hours.
 Blossom is still hit and miss on the dog door.  Ivy is all into it.  Tusker has made a first run through on his own, but hasn't really gotten the hang of it yet.
 they were running too fast for the black and whites but still fun.
 mostly i have my iphone with me with the pups so apologies for poorer quality shots.  just snap shots.  the puppies did a lot of running today after i got home.  i puppy proof and then they discover some other adventure to explore...i've no doubt this will happen for the next several months.
 skills.  we are still working on sit of course....everything is level one in the learning process.  have added down to their list.  today we were working on the loose come, at my place that turns out to be a "here puppy" sort of call.  it hadn't occurred to me before Blossom that it was helpful to have 2 "come" commands.  a more loose, dogs are in the yards and i'd like them inside vs the real "come" which is a non-negotiable command...come or you may get killed by a moose or run over by a car.  too often we ruin the real come command the dogs aren't consistent with it.
 so i would wait for them to get distracted by each other or some twig in the yard and then i'd call out for them....they were getting the hang of this.  i'd then have them sit and do a down at times. of course, we are also still learning "gentle" when it comes to taking treats.
 they are improving on walks.  goal has been to get them used to being on leash and collar, also to keep them from chewing leashes and/or each other.  they do get excited by everyone we meet so the fine art of walking on a leash is something again we will build on as the training continues.  it takes a great deal of effort to get a well trained/well behaved dog.  i think often people just look at Blossom and how good she is and they assume she is just naturally that way.
 it does help to have a dog with a favorable temperament for sure, but they all do need consistent training.
 also working slowly on settle.  where they go lay down in a spot and chill.  that is a new one, not always easy for puppies.  also wanting to focus more on them going into their crates rather than me putting them there. they are growing fast.  i won't be able to just haul them everywhere soon.
 tomorrow will be vaccine day.  i have an appointment already at my vets but i'm really feeling like i will make the last vaccine appointment at a new vets office.  Monday again i tried to call twice to find out if they needed me to pick up more ab's for Ivy.  no call back all day.  i had to call again this morning.  the front desk person apologized, which is a theme.  Ivy's last urine culture came back negative and all her labs were clear so we will just watch her closely and hope the infection doesn't return.
 several friends gave me recommendations for their favorite vets in town.  it may be that i end up testing out a few or i may get lucky and make an appointment and all goes well.  seems like the practice i've been going to is really just too busy to give the personalized service i guess.  i always seem to hit the firewall of their front desk.  do i want to be treated special...yes, i do.  i take good care of my pets and i spend some hard earned money at the vets.  i do expect to be treated like my business is valued.
 Ivy gets told by Pogi what proper cat/dog interactions should be.  love her face in this.  above visit with puppies by friend and her kids.  they may be doing the sibling puppy thing again some time this summer.  she made me feel better at work one night as she has had sibling pups and done just fine with it.
 always laughing at work, especially in the ER....if you come in and tell us you have allergies to tylenol, ibuprofen and tramadol.  we are on to are probably drug seeking.  i loved one this last stretch. a non-narcotic anti-inflammatory had been rx'd and the patients family was all, "we can't have this, what is it, i've never heard of it.  he's allergic to it".  so first trying to convince me of some allergy to a drug they had never heard of and then when that wasn't working the tactic turned to how expensive the this unknown drug would be.
 people lie and manipulate.  tough to trust anyone some days after encountering this at work so often.  it can be frustrating, but it is also a bit entertaining how often people say these idiotic things and believe nobody is on to their game.
 Ivy keeping her distance from Pogi.
 i did the ER skills stuff last and i know i was getting cranky by then.  i don't want to overlap stuff . i'm on a need to know basis.  i work several different units so i do not expect to be an expert at all.  if i have a pacer issue, i'll be calling the charge for assist.  overall, i think i do pretty dang good taking care of a variety of patients.
 the web cam out a Round Island had a pretty exciting day. while i was at skills fair it looks like some whales came by.  fish and game said they were grey is the spring migration so that makes sense.  pretty cool!  the walrus were actually off island today out feeding.  rough seas yesterday.  actually some beautiful scenery yesterday.  i feel like i've been slacking off, the regulars are so good at answering questions for the newbies.  it's pretty cool actually.  i for sure lurk though.
 Ed has also been on there to answer questions so that's great.  i will try and post a few pics again of the island that isn't seen by the cams.  helps them have perspective.
 travel out to the island could be a bit cheaper this year if anyone is debating it. fuel costs are down so the boat ride out of Togiak looks like it could be more manageable financially.  the more friends you get the better.
 walked a bit of Potters with a friend.  made it to the lookout with the pups. they got sleepy there though so we rested a bit before heading back. beautiful scenery.  no complaints about chilling here a bit.
 Ivy framed by Blossom's fur.
 they are getting taller and heavier and Tusker is getting curls.  Ivy is getting little tufts of hair.  will be interesting to see how their coats turn out.
 they were so cute, nappy time.
 i try to wear them out every day. of course, wearing them out also means building up their strength and endurance.  haha.  it will be getting crazy. i will get my upper body work out as we train.
 did a gym/swim day yesterday.  felt too guilty after leaving them all day to do that again.  the puppy play pen area has been breached every time i've attempted it.  thankfully, potty training is going pretty great overall.  always a little slip up here and there, but crates have been mostly dry of late.
 loved that both pups snuggled up on me..Blossom was behind me resting as well.  she's been sore.  i need to get her in for a check up.  hate seeing her age. she's the best pup and i'd really like her to live a few decades.  i know that isn't possible but i want her to have a long and happy life!
 not a bad view!!

 the city is greening up. i love the color of all those baby leaves.  just an amazing green.
 my newspapers are stacking up.  haven't had time to keep up on the news too much.  the Presidential race is just embarrassing and depressing.
 the puppies are still on a day schedule. they seem to wake me about 6 am for a feed and potty run.  i am able to get back to bed again though after this for a bit of late so that helps.  better to just try and adapt a bit myself so i can get sleep.  eventually, they will adapt to my life more.  puppies eat extra meals.  i use their kibble as training treats to keep the fatty treat amounts down.  when i get bigger distractions i'll need more enticing treats though.

 back to work tomorrow night.
thankful for:  A.  getting the dang skills lab done for the year.  such a drag.  i try and remind myself that it's easy  money.  B. that i am not a drug addict.  what a drag of a life it would be.  C.  that these puppies are seeming to be fairly excited learners