Wednesday, November 22, 2017

bruised but it's good..

 got my massage today.  hour and a half.  my massages are not always all that relaxing though by that last 1/2 hour i do usually finally relax.  i seem to collect knots and it's been awhile since i went to my therapist and she really works the knots...which means some pain.  i had a lot of knots after the puppy vs squirrel vs owner with leashes on wrist incident.
 my forearm was especially knotted up/tight.  it still is but it has all loosened up quite a lot.  there are some sore spots where she really was digging in.
 before i crash I'll see if i can schedule another appointment.  she is usually pretty packed.  she has married and had 2 kids since i first started getting massages there so now she just works 2 days/week.  can't believe i got in so fast this week.  much needed.  should do a few over the next few months to get back to my usual knot load.
 these are all from yesterdays sunset down at the beach.  there were 3 moose out there feeding, though i only noticed 2 on the way out.  all three were seen on the walk back. 
 the pups love it out here too as they can really get a good run in.  it's wide open and so they can chase birds or just romp....we lost another tennis ball.   so that day i lost the frisbee and the tennis ball. 

 i headed back out to North Bivouac for a dog romp before my massage so i wandered over to where the frisbee was last seen and was able to locate it again.  of course, i believe we lost yet another tennis ball on the way out there. it is going to be a long winter of tennis ball loses. haha.
 these two really are just more distracted by each other when chasing toys. 
 the cat just braved leaving the comfort zones to join me on my office chair.  she used to do this all the time before puppies and so it's nice that she is finally beginning to feel more freedoms again.  the puppies can be quite annoying to the cat, though Ms Breeze Chatterbug rather adores the puppies. 
 i think i have completed watching the 5th season of Downton i believe i add a few rather's into my writing after watching.  haha. 
 it really is a good show.  here the puppies are seeking out a tennis ball.  really i just have to be more cautious when I'm throwing it that i pay attention. 
 bought a dozen tennis balls at Freddies today just to hold me over.  i noticed as i watched the show many of these new tennis balls migrated to the bedroom.  it must have been Ivy Rose as Tusker was happily snuggled up on me for a nap.  he's becoming a lovely snuggly dog. 
 Ivy has snuggle moments, but she tends to be all legs and licks.  she is the entertainment of the household for sure. 
 her personality cold be easily spotted even when she was just 8 weeks old.  Tusker was clearly the more mellow of the two.  both are adored immensely. 
 when i arrived home the calendars and Christmas cards i ordered had arrived.  i think they turned out pretty nice.  i also have plans for another painting project for gifts.  hopefully, my friends like it.  practical and fun i think. 
 this driftwood log has been out here for years.  must have been a big storm one's sort of the guide for the way back to the sledding hill and parking area.  people bike from here to Kincaid i think.  gotta watch the tides all the time down here and it's not the same as the walk you can take at low tide in Homer. 
 loved the pups in the light.
 look at those sweet, sweet faces.  cute monkey scarves as well. 
 not sure they are as thrilled with the scarves as i am but they do indulge me.  Ivy still has a wee bit of pink on her
 look  at all that room to run!!
 it has been pretty chilly here this week, but nothing abnormal.  it's winter. 
 not sunset today really.  cloudy, threats of snow, but nothing really came down. 
 she used this cream on my arm, i need to check it out and buy some for home.  like icy hot i think.
 right after the sun dropped down.
 still enough light to get back up the trail and home.  this is like 3:30 now...solstice is just a month away.  then the light begins to return. i like winter solstice way more than summer solstice just because of that...the return of the light, whereas summer solstice means the days will be shortening. 
 every day is different here though.  the northern parts of AK are in total darkness until sometime in February i think?  can't recall exactly....a few months without  a sunrise/sunset....i think that may be too much really.  i can see it being difficult 
 these days i kind of like the early sunsets.  nice to take a walk and then head someplace and watch the sunset, head home, nap for work and then work all night.  still dark when i come home to sleep, which makes it easier to sleep.  i think try to wake up in time to catch a walk in the light. 
 getting out in the light that we do have does make the darkness more bearable.
 i think also that whole having distractions helps as well.  i see those who don't find ways to distract themselves tend to find others who also have no means to distract themselves and then they all drink and do drugs and often find themselves in our ER's. 
 if you are prone to excessive drinking AK is not for you....though i dare say you will find many who are like minded.  I've never been prone to excessive drinking myself.  never taken drugs so that was never a draw either.
 love those deep orange sunsets.  so pretty and the shadows that seem to fill the sky as the sun drops below the horizon...i guess some still believe the world is flat or oblong...
 these are the folks who refuse to believe that science has any merit.  though they do seem to spend a great deal of their day to day lives living the benefits of the many great scientists that have come before them. 
 Tusker braved the log long enough for me to take pictures.
 it is kind of a pretty driftwood log.
 sunsets and walking are the best distraction from all the politics we find ourselves in.  our iitoo has a rather unnatural attraction to dictators and oligarchs...i suspect he'd prefer the title of King to potus.  he sure likes Put...seems Put is to become our new GOP leader. 
 just seems to me the Christians in our nation have gone mad and lost control of their priorities and those of the originators of Christianity.  simple messages brought over 2000 years ago to the people seem to have been lost in favor of wealth and power.  greed destroys cultures and we are no better than cultures of the past, we are all here for a time.  nothing is permanent no matter how permanent it feels. 
 at some point we must just allow the GOP to implode as it seems to be doing and hope that at the end of it they lose power and common sense returns to DC on all sides. if we are to survive as a nation we will for sure need to put into law many things that we have always just had honorable leaders who didn't stray too far from.   which is ironic...the party that screams they want small government is proving so corrupt and morally bankrupt that they will force the government to have more controls in the end.
 you can see 3 moose below...must seek them out there.  thankfully, the pups weren't interested in them and they weren't interested in the pups. 
 one stayed still for the photo op...a common photo.  i best crash.  back for 3 nights work.  no Thanksgiving for me, though i am very grateful to have gotten a few invites. 
thankful for: A.  simple things, kindness  B.  talks to try to understand the hard to understand  C.  well made entertainment. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

matching scarves!!

 i suspect you can't tell from any of the pictures but there it is.  we are all wearing matching red monkey scarves.  so cute.  so weird too i guess. i  can live with weird.  weird keeps me from falling into a depression i suspect. 
 being single is not always the easiest path. society, well even family members, seem to feel the need to find your faults...why you haven't married.  like somehow, getting a ring on your finger is proof of normalcy.  believe me i see people all the time and marriage can't fix oddness. 
 but for years people seemed bent on questioning me until they found my flaw.  believe me, they always found one.  we all have them.  they needed to find mine though so they could move on.  we could not have a normal conversation until we settled on my great flaw that was the cause of nobody wanting to marry me. 
 i still have flaws and i am still single so they must have all  been right.  not sure why people who never marry make those who do so uncomfortable...anyone?  I'd love to hear your thoughts. 
 i don't believe any particular flaw of mine was a direct cause.  why i didn't marry...?  i think the answer is simply, i never found the right partner.  i could have settled, i could have married just to say i was married.  i believe it's not worth doing unless you really feel you can make a good job of it.  i was not keen on divorce.  frankly i feel i am a success in that i never divorced nor did i have  children with anyone accidentally.  shouldn't i be held up in society, rather than seen as lesser than? 
 in the end, i guess it would have made everyone more comfortable if i had just married someone, anyone and then divorced.  then they would not have to seek out my great unmarrying flaw. 
 other things went into me not marrying I'm sure.  i wanted to sort out my feelings of what i believed.  that takes time.  i am very independent and strong willed.  not every guy can handle a woman who can stand alone. i always found it odd that many men seemed to prefer a female that needed to be with them over one that chose to be with them. 
 though in my 30's enough married men hit on me that i started to think that those women that needed them quite possibly wore on them a bit....suddenly a strong, independent female looked attractive.  i saw them from across the room eyeing me and then slyly sneaking their wedding rings into their pockets.  at one point i insisted on seeing divorce papers prior to dating. 
 a few days out at North Bivouac.  yesterday with the pups. it was cloudy. 
 the pups got some nice beards going though.
 Tusker looks quite distinguished.
 today was Monday walk.  it was really beautiful out there.  chilly but pretty.  i took a dog frisbee in hopes of transitioning from tennis balls..we lose so many tennis balls in the winter...then we lost the frisbee.  the tennis balls are much cheaper.  we lost one of those later today
 it was so pretty and the sunset was approaching so i headed down to OceanView Bluff Park for the first time this season.   you have to wait for the boggy bits to freeze up
 it is nicely frozen now with a little snow pack. there were even some sledders out there. i did load my sleds up and debated a run down the hill before we left.  after being out all day i was chilled the dogs were pretty tired so we just headed home. 
 hit a movie with a friend last night.  dinner first at the Moose....then we saw, "Murder on the Orient Express".  very enjoyable. lots of big names in there.  it was the same sort of silly sleuth movie like this other movie...not the marigold hotel but another one with a much longer name...hmm.  it will come to me later.  worth a view though i think.
 here we are at today. 
 i had stopped by JoAnnes before the dinner/movie outing to look at fleece for these scarfs.  omg...they have tons of fleece! how do you just pick one!  the pups will have more matching scarves later.  I'm not sure i will join them with more but they look cuter on them than on me.  actually felt a bit hot with that fleece on today.
 thanks MW for the family shots. 
 so yes, i am odd.  i am strange.  i have matching scarves with my dogs, i have a dressed Skeleton on my porch, i take walks alone.  i take loads of pictures.
 i have hobbies. hobbies keep you sane though.  i could sit here day after day eating, getting fat, watching TV and feeling horribly sorry for myself.  instead i blog, i walk, i dress Skelly, i craft, i photograph, i read.  i think no matter what happens in your life, married or not, you do have to  have distractions.  without them it's easy to wallow i think.
 self pity is pretty dull.  i don't like to hang out with pity party types.  we all have issues and we all need to talk and to be heard.  we also all need to find ways to distract ourselves or go mad. 
 i think the folks i tend to hand with do this...whether they are single, like myself, or with a partner. 
 i need to get back on my guitar more and in the pool more.  those are great distractions as well that i have slacked off. i did ponder the pool briefly this evening.  the dogs were pretty wiped after that second walk.  they had their second wind a bit ago and i heard them slamming in and out of the dog door several times.
 they are again sacked out. 
 tonight i watched more of Downton Abbey. i had never seen the last few seasons so i am enjoying those.  I'm also reading a book a friend was planning for a book club meet up.  "spoonbenders" i think it's called.  it's pretty long and i think it's been a bit slow starting. 
 bundled for the cold.  no wind though.
 it's always a bit more chill out on the ponds.
 the pups did great with the frisbee though.  even though we lost it on the way this same area.  bummer as it was a good toy. 
 we saw one moose on the trail on the official walk and then this evening i saw a family of 3 out on the shore.  they were foraging and i don't think they even lifted their heads as we went by. good thing as there are only skinny trees to hide behind if they opted to chase us.  i get the impression they are out here often.
 trying to keep the ice between the toes cleared up.  I've seen a recipe for a waxy foot solution that you slip on their feet before the walk.  beeswax and some oils that you heat up...i may have to mix some up...of course, that will mean i will have waxy stuff all over the already dirty car.
 MW decided to amuse us with a headstand on the ice.  this is actually when the frisbee got lost.  i was trying to distract the puppies and take photo's and i tossed the toy...i usually watch pretty close where i through stuff so that i have a  hope of finding it if they don't. 
 they aren't as skilled as Blossom was at locating stuff in the snow, nor do they have the interest to stick to the search like she did....they simply turn to each other and begin to wrestle.  the joys of having siblings
 both dogs made attempts to knock her over...
 but she was eventually successful.  she had done this on a beach in Mexico a week or two ago i think...the boots were heavy and made it a bit tougher.

 eventually, success!!
 well done.
 i think i would hurt myself for sure if i tried this.  i really need to get myself back into a yoga routine.  limber up the joints. that and the pool are both great for us as we tick up in years. 
 the rest are the start of the sunset tonight.  no clouds, still pretty.  just a big yellow orb in the sky.
 when it hits  a certain point it drops fast.  we booked it down the hill and out on the flats pretty fast...well as fast as two wrestling puppies will move forward.
 they hadn't been here since last winter so much to smell and investigate.
 this is the sledding hill.  such a great hill. i am ready..i think more snow comes tomorrow.
 i also have a massage scheduled for tomorrow. i was shocked she had one available and part of me is expecting it's some sort of error. will be perfect though. my forearm and shoulder could benefit from a little massage. 
 putting on coats and such can be a twinge of pain and trying to shift the car from drive to park...i get a little extra help from my other hand.
 no politics tonight.  nothing new really.  same old crap, different day. 
 I'll be working Thanksgiving.  our holidays are set months in advance.  if you want a holiday off you have to go months in advance for sure. need to plan a Boston trip...never been there and really not sure how long my brother will stay there.  should get there before he moves. want to plan a trip to Iceland as well....and then there is the kitchen remodel.
 all i did today was drop off the glass recycling.  they don't pick that up at the curb.
 the light at sunset is always so beautiful. 
 i shall watch a bit more of Downton abbey before crashing.  will i accomplish anything tomorrow or not...that is the question. haha.
thankful for:  A.  being odd/weird, whatever it is.  at least it keeps life interesting and keeps me from being foul and depressed.  B.  my sweet fur family.  C.  vision and cameras.