Saturday, September 23, 2017

lazy rainy day

 but since i already did that yesterday i actually woke up and took the dogs for a walk.  the poor kids went 2 days with only tennis ball time.  incredibly lazy this week.  it's a pretty rare event that i go 2 days without a walk.  not all that common that i skip even one day really.  today we hit the dog park for several hours.  doing loop, counter loop, loop to exterior trails, then loop all around again and then hit the exterior trails again.  the pups are happy and have rapidly forgotten that they did not walk the past few days.  Dogs are good like that.  very forgiving....
 these pics are all from Kennicott.  i think all i have left of both Kennicott and Round Island are the going home pics.  summer is ended and fall is in full swing.
 worked PCU last night.  not a bad night.  the two nights before that i was in the ER.  one night straight ER...though i had a few holds and the next night i was ER at the beginning and morphed into holds. ER is exhausting...those do tend to be the days when crash between shifts.  the second day though the rain made it easy.
 the day i headed back to work i walked powerline.  seemed easy.  there were 4 moose spottings that day.  have wanted to hit hidden lakes, but i knew i wouldn't have time this it turned out there was a big bull and a female moose doing their dance at the bridge...which is the turn off for the hidden lakes trail.  put the stop to a few people attempting the hidden lakes trail. another female was up further, having been run off.  this male actually wanted little to do with these moose.
 these pics are from our tour of the power house for the mine.
 big building. it did burn down once and they rebuilt it.  i think the second build was build south, brought up in marked pieces and put back together upon arrival.
 i slept through my alarm today.  was hoping to wake early and get some other stuff done.
 stopped by Home Depot to get a new toilet seat since mine spontaneously combusted.  i was pretty happy with the home repair until i realized that the actual seat part wasn't attached...the screws came already shredded from the seat portion...a return that they tried to resell?  perhaps...that is not the first time I've had these stores just rebox something and resell it.  my last item was the dog had dried feces on it and a dirty sock in the box?  not to mention all the missing pieces and panels.
 that was a lot more work to discover it was a rebox item.
 so back to Home Depot tomorrow to return it.
 took the pups with me today. the Christmas stuff is out already!!!  what!?! there is still Halloween stuff as well.
 despite the long walk today constantly chasing the ball or swimming...2 puppies were super excited in Home Depot and wanted to jump on all the excited folks who wanted to pet them.  much more training to do still.  perhaps tomorrow i should just take one in at a time again.  brats!!
 Tusker did not like the looks of those Halloween creatures in the Halloween section of the store.  they were barking at him so he started barking at them.  thankfully, the folks at Home Depot were dog lovers.  we were not escorted out of the store. instead i got the pups to sit calmly right next to the display and gave them treats.
 Ivy is dreaming right now. Tusker is deep in sleep as well.  i must have worn them out a fair amount anyway.
 can't believe this month is almost over.  it's flying.
 below you can see the roman numbers that were used to label the parts of the building when it was dismantled so that it could easily be put back together.
 original floors.
 lots of mud tracked inside due to rain and my laziness tossing the tennis ball repeatedly out back door.  did a bit of a clean up before i left work.  it really doesn't look like the pups run in and out all that much when i am at work.  that could be impacted by the rain.  perhaps they run in and out more on a sunny summer day as opposed to a wet fall day.
 a work friend said there was a flood watch on the Kenai.  i had mentioned i may want to hit Homer again on Mon/Tuesday....i looked on the 511 road site, it had the usual constructions zones but no mention of any flooding.  I'd think it would be there if that were true. my friends just drove up last night from Homer to fly out and they didn't seem to have any issues.
 they were texting looking for a place to park their car. of course by morning when i arrived home there was half a second where i was all, what is that car...oh right...haha.
 a certain co-worker i worked with the past few nights seems to always find a way to mention that in his opinion i have some sort of privileged status at the hospital.  at one point i just told him, "i would hope so, i have been here for nearly 20 years". now i just joke with anyone around when he brings it up that he thinks I'm a princess.
 he seems convinced that i am given the real ICU assignments while he gets or i guess got the hospital convenience patients. he's since decided he doesn't want to work ICU...a good part due to the fact that i get these favored assignments.  i have to laugh though as my friends in ICU always laugh because i often get the crap storm assignments there.
 i do get pretty busy assignments...i have had more than one charge ICU nurse tell me they give me these assignments sometimes because they know i can handle it..i think i rarely complain.  of course, when i do complain i am not quiet about it.  i think it was mostly his perception, but i think the fact that i worked there for many years does mean they know and trust me...i can see why they would request me over someone they have less experience with.
 i remember him being shocked one night when i was a sitter.  he was a sitter that night as well.  we ran into each other on breaks.  he acted like he assumed i was above sitting.  I'm not.  I'm not above anything.
 it's odd sometimes when you get glimpses into how you appear to others.  some glimpses I've gotten over the years that stick out.  once as a vet tech in Los Angeles i got bit by a dog i think it was.  when i really get hurt like that i will tear up/cry.  this other younger tech came in and just said, "you cry!?!".  she was so shocked.  i informed her that yes, i do cry.
 in vet tech school our bizarre professor was off on one of his insane tangents.  he was shredding us all...finally i had enough, raised my hand and let loose with the truth as i saw it.  later, several of my co-classmates approached me to thank me for standing up for all of them.  they wanted to say the same things but suspected and hoped that i would.
 another time i was giving report to someone in PICU in the morning.  can't recall how or why they came to say this but she said something about how i had hugged some parent and it had been witnessed and the subject of much shock and discussion apparently.  they were surprised that i would hug a parent.  i let her know that i do hug people though i am not a hugger...meaning i don't just randomly hug everyone i meet automatically.  if someone needs a hug, i can sense it and i am capable of it.
 i don't think that makes me cold and a loud mouth.  i tend towards introversion in many ways.  i do much better in small groups or one on one.  I'm not very good at small talk.  i will stand up for those who need to be protected.  i like a hug as much as the next guy but no...i don't go around hugging all.  the way we see ourselves is not always the way others do i guess.
 i certainly don't think i get special privileges at work but i do think i have earned a certain level of respect through years of service. people trust me.  trust is something you earn over time.
 i am far from perfect.  my dogs would tell you that if they could speak....but they haven't run off and left me.  I'm guessing despite my flaws i do okay overall.
 i feel we should try each day to be better selves.  kinder, more compassionate, less selfish, more generous.  for me more patient...that is always a tough one.  being patient as a nurse can really be a challenge...patients are super annoying some days.  i know you are sick, but really!!  some days I'm sure my neuro assessment would show my eyes disconjugate from all the eye rolling.
 bit of an ibuprofen week after my dental work.  swelling around the temp crown, irritation. since I'm getting a gold crown it shouldn't take as long.  i have one gold crown and it has lasted for decades, i have another crown which is porcelain i think..the color was never right.
 Tusker just gave a low growl in his sleep.  he must be dreaming of attacking those Halloween ghouls!  he's so brave.
 at some point i was chilling on couch tonight and i suddenly hear the motion activated dinosaur on the front deck making noises.  creepy...nobody out there that i saw...are the ghosts starting early?
 health care is again on the line.  hoping my Senator again votes no.  McCain is already in for a no he says.  they keep trying to sneak by this crap.  work together, fix what we have.  take care of the people. quit saying we have no money as you spend butt loads and butt loads on more and more weapons and whatever.
sad to watch NK and our iitoo play chicken with our lives with these immature name calling spats.  these are the idiots in charge of all of our fates?  these guys have the power to start nuclear wars?  it's the most ridiculous and frightening truth of our current...that was one of the reasons i voted HRC.  i just knew she was one to be more trusted with the nuclear codes. all those who hate her and believed all the lies that were told have helped put us in a position of grave danger really.  hate is an easy emotion to manipulate.  if you hate, you are vulnerable.
 HRC just came out with a book. i am not in any way saying she can't write a book, but i had hoped she'd just stay in the background. i think Chelsea was doing a fine job speaking out.  the more she shows up the more power she gives iitoo.  as long as she keeps reappearing it gives him the fuel to fire up his base.  their hate for her is what keeps them chanting for him.
 some color between the black and white pictures.
 there are still a few flowers out there, but those numbers are dropping fast.
 a guy up north is dead after he accidentally cut his neck with a chain saw.  yikes...that is horrible.
 ordered some new scrub pants in the wee hours.  will turn old shredding ones into pajamas's.  they are comfy..!  may have to mark them up somehow.
 the Russia investigation continues.  i believe when truth is known...this will be the most corrupt administration we have ever known.  this will make HRC's little scandals and Bill's oral oval child's play in the world of scandal.  many will never believe it because they quite simply don't want to believe it and don't want to hear it.
 there is a new PBS series on the Vietnam war.  i really need to watch that. i was always fascinated by what i could find out as a kid about this war.  i was young but did hear of the draft and read a lot of books on the subject as a teenager.  i remember reading books related to the POW's and torture in general.  being shocked by what kind or horrible things humans were capable of doing to each other.
 posted a link to pictures that have finally been developed.  Charlie Haughey was a draftee.  when he came home from Vietnam he just put all the negatives in a box and never looked at them.  a young photographer and he met many years later and the young man was very interested in these negatives after they had spoken about them.  he finally convinced this guy to let him look at them. what little i saw was pretty soulful.  would love to see more of them.  Oregon Pubic Broadcasting did the report, there are over 2000 photo's...of course, with digital now you could easily take 2000 photos in a week or so.  haha.  back in the time of film you really had to be more thoughtful when taking pictures.
 these earthquakes and hurricanes have done some pretty horrible damage. i hear there is a dam in Costa Rica that is out.  Myanmar is a mess it sounds like as well with what is being described as ethnic cleansing situation.  on that positive note...i shall retire to my bed and hope for a peaceful sleep.
grateful for:  A.  lazy rainy day walks  B.  health that makes it possible to get out and enjoy each day with my puppies c. can't capture all but photographers have been there for some pretty important moments on this earth and these pictures can change perceptions, can bring joy and understanding.  it's really quite powerful what photography is capable of.

Monday, September 18, 2017

drooling and spitting kind of day.

 sleepy as well.  i went to the dentist this morning.  it was my first procedure with this newer dentist.  so far so good.  i had a crack in an old took with a filling so it needed a crown plus a cavity to fill in a tooth above.  i have not had the best experiences with dentists so i like that they treat it more like a spa there than a torture chamber.  above is another cairn memorial.  Blossom keeps popping up in my fb feed memories.
 that one was in Denali National park.  i zipped around the horseshoe lake trail.  these are from the trip to hunter cabin in Denali State Park.
 it was early for me to get to the dentist, my crown placement will be early as well.  I'm not keen on early.  done night shift for too many years. i am happy to request the gas when i am there.  feeling drunk and listening to a moth podcast made it all that much more pleasant
 after my tongue felt huge and all that that has least back to the usual numbness i have left over from a procedure i had in Ketchikan that never went back to normal. that was a infection from a remnant that was left in after i had my wisdom teeth removed under local.  that took hours and after digging for the last bit of that root the guy gave up.... i had subcutaneous air in my face and neck for days...well probably weeks.  someone later said that was from my jaw being dislocated over and over.  thanks dude!
 it was raining all day really, which is the best day to hit the dentist i guess.  as i drove home i was still a bit dopey from the gas...not sure why they allow people to just drive home after that.  Cheney Lake looked beautiful with fall colors so i decided to stop, breath fresh air, enjoy the views and drool and spit my way around the lake...puppy free.
 came home and took the pups to the bog.  hardly anyone out in the rain so i let them chase the tennis ball around the park... they had some major chasing run time in the big open area.  no moose or bears spotted.
 yesterday after i woke up i met a friend and her dog and the dog she was watching, Winston, for a walk in North Bivouac.  her girl Maizy is a bit older so she wanted a flat easy trail.  pups got lots of run time in.  we did a side trail loop but then a few hundred feet ahead i saw this large black, non-dog, mammal appearing animal.  probably a big black we opted to just turn back and head the way we'd come.  somewhere along the route back, around where the bear had been but on the other trail...Tusker went into super sniff mode. none of the other dogs did.  Tusker seems to be a bit of a tracker.  I'm good with that.  i miss Rio for that.  she always seemed to be able to locate moose and bears.  i saw more moose with that blind dog than i had ever seen...we walk by so many unaware.
 we were happy we'd taken a different route and avoided this big guy.  above the pups say good morning. so cute. below, a squirrel has dragged a mushroom up into the trees to consume later.  they do this...learned about it in our Mushroom class in Denali last summer.  so some of these are from a walk off the main trail in the dog park.
 sunset at Hunter.
 just had 2 shifts this week since I'd taken that class earlier.  the first one i was in IMCU.  i turn out to be a resource for those nurses often.  we sent 4 patients out and got 3 back in. makes for a steady night.  i actually had a student nurse for the first few hours. that rarely happens being that we work nights.  i think i moved pretty fast for her.  she looked a bit shell shocked.
 they actually have rarely put me with newbies. I've decided i have a personality disorder that i am unaware of.  it's probably best. I'm good with newbies that are quick to learn.  i have less patience with those who are not that quick.
 views of the new cabin.
 in between shifts i woke, i got dressed, i put on my boots, then i got lazy and decided to take a nap.
 another hurricane is bearing down on the Caribbean.  apparently, Maria has done a lot of damage to Dominica.  was reading an article...the air can hold 7% more water for each degree C the temperature rises. "warmer ocean makes for a warmer atmosphere, a warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture". this is based on the Clausius-Clapeyron equation..."a widely accepted equation established centuries ago, long before any politicized debate on climate change".  this is from the Time Science article by Justin Worland.
 the day of my first day of work i met with my friend Lena for a nice walk at Spencer Loop.  i hadn't done that for ages and she hadn't either.  it's in South Bivouac.  seems to always have more bear activity on that trail head even though it is right across the street from North Bivouac. i will walk N.Biv alone with the dogs but not S.  Biv.  true to form there was a hell of a lot of bear scat sightings all along the 5 mile loop.  Lena is always good for a longer walk with hills.  Spencer Loop has some hills. it's a climb to the top, but great views of course.  not many photo ops that day but a good walk.
a few from the top of the Curry Trail that we did while we were up at Hunter cabin.
 above here is actually from the road coming back down the Richardson Hwy...below is the sunset the first night at Hunter cabin.

 i believe that is Hunter Mountain in the back ground...what the cabin is named for.
 i took a shower at the hotel in Fairbanks and came out to see these guys had each selected a bed...wasn't sure where i would be sleeping that night. haha.
 these are Cairns up at Curry.
 my second night of work i was a sitter.  that just means they ran out of techs so they put a nurse in to sit with a confused patient all night.  i didn't actually sit much with this guy.  he was confused and constantly trying to get out of bed.
 repetition is often common in nursing. i  think my most repeated phrase tends to be, "you are peeing, you have a catheter in your bladder" but that wasn't what i was repeating the other night.
 the other night i was repeating, "relax, good night, see you in the morning"  the old guy was repeating "good night" and "see you in the morning" . these we were both doing in a sing song way.  it was actually pretty cute, but repeating it every 30 seconds to 2 minutes for hours on end...well that can make you a bit nuts. there was also lots of hand holding.  I'd alter it at times to include, "sleep tight" or "sweet dreams".
 when you are about to lose your mind you hit the call light at ask for a breather.
 pulling the patient back up in the bed happened often as well.
 put one earphone in and listened to podcasts for much of the night to try and keep myself sane.  haha.  like to listen to BBC and NPR.  they have more world news...the US only news is all about iitoo.  that is just too annoying.
 JT car has a sky roof...i think Tusker felt pretty cool with that breeze blowing on him.
 Ivy sharing her tennis ball with Ginger.

 rake a little, pick up dog poop...the little errands of life have kept me busy otherwise. the last two nights i really should have gone to the gym.  I've been a slacker at swimming.  need to recommit for winter.
 Tusker sleeps like Blossom used to.
 liked this of KR.
 traffic on the Parks highway heading north.  i feared an accident but it was a wide load thing.  we got past it fairly soon. tons of road work trying to get as much done as possible. i was happy that they did some work on Tudor. there were horrible ruts there last winter.  they are doing some work on Patterson so various parts are closed at different times so I've had to adjust getting in/out of my house.
 this was again coming down the Richardson.  i think this is at Paxson Lake Campground.
 Kelly took this one below and another one of me lower down.  this are at the top of Curry.  
 lots of tennis ball throwing going on.  at my place i have had so many bad bounces of late which just means i have lost lots of tennis balls to my neighbors back yards.  poor pups get so confused.

 another stop to run the dogs below on the drive home. they are pretty easy to please.
 whipped up some lo mien this afternoon.  seemed like a nice soft food choice.  will have to be careful what i eat for the next few weeks until they put the actual crown in.
 the mushrooms are rotting away. it is hitting full fall colors in Anchorage now.  so beautiful.  looks like Reflections Lake is pretty sweet as well.  may see about getting a room in Homer again for maybe a fall drive down the Kenai. haven't done that before.  could be fun.  maybe the 25 and 26th..will have to see if the dog room is available.  could stop and see the baby walrus in Seward again.  I'm guessing they will ship him out to a new place soon.  he's over 200 pounds now.
 we have the dog pool available for a party. i need to call tomorrow to confirm that the party is happening...i have it set for my two but need to let them know we will have more of us.
 the convey had a breakdown so they were all enjoying the views.
 another of Ivy in Fairbanks.
 pic by Kelly

 i took a nap but I'm still tired.  that gas felt great but i do think it kind of wears me out.  if you haven't used it for procedures...ask for it.  it sure makes dental work much more tolerable.  there is a bit of a hang over though
 watched a bit of the Emmy's last night.  just while i did other stuff, didn't really sit down and watch it.  looks like Handmaids Tale took many awards. i have wanted to check that out.  don't have HULU...may have to get that just to enjoy this show and whatever else they have.  eventually will probably need to get rid of cable.  it's going away as the home phones and newspapers seem to be.
 try to adapt to this new stuff.  sometimes I'm better at it than other times.
 liked the sun hitting Hunter cabin.
 i shall turn in...i put a few things on my to do list for the morning.  i finally pulled the gate down from the upstairs bathroom.  so far the pups have been fairly good about not bugging the cat trying to eat/pee...when i say pups, I'm really saying Ivy. haha.
grateful for:  A. walking partners  B.  walks in the rain  C.  beautiful fall colors