Thursday, February 28, 2019

more on the Rondy fun

 kept myself pretty busy yesterday.  headed off towards Portage. had contemplated a run to Seward, but my sleep schedule is still a bit wonky. just realized that i only have like a week to get ready to head much to do.  and now I'm headed back to work.  not much accomplished.  i tend to work better under pressure. should make a list.
 this was out at Portage Lake. i guess it has just froze up this past week.  for sure not thick enough to venture out to the glacier.  folks were just skirting the edge by the rocks.  I'm sure someone will take the chance soon enough.  the ice was beautiful and I'm sure an ice skater would love to get out on that smooth ice and play.  not sure I'd do that without a dry suit and scuba gear just yet though, haha.
 this is a little lake/pond that we often stop at on the Portage road, the pups usually swim but clearly today we just stopped and chased the tennis ball. 
 i stopped quite a lot along the way.  walked at Potters in the fog, played off and on along the way and then again when we got back to Anchorage. 
 stopped off to see these snow sculptures. i had feared they would all be in the shade when i arrived. i got lucky and caught the last of the light.  it was actually really pretty with the fading light.
 always some cool sculptures.  not sure which was my favorite. this one was simple and pretty.  the music one was more intricate and i really liked the design.  the reading dragon above was just cool and fun.
 below is the music one.  above is Turnigan arm with some ice.  the fog was lifting as i left Potters.
 below was out on Potters Marsh.
 today we just hit the Oceanview Bluff Park.  tide was starting to go out and i wanted to check out the Native Craft sale at the Dimond Mall.  didn't see anything i just had to buy but always fun to look around and see what folks are creating.
 cruised over to Lake Hood since my friend had spotted an owl there.  those pictures will go in another day.  always cool though.
 watched some of the Cohen hearing today.  the GOP were just screaming like usual.  why are they all so pissed off all the time.  they were angry that he got to testify again and have a chance to speak his truth after getting convicted of lying.  funny how they kept screaming that he is a liar so he shouldn't be heard yet they are all totally fine with their liar in chief.  of course, none of them want to put him under oath.  i suspect at this point cohen has little reason to lie and all the reason not to.  they could add more time. 
 one idiot GOP member even made a sign that said "liar, liar, pants on fire".  wow so mature and who is the side that causes division?  just ask him questions and if he lies and is caught he gets more time. but they wasted the opportunity.  i did like that cohen basically said, he's been a fool and if they aren't smart they will end up just like him.  a fool following this man into becoming the worst of themselves.  it's too late though for most of them.
 fox was just screaming as well.  liar.  spent most of their air time covering the great leader in Vietnam with the dictator from NK.  of course, the news tonight is that is a failure and he is coming back early.  all he has done is make the NK dictator feel legitimized.  at least he didn't give the guy exactly what he wanted this time and get nothing in return.  I'm sure fox will claim total success. 
 these are from the returning dog teams on the second day of sprint racing.
 why do i listen to Cohen?  why do i read books by the likes of Comey?  i figure it's best to hear it from them.  humans are flawed.  some are more flawed than others.  people screw up.  people fail.  it's about intentions.  it seems like everyone around trump is not just flawed but overall they are greedy and seem to care very little for their fellow humans. 
 Cohen did give some insight into who Trump is.  he looked beat down and a bit humbled.  irritated as well.  he got away with something for a long time but it caught up with him and now he and his family are paying the price.  it does appear that what he has put his family through is weighing on him the most.
 the payments to him for the porn star sex went on during the first year of the iitoo being in office.  the CFO or what ever his title is has gotten an immunity agreement i believe.  much of the worst of this seems to be being followed up in the NY courts so there is a lot more coming.  that dude that was the CFO guy probably knows a crap ton about this family.  he's been there for years. no doubt a greedy jerk as well.  he's kept out of the limelight. 
 obstruction seems to have been an issue for this iitoo, his own doing mostly it seems.  it also seems more clear that he was aware of the trump tower meeting with manafort, kushner and trump jr. nothing happens without him. it is a mob like run deal in many ways.  the gop wants honest witnesses...usually these freaks don't hang out with saints.  the hang out with sinners. every mob boss that has been brought down was by people with a history of lying, murder, racketeering...bad dudes.
 I'm sure Cohen is well aware the crap manafort has gotten himself into with continued lying.  we will see what path Stone takes.  he's a fool at baseline.  entitlement gone wild....will he see the light before it all shuts down on him.
 another funny thing today is that trump had cohen put pressure on his past schools and colleges to not release any of his grades or test scores.  funny since he was always badgering Obama for his education. also funny that the GOP members who have been screaming fake news for years now at the end of this meeting put into the record many articles...really, now you love fake news i guess.
 funny also that for all them calling him a liar.  he had a few things to say that they would have liked and could have used to their advantage...if only they had thought to actually ask a few questions rather than just scream liar.  fools. dude was probably on some truth to get some answers while you can, but instead they wasted every second they could being their usual difficult and obstructive selves.
 almost done with Comey's book.  he actually did a good job writing it.  as in all, he is a flawed individual.  he seems willing overall to face those flaws and probably was mostly thrown off by a need to over think everything.  he was in a box as was Obama when it came to the Russia stuff. they didn't know enough yet, when to say, what to say, how to say.  mistakes were made.  i don't believe their intentions were generally bad though.
 Comey could have done things better, but i don't doubt he wanted to do a good job.  not everyone is up to every task and i doubt many were prepared for this.  trump is what the founding fathers feared though.  it seems the checks and balances are not as strong as we believed, but i do hope they are strong enough.
 in his closing remarks, Cohen made a comment about 2020, something about if trump loses he believes it will not be a smooth transition.  strange thing to say...but it is something many do find concerning.  with how riled up many in his base are and how so many believe every conspiracy theory that has been thrown at seemed to me that there were many who were prepared to go to battle if hillary won...i have a co- worker who stated to me that he was armed and ready for war...I'm not sure he really understands what that means...
 are my fellow citizens ready to kill me and those who think differently than them? sadly some are. 
 many of these shock jock radio hosts on the right have behaved irresponsibly...and continue to. 
 all they have are conspiracy far as i know, none of their theories have been proven, who has been indicted, convicted, is serving time?  it's all based on theories.  unproven, but believed to their core.  the deep state...anyone who speaks against the potus becomes branded a member of the deep state.  not sure the way out for those who are totally bought in to this.  i suspect Hannity, limbaugh and jones will have to find a way to convince them they were just doing it all for ratings, that they really just made half that crap up. they seem to believe it to though. 
 dogs down town....I'll be working for much of this years iditarod festivities.  off on vacation for most of the race....guess it's good to take a year off. only 52 teams i think. a pretty small pack.
 hopefully it goes smooth for all
 weather has been amazing these past days.  today actually felt like spring.
 i just have 5 days of work and then i take off.  not a fan of flying, not excited to leave the dogs for that long, but i know it's good for me to take a break from life. the boat will be out to sea for a chunk of our travel so that will be lovely forced relaxation.  will also be fun to catch up with some family.  don't see them much.
 Tusker is sleeping up here next to me.  Ivy has taken her turn downstairs. 
 after i hit the snow sculptures yesterday i ran them down to  Westchester Lagoon to hit the sunset and chase the tennis ball a bit before we headed home.  i think everyone in Anchorage jogs there. or walks or bikes or ski' was crazy busy.  the dogs did amazing off leash, stopping when i called hold up, sitting and staying while people passed over and over. 
 as we headed back towards the car there was a large group of various people coming from both directions biking/walking and jogging.  the last walker was going past me..the dogs had been she passed she says, "your standing in the ski tracks".  these were basically flat anyway.  there is always that one person who is having their asshole annoying.
 the rides...i don't go on the rides.  was never a fan of these spinning things.
 fun to watch though.
 well i have wasted all my days off having fun over getting things done mostly.  typical me. 
 train i town. headed to Indian i guess.  saw a train pass today while i was on the beach.
 i like trains...I'm a fan.
 not a fan of our Governor. i like ferries too and he wants to chop those along with many other services that are needed in our state.  he is an outsider at his core and will never be anything else. 
 maybe i could whip out WARIS taxes real fast.  it's a non- profit so it's usually pretty fast.  don't think they screwed that one up yet.
thankful for A.  trains and ferries  B. least it's an option, what you do with it is up to you C.  that some folks can't live forever...

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

old cars and puppies..

 hit the old car was one of the Fur Rondy events.  I'd never stopped by.  this cute pup was hanging in this old car.
 old cars are always fascinating.  pretty cool when they are all fixed up. gives you some idea of how they looked in their hey day. times change pretty fast in this world. 
 it wasn't really that long ago that we didn't have these crazy cars.  pretty amazing.  it must have been something in those days.  such a change in life style and freedom. 
 also a dramatic shift in how life worked...roads needed to be built to accommodate the new vehicles.  was it like bottled water? did people think it would never catch on?  still can't believe what a huge industry bottled water has become.  we never imagined people would grow dependent on bottled water when they could get it in their taps..
 we have new cars come around but for us they are just new models now.  i guess the electric or alternative fuel cars but it is slow in taking off.  part just because the gas and oil industry own our nation at this point. 
 a battle against facts prevents our nation from moving forward from this history into a new era of alternative fuel.  easier to believe there is no climate issues than to face facts and be innovative. pretty depressing really as our nation was in the past the great innovators and we have now allowed ourselves to slip.  our education is sub par compared to others and so is our innovative spirit.  hopefully it's not in the past and hopefully those members of our citizenry will wake up and see the need to move forward.  will see that greed and corruption have halted our progress.
 the iitoo is off to visit NK dictator.  he's pretty orgasmic about it.  deflects from his troubles at home.
 he is consulting with Put over how to deal with NK instead of his own intelligence, whom he has no trust in.  he trusts our adversary over his own intelligence.  a Rus, Labrov, is on the way as well to serve as his guide...let that sit in.  if it's like his meetings with Rus.  we will not have any staff in the room with him...maybe a translator, but even that is sketchy. he probably will take the notes and prevent even his closest aides in his own administration from being aware of what was discussed.  a good percentage of our population has absolute trust in this idiot.
 none of us should have absolute trust in any of our leaders...transparency is key..unless you prefer to live in a nation with a dictator as a ruler.  they just seem to casually look the other way while the iitoo puts his faith in Put. 
 I'm awake early because i went to bed early.  had plans to hit the sunset at low tide and then head over to see the sculptures, but i started to feel tired and hungry and cold. there weren't really any clouds and so when i drove over towards Woronzof the light was flat. when you work nights sometimes you just sleep when you are tired...of course, that could also be related to just being single.  we have that luxury. some times you just need sleep i guess.
 we had a fun Monday walk.  it's been so beautiful out there.  chilly in the mornings but warms up with the sunshine.
 had friends over the other night for dinner.  my demo crew..they hadn't all seen the new kitchen yet.  fun to share it with them. the pups were pretty excited to have guests over.  shoes were put up in a safe location so there wasn't any relocation services by the dogs
 model T's...have some photo's of my grandparents by a similar car. 
 the old Mustangs....of course, these came out around the time i was born.  i think they became an instant classic.  i learned to drive in my Dad's mustang.  failed my drivers test in it as well.  the transmission was malfunctioning.   my Dad's started out white and then he had it painted a baby blue color.  what does that say about my Dad?  did he paint it that color for my Mom?  things you will never be able to ask now.
 not sure what the top speed on these little cars was/is but I'm guessing it could be a wild ride in that little open seat in the back.
 for my generation I'd guess the dawn of the internet and computers for all was our huge change.  man landed on the moon though we seem to have mostly abandoned our space voyaging or have become travelers on others programs. 
 every generation has it's dramatic changes.  for us computers, bottled water and MTV. 
 more from the dogs birthday walk.  they had fun.
 i will probably head back to bed after this.  still debating a run to Seward since i have good weather
 been trying to sell my ice machine.  don't need it now that i have the fridge that has an ice maker.  people can be so flighty.  lots of interest but nobody seems to be coming through.
 did some more work on organizing the garage.  debating putting the drum set down there.  they do take up a lot of room. 
 so much garbage to go through.  need to have another shredding evening.  i have finally caught up on all my recycling related to the kitchen so now i can fill the recycling bin with shredding waste.
 these guys have no problem sleeping right now.
 running through deep snow will probably do that for you.
 do not want to see the ferry service in AK end.  with this new budget plan it kills the ferries.  that would be a huge loss to Southeast AK and to the Aleutians and Cordova. i hope there are enough fighting against this plan. the budget is 140 million and he wants to cut 97 million.  it's funny that he ran on promises to be there for rural AK...many of the cuts he proposes screw rural AK.
 so much bad news out there.  Venezuela getting sticky and our nation seems to be working towards deeper involvement. 
 the world is depressing and becoming more depressing.  hate is all over and it all seems like it will get worse before there is any improvement.  history does cycle through mass die offs of humans, self inflicted much of the time.  just gets to be too many humans for this earth to tolerate.  we can't get along so we seem to kill off the little guys.  greed is an ugly human need.
 not sure how long it takes for the explosion to happen.  our nation is building up to one.  when will common sense return? how many will have to die before people see that violence and hatred leads to senseless loss. what will we lose in the process? what rights will be taken from many want it their way, see their way as the only right way.  see their way as the path chosen by God even.  i mean if you believe God is on your team then the rest can be snuffed out, right?  i mean it's Gods will. 
 that does seem to be the way with religious radicals and we have that in this nation now.  a radicalized religious sect that believes Trump was brought to us by God to save America.  if God sent us Trump to "save" America we are so totally screwed!!  God does seem to have a bit of a sense of humor.  i imagine he is up there cracking up and/or shaking his head that this idiot has so many loyal followers. i haven't seen any signs that this man is in any way a man of God, a follower of any of the words of Christ.  people believe what they want to though.  once they are set on their beliefs there is not much you can do to change their minds...
 just look at all the cults of the past.  how easy people are to manipulate, even to their own demise. convince them they are in the right and all the others are wrong and you can get them to do your dirty work
 many seem to believe that all their problems are due to liberals...get rid of liberals and what will they have.  be careful what you ask may be granted to you. 
 redoubt in the distance
 a final Birthday shot
 then the rest are at the Fur Rondy sprint races.
 they race through Anchorage.  from down town to my side of town and back. i was hearing that the teams get up into the 20mph range.  for the Iditarod, it's a longer journey so they tend to run at between 4-12 mph.
 yesterday i got up and headed out by the dog park.  watched a few teams go past then took the dogs walking in the park.  we played there and then there is an area where the teams go past the park close so i leashed up the dogs and saw the last team fly past on the way back down town.
 i think there are only 16 teams for these races. they race three days in a row and then the best overall time wins. i think it's pretty good money for the short race.
 looks like they were able to do the usual route out at North Bivouac.  in years past i have hiked out with the dogs and watched the teams go past out there.  pretty with the mountains and being out there alone.  not sure I'm ready to try that with these two. maybe in a few years when they get older and more chill.  they did fine though as this one team flew past.  barely noticed them so perhaps...
 sleds are set up different for these short races.  light
 perhaps I'll sleep a few more hours and then head off.  i may see what i can find cabin wise for the end of August.  i haven't gotten any cabins yet for this summer.  I'm off on planning. starting to plan with a few ICU friends a  Sitka trek.  we've talked about it for years so hopefully we can get it together.
 hopefully a kayak in May.  so some stuff is getting planned. 
 liked this kid hoping on at the end of the race.  always cute all the kids involved with their families with dog teams.  they have Jr races as well.  that would be fun to watch.
grateful for: A. sleeping when i need sleep, it's a luxury  B. progress in this world, innovation C.  cheese, ice cream, dairy nummy