Sunday, November 18, 2012

cleaning mode...

 when i get in cleaning mode i have to go with it.  forsaking all other plans. not that the basics have been done, dusting and floors and such, but the piles have been at least partially tackled.  paper...always a mess. i hear there are now web sites that work as file cabinets.  so tempting.  i just got my file stuff all in order though.  that would just be too much work.  piles just tend to collect up in my place.  great to have all those little bits of paper and such accounted for.
 these are a last few from round island that never got loaded in.  the ravens were chilling at the look out at the end of the main beaches.  very windy there.  i never seem to attempt to take raven shots.  they are so common and not really seen as a cool bird.  the fact is they are pretty industrious and amazing in their own right.  in many ways i feel like a raven some days.  overlooked.  living my life, doing my thing but it seems like  people see right through me, never taking the time to take in all that i am.  so here is to the raven, living strong, being a presence and not looking for a ribbon to justify themselves with. lots of group shots of walrus that last day. it just always looks so cool them all bunched together.
 they have so many expressions.  we all had a great time voicing their thoughts as we interpreted them.
 felt great to get some piles picked up.  love to trash stuff.  start with the easy rooms i always say.  even if they are rooms that probably won't be seen.  you feel better when the whole house is organized.  i was always an organized mess.  it makes me nuts when stuff doesn't have a place it belongs.  i may be cluttery but the stuff does have a place. if not it needs one or it needs to just be tossed.
 impossible to find any thanksgiving stuff.  no luck also finding any gorilla type slippers.  may stop by pier one tomorrow and party world and see if anything pops up.  was able to get to freddies...turkey breast in the fridge.  all the turkeys were pretty much gone.  lots of breasts though.  perfect!  toss that in and have side dishes.  all should be satisfied.  these guys have big ol lips!!
 just such amazing animals out there.  i love that island.  really need to start a "friends of round island" site.  we talked about it out there.  there is a friends of mcneil.  could check that out and use it to help out round island.  it was a blessing to be able to get out here twice and take in these creatures.  thanks to the creators for making such diversity on our earth.  there is still so much out there that we haven't really come to understand.  walrus are one of those animals that are still a bit of a mystery in many ways.  they live so far out there it's tough to research them or to get accurate numbers.
 so strange to see one walrus hauled out by itself.
 took the dogs to the dog park.  had some errands to run and they always love it there.  rio gets tons of pets and a few treats as well.  i put blossom on leash where there was open water so she was safe.  not taking any chances.
 chatted with jeff for a bit so at least i had some contact with the outside world.

 the walrus are one of the few mammals with an os penis.  that is a bone  in their penis.  some walrus are actually killed to obtain just this and their ivory by poachers.  dogs also have an os penis.
 hopefully these guys are all safely back up north enjoying the icy waters.
 there is a walrus penis.  apparently, the walrus tend to show their bounty more on sunny days so we had less sightings this trip.  so there is your official walrus penis shot.  one of the fish and game folks that had come to the island seemed pretty intent on seeing this very thing.  to each their own i guess.
 laying out enjoying a bit of sunshine below.
 then the winds came in again.
 took a few shots of the waves.  it all changes so fast out there.
 my calendars arrived today. so fast.  amazing really.  they look pretty decent.  the cards will probably get here early next week.  thank you shutterfly!
 these are from the university lake today.  a few times today the snow started to come down, it kept stopping so really not much for accumulation.
 you can see the weak ice that blossom went through last time i was here. it can go badly quick in area's like this as there is a current from the creek coming in.  if you go under the water and get caught in that current you are trapped.  a woman died last year in the creek in just this way.  it wasn't deep, but she was probably unable to fight her way back up river to get to open ice.  so sad.
 someone went out on the ice and made some snow angels.  thought they looked cool out there.
 frost over by the creek.  several trees have the wires up to protect them from the beavers.
 blossom on leash.  i did take her down to the waters edge so she could get her feet wet.
 my balloon creations.  not nearly as pretty as the perfectly round ones that i saw made, but still kinda fun i guess.
 working on some ice candles tonight.  water in bucket.  we shall see how that turns out.
there was a neighborhood with ice candles all really did look cool!! it's late and i seem to not be switching over very well this week so i shall try to get to bed and get back on a day least kinda.

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