Tuesday, March 2, 2010

another monday night..

tried to load a video, but it was taking too long. these are just a few from todays monday walk. 4 dogs, 3 people. lena and tanya joined me and the girls. i'm watching "the curious case of benjamin button". so far in a strange way it reminds me of forrest gump...then saying that i recall something i read that said it was just like it...followed it. i can see why they say that.
today was a bit of a mixed up day. had to wake up early for this acls skills lab...after waking so early and getting up and there on time...i was only there for maybe 10 minutes. i came home and went right back to sleep. i must have slept odd as i woke with a totally puffy right eye. still feels puffy. probably didn't help that rio tossed her cookies at 3:30 am and when i went back to sleep i had bad dreams. not scarey...just emotional and traumatizing.

after the monday walk...i just chilled...somedays are great do not much of nothing days. i did make some chocolate chip cookies.
yesterday i was a bit busier. the big olympic game was on. usa vs canada. we had beat them in the preliminary game and they had something to prove i guess. they did play well...i chatted with sandra off and on during the game and i told her that my boys would tie up the game to force overtime. they did. sadly, usa lost in the overtime. i think the usa team wanted to win because, well americans like to win, but canada had to win. it was on thier soil, their game and they'd already lost once. as soon as i recovered from the exciting game i headed off into the woods with the pups. after that i dropped the dogs at home, attempted some skate skiing and headed to the pool. i got 35 laps in...70 lengths. an all time high for me.

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