Monday, December 11, 2017

who are you civil warring against?

 politics tends to come up with a certain very conservative minded co-worker.  as he began to speak of guns rights...not sure how that came up but he falls back to the usual canned answers of all guns rights advocates.  no point trying to introduce alternative ways of seeing this...anyway, he mentioned he is armed and ready for Civil War basically.  of course, i dropped the discussion at that point as again, there is not much point in it...but who does he plan to go after in his civil war..people such as myself, who are more liberal minded?  anyone who gets in the way of the agenda of the GOP? illegal aliens? legal citizens of alternate back grounds and colors? gays?  who does he think he will be killing with these guns he plans on taking into battle against his fellow citizens? 
 the "only the bad guys will have guns" argument is always silly to me.  most guns in our nation begin as legal guns.  due to lax controls and poor enforcement these guns often change hands often and then enter the illegal world.  less legal guns will eventually mean less illegal guns.  that is too rational though.
 at work, i never really know when one of the patients or their family members will become violent.  we have no metal detectors.  often people are coming in and out of our hospital...other than a few security guards scattered about and a few dogs that are apparently only on certain hours, not 24 hours yet...we are on our own.
 I've no doubt that knives and probably some guns as well enter unchecked and unknown.  all it takes is for the wrong person to get agitated and pull something out.  we are all surprised it doesn't happen in more ER's.  tempers flare in people who are in crisis or who are dealing with family in crisis...even if the crisis is really only in their head.  many people have an odd sense of what is really a crisis in their lives. 
 not too long ago i entered a patients room to find that patient was openly carrying a 10 inch the time he easily relinquished the potentially lethal weapon...not long after this, this patient became very agitated. that is just what i see. 
 if i lived on the street I'd be packing whatever weapon i could find.  they come in here layered up...who knows what lies in the many pockets in the many layers of clothing. is funny to me that my co-worker doesn't seem to realize as he lightly banters about this civil war that he would be willing to participate in....the people he would be aiming his weapons at are no doubt people like myself...libtards and snowflakes.  the enemy of Christianity apparently. the horrid people who would like to preserve beauty rather than hand it over to major corporations...many of whom are based in other nations and would simply move the profits elsewhere.  horrid people who want to make sure that every child in America has access to healthcare and good education...terrible people like that...we should be killed, we should be eradicated.  how dare we want our tax dollars going to Social Security and Medicaid rather than to the building of more and more weapons and the war machine and the tearing down of our parks and the polluting of our waters. we must be stopped...i mean Moore and Trump clearly demonstrate that electing in libtards is far worse than voting in perverts and child molesters. 
 it was just an odd thing to hear.  it may come to civil war and a purging of libtards, snowflakes, gays and anyone who is not in the correct race/religion. 
 a comedian was doing a monologue about patriotism vs nationalism.  to be patriotic is to love your country.  to love all.  to want the country to grow and improve.  to be nationalistic is to say we are number one, we are the greatest...we are already there, we don't need to improve, we don't need any change.  it was Sarah Silverman. "nationalism equals flags, marching, blind allegiance".  some find this comforting and others may be made uncomfortable...
 "nationalistic movements tend to exploit patriotism for their own cause"...meaning if you say something like "make America Great again" you are drawing from peoples patriotism to sucker them into somehow believing they will be more patriotic if they follow you. simple but very different.  it was an interesting monologue for that's easy to think the two things are the same.  really being patriotic is more of a general love of country whereas nationalism tends to be more of a we are the best, brings in the us vs them mentality.
 work....3 nights, all in the ER.  funny how the days tend to blur a bit.  it was a mixture of taking regular ER patients and taking hold patients.  i had fun co-workers all week.  even though the one co-worker thinks much differently than i do.  we work well together and generally we just avoid those topics.  before the election this co-worker had mentioned that he only got his news from Fox.  that really tells me all i need to know.  he seems to have backed off this a bit. 
 I'm still hoping for Hannity to end up mixed up in something nefarious. would love to see that airbag deflated. 
 it has remained warmish, wet and icy.  i missed two days of walks this week, which is super rare...that generally only happens if i am sick.  even then i usually only skip one day. tough to get enthused.
 did make it to University Lake two days in a row now.  today it was dark by the time i finished up my walk.  i figured we would lose the tennis ball, but it survived. 
 stopped by work after to waste a drug i had accidentally left in my pocket.  i think i threw off the day shift showing up so early...better to waste that fast...of course, i was walking in the park with this small dose of a narcotic in my pocket in fear I'd be jumped and it would get stolen and I'd then be in big trouble. 
 as a female you learn to live a bit paranoid anyway.  i was in a park after dark.  i took a few side trails.  at one point a guy on a bike came up behind me.  your brain suddenly goes to defense mode.  i know men need to be aware of their surroundings as well, especially in big cities, but women and girls have to be hypervigilent in the art of self protection.
 i went home a few hours early one night, i walked with a purpose to my car, kept a watch all around me for potential safety issues.  places someone could hide. 
 most women i know do all this without really a thought to what all they do minute to minute to protect themselves. it becomes innate.  you glance under the car, look in the back seat, you lock the doors immediately. in every situation you learn over the years to try and prevent
 these are leftovers from the sunset the other night. 
 loved the colors and the reflections
 some ice in the pond below.
 the ice did make this walk easier.  usually there would have been loads of skiers and walkers out there on a weekend.  many avoided walking due to the ice. 
 i suspect there have been some broken bones this week from folks slipping on the ice or little car wrecks.
 always odd to hear dripping outside in the winter.  i think we hit the low 40's today and will again tomorrow...that is super warm to us. 
 helped out with an ICU patient in the ER before i took off early the other morning.  figured I'd just pop in.  it is funny, when you have worked ICU as long as i have you sort of go into the zone when you enter a room like that.  as i was leaving the same co-worker from above appeared impressed and he said something about how much i had appeared to be in my element in there.  last night again, around the other ER nurses, he made a comment that he got to watch me in action as an ICU nurse. 
 it is really nice to hear comments like that.  i mean as a single person i don't hear much by way of compliments. 
 I've never really been great at taking compliments but that doesn't mean i don't like hearing them from time to time. 
 i try to just smile and say thank you...even as part of me is questioning the validity of the compliment in my head.  surely they are just being nice and lying to me and don't really believe whatever they are complimenting me on...or worse that what they really mean is the opposite of what they just complimented me on.  I'm still in training...but it's not hopeless.
 looking back at the sunset from the trail.  kept worrying i had left too soon...the colors seemed to get even better...but it was getting darker and moose get harder to spot as it gets darker.
 it grayed out before i got back to the car though. 
 just a few from today's trek out at the University Lake.
 a few lit trees along the trail
 these are new in the ER...they are remodeling and adding to the Peds section. i was happy to see these cute walrus on the walls.
 looking down on my Christmas tree.
 the rest are from night two at Hunter Cabin
 of course, that is the big mountain
 my fellow cabin mates.  adorable!
 dinner from KR...thanks!!  it was tasty!
 the sunset evolved and just kept getting more and more beautiful
 here is the cabin....from the rear.
 laundry day, cat litter day.  the dog poop...well it's pretty much a lost cause this week.  always a week like that.  hopefully some snow comes and then i will have to recoup the lost poops in the spring.
 that is my exciting life. 
 we did a few walks without any jumping at all from Ivy, she did a bit of leaping.  I'm sure my being tired didn't help.  also working a few nights means some extra energy. 
 they are high energy pups. 

 another look at Denali....too late in the year for any climbers to be out there.
 laundry is nearly nice. i love fresh sheet day...especially after we found a bed bug last night that had come from a clean linen cart tucked in a patient room.  gross.  i itched the rest of the night.  fumigation will happen. we taped off the room. 
grateful for:  A.  my work as a nurse, it makes me grateful for what i have every day   B. crawling into fresh sheets C.  simple Christmas entertainment that still makes me smile...watched the cartoon Grinch before i headed to work last night.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Tree....Check!

 all up and decorated at this point
 the puppies involved themselves in the decoration process, which really just meant that they dropped a tennis ball at my feet at a regular basis.  so hang a few ornaments, toss the tennis ball, hang a few ornaments, toss the tennis ball.  that is how that went. made a few attempts at forced photo ops
 as you can imagine they were thrilled.  these are some pics of the last few days sunsets...we've had some dandy ones, i  must say.  above was yesterday.  i walked down to the beach at Kincaid.  turned out to be well worth it.  great reflections off the pond there.
 i think Ivy was a wee bit better at these photo ops...still fun and some silly pictures to go with it.
 the mantel has filled in a bit more since i snapped this
 put the tree in the front entry.  tried to limit ornaments towards the bottom and on the outside part as the dogs will be flying past and will no doubt take some ornaments each time they do. i think only one as come off so far so not bad.
 these first pictures are iphone shots so not always the best quality anyway.  above is today's walk.  took the airstrip and then returned via homestead and the back biking trails.  cleats required of course.  it is icy out there.
 so many pretty ornaments.  not all of them made it on the tree this year. it's a perfect sized tree. 
 Tusker kept his hat on for enough time for me to capture a photo
 can hardly tell Ivy has the Santa hat on.  oh well.
 the beach is pretty covered with ice.  it was low tide when we arrived.  hardly anyone out on the trails. the ice seems to have kept some away.  saw no moose either. 
 pretty out there though.  I'm sure someone with a better camera and skills would take some incredible pics out here...what i have is that i get out there...that is half the battle to any have to be out there  to get a shot.
 we braved the beach with the ice a bit...not really great for beach walking at this time.
 pups climbed on some chunks of ice. i took the tennis ball away...gets too lost in those chunks of ice...never to be seen again.
 the side trail appears to have flooded over.  it was a good 6 inches at least from what i saw the pups walking through.  i had to go a bit off trail to prevent from getting too wet.  this always confuses the dogs...they just run through it. humans...we really have devolved rather than evolved in many ways.
 this one turned out super cute of Ivy Rose...such a ham!!  she's like those eager to please kids.  love this face!!
 more ice and sunset...this is the beach at low tide. the chunks of ice land and await the return of the tide...this is a beach i brought a few brothers too...looks i bit different I'm sure.
 my work of the evening.  put on the Christmas music, took a break from it all...which is nice.
 bummed about Franken. like him and like how he has been outspoken.  so it bites that he has been highlighted as having used his position to get a little here and there where he could.  the other Senators have spoken and i think everyone figures he will step down tomorrow. i do understand that it is time for a zero tolerance.  no more of these pay outs the end it would be better for the Dems to be able to say, not in our party...while the GOP is seeming to welcome both racists and pedophiles.  such an interesting place we are in.  the party that caters to  evangelicals also caters to white supremacists and pedophiles. that is screwed up. 
 i will be going to Dimond Nursery for my Christmas tree needs from now on.  they hang the trees up so you can walk around and spin them all and see the trees on all sides so easy...i had way too much fun tree twirling and it took me quite some time to select my tree but it was a very happy making experience. 
 i may go back and twirl trees again, just cause it is so much fun!
 look at that sky!!
 and there is the cute puppy, Ivy Rose.
 these reflections were amazing.  photo's do not tell all.  tonight's sunset looked super pretty from my poor trail vantage point, i can only imagine how it would have looked from one of my favorite sunset spots.  there were some more lucky photographers today I'm sure.  seems there is always someone somewhere.  there are many amateur photographers up here.  so fun to see what everyone comes up with.
 i liked the simplicity of the above shot. this was on the airstrip today.  no wind and this one puffy cloud. 
 just a few more jumbled pictures. the iphone loads in all jumbled. 
 have had some great sunsets my days off.  tomorrow i head back to work for 3...
 the holidays come and go quickly.  i need to get my local gift projects all done.
 everything gets down to the removal of the Rus sanctions.  Flynn may have been involved in an attempt to bring nuclear power plants across the middle east?  seems a bad idea with all the unrest that seems to always be there, but it would have also required the sanctions to be removed to be successful....we will all have to wait and see what turns up in the investigation...for Rus it has been about putting the person in power who would remove those sanctions.  that did not work out yet for them. 
 seems to be the theme though.  we have paper ballots here and i hope we stay that way.  i hope the nation returns to this so that we can be more assured of safe and secure elections, much more difficult to hack into these.  we also need to do away with the gerrymandering and make the districts more rational so that the votes actually matter.  our Democracy needs lots of tweaking. we need to make more laws that will prevent these sorts of folks from trying what they have been trying to get away with...we need to get these folks out first though.
 the rest are from the night before sunset up at Basher trail
 kind of looked like an anvil out there.
 loved the contrast with the sunset and the dark clouds
 a 5 year old is dead after accidentally shooting himself. i have my paper back.  they went bankrupt, sold to someone else, changed the name back to Anchorage Daily News and now my paper has returned.  it stopped somewhere in there without notice.  not sure if i will get notice. i got an odd phone call.  another 5 year old passed away in a house fire last week.  rough week for kids.
 our nut job congressmen is now the most senior member in congress since Conyers is out after his sex scandals...he will be involved in the tax scam...i mean tax bill so he will no doubt insist the opening of ANWR stays in there.  thanks GOP.  drill and kill. 
 chasing tennis ball with sunset in  background
 Rus is out of winter games...doping scandal.  somethings never change.
 many thanks to Patagonia and REI as they will join the fight to prevent shrinking of Utah monuments....the Native community is overall not too happy with this decision considering the iitoo never spoke to them to see what their thoughts were. he's not too keen on native sovereignty I'm sure.
the religious freedom to not sell a cake to a gay couple is being heard i guess.  it is funny that the same who fight for this are seemingly fine with the possibility of being represented by a silly.  who cares.   they can just put I'm Christian stickers in their shop windows which will tell others, i am a homophobe but i welcome pedophiles so if you want cake to lure small kids with come on in.   the GOP will hear more and more of this as they keep allowing men with histories of sexual deviant behavior into offices of power.  you can scream Clinton but if the future is the Dems having zero tolerance and the GOP welcoming...well, just saying get used to it.
 your religious freedoms are not stunted by making a cake.  your religious freedoms aren't prevented by others committing what you feel is a sin.  you are still able to practice your religion. that hasn't changed and that won't change because a cake is made and a couple is married.  i guess we shall see what the court says.
 seems late for fire season even by CA standards but they have some big ones going right now.  my brother and his family were temporarily evacuated.  thankfully, all is well.  global warming and the melting of the ice pack in the north could be partially responsible.  there is reports that CA will experience more droughts
 need to put my reading glasses in here.  seems i often end up reading the paper at night 
 interesting article about women in prison in Afghanistan...some will have their kids with them.  i get the feeling that it can happen if the child is born in prison or if the woman has no one else to care for the kids or if they don't sign the kids over for others to care for.  the one woman they highlighted was in for life, got pregnant in prison, this changed her sentence to life over a death sentence. her daughter is now 11 and will remain until she is 18 it sounded like.  she has spent the entirety of her life in prison without committing any crime. 
 I'd watched a documentary and it isn't the most unusual thing for kids to be in women's prisons.  the documentary i saw was about India i believe.  the kids that are born there stay with their moms until they turn 5.  i believe that they found many women did better, were less likely to be repeat offenders. 
 there are a lot of ways to do things.  not all are right or wrong.  interesting concepts though.

 it's after midnight and I'm getting hungry.  may have to grab a snack before i crash. I've been liking the herb triskets lately...cheese and triskets.  tasty. 
 should be some fruit though i guess.  i have a little watermelon downstairs and a pomegranate.  those are too messy for late night bed snacking though.

 guess i shall move on from this.  hope you  are all enjoying some of the holiday season.  at least you aren't my dog and were forced to wear silly head wear tonight.  hehe.
thankful for:  A.  the music of the season.  B. the decorated tree which just brings a smile each time  i walk by  C.  twirling trees....a new pleasure.