Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hike ends abruptly...

luckily, my dogs avoided the porcupine encounter, but these two headed to the vet this afternoon to be de-quilled. we heard nothing, just looked down and saw the quills. poor pups!! looks quite painful.

boddhi seemed more bothered by it than indy. he had quills on his chin too though. my dogs and i apparently got pretty lucky today. tanya's dogs work as a team though and that may be why they got into mischief with the porcupine. blossom has proven she will chase them. the porcupine usually wins in these encounters.

beautiful day though and we enjoyed our abbreviated walk. this afternoon i napped with the sunshine warming me. felt great...even had this sweet, happy dream. my house kept getting bigger and more grand. though i'd purchased a modest home it seemed to grow into a more and more spectacular version by the minute. there were rooms i never had noticed before and they were filled with freezers full of food and museum pieces with great value. there were even some exotic animals that had been put on the property by the previous, eccentric owner. the yard even grew. there was a huge entry room and i kept running and running and doing cartwheels, which i was pretty crappy at. you'd think in my dream i would have been a great cartwheeler. anyway, it was a fun dream. i am back to my smaller version now that i am awake. could be a cool kids book though.

busy packing and getting ready for the big trip. two nights of work to go still though.

sarah palins daughter wrote a biography. seems like a load of hooey from what i read about it. but it will no doubt sell loads and make her a bundle. always seems to odd when these young people write autobiographies. 20 years doesn't seem long enough to impart the wisdom one expects to find in an autobiography. i won't be buying it.

this room is so much brighter now. my neighbor came over this morning and put in the new ceiling fan i bought. it sits up higher and takes 60 watt bulbs. he seems pretty excited to be getting a ceiling fan in his room. everyone wins!!

just had to share the pictures of the dogs with the quills in them. so sad...poor pups!

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