Wednesday, March 30, 2011

pets, pets and more pets....

shortish hike today as i had the vet appointment. we just did a loop at n. bivouac. the parking lot is a sloshy mess and i about got stuck in there so i turned around and went to another little parking area. this all seemed to take away from walk time. we did run into jill and her doodles so the dogs had a good time. blossom's weigh in was not good. she has put on 10 pounds since last year. may explain her joints being a bit more sore these last few months. the vet wants her to lose weight. her evening meal was measured out, poor pup. plan is to get those 10 pounds back off her. they do gain a smidgey each winter, but that was my excuse for her last's my excuse every winter. seems that winter weight used to drop off of me more rapidly in previous years and now i guess both blossom and i have slowed in our metabolism. boo hoo!! pogi is still hissing a bit with his new catmate, but i'm still hopeful in time they will become chums. as you can see miss breezy and ms catalina are tight already. the kitten is asleep on my back...i was leaning forward to work on the computer and now she's in that nook. when i move she'll drop like 8 inches. maddie came to visit but with the doorbell and dogs barking she took refuge under the bed and wasn't into introductions.
not many pictures this week. mostly a cat/animal week. errands and whatnot. still lots to be done. the list grows longer and longer. i did chill in bed and finish that annoying book, "house rules" by jodi picoult. she can tell a story well, but she frequently lacks attention to details and her endings are thrown together. this ending was the same. in the end her other son without aspergers had wandered into the same house where the asperger kids teacher was staying. he had a habit of entering homes and stealing stuff. he had startled her as she exited the shower and she then slipped and bashed her head. his brother showed up for his apointment and deduced that his brother must have killed her and covered up the crime. everyone was so relieved that she just died of an accidental fall. i mean, really, she wouldnt' have accidently fallen if there hadn't been some stranger in the bathroom. both boys would be locked up, one for breaking and entering, leaving the scene, probably manslaughter or reckless endangerment. the other kid for not calling it in and for altering the crime scene, moving the get the point. the mom would have lost her house when the parents of the girl sued her for wrongful death. happy that book is over, hopefully, i can find a better book to keep me from my to do list.

meltage and sunshine...

a warm and beautiful day out there. must have been upper 30's. i walked with the dogs out at prospect heights. the trail is already getting a bit mushy. i was down to a t-shirt on the uphill portion. blossom kept laying down in the snow to cool her belly. in the summers here it rarely tops 70's, when it's up to that hot temperature though, we sure feel it. i'm always amazed how hot 70 can feel. i grew up in california. would be tough to return to the heat down there again. i avoid summer trips there partly for that, mostly i just avoid leaving alaska in the summer. why would anyone want to leave alaska in the summers. of course, last summer, it rained quite a bit so i suspect many people were ready to pack it in. i quite enjoy winter though. i do love the longer days of summers. with these long days the snow is melting at a rapid rate.
before i walked the dogs i met a friend, maria, for brunch at ihop. haven't lunched since before her second baby was born. fun to catch up. her little girl is very cute. she has developed alot of personality since last i saw her.

after the walk i killed some time before picking up the kitten. miss chatterbug is doing pretty well post op. definitely more quiet than her usual. lays about. when she got out of her box and home, she was very happy to be here. she will be really ticked when i box her up again tomorrow for her new kitten check at the vets. the dogs greeted her as soon as she was out of her box. she was giving rio the rubs. not sure what rio thinks of that. mostly, she just looks confused.

the skies were mostly cloudy but the sun kept bursting through and the blue skies came out for a bit. felt great and looked beautiful out there.

wanted to keep an eye on the kitten's recovery so i curled up with my kindle for much of the evening. the book i'm reading is actually annoying to me. a kid with aspergers who is accused of murder. he goes nuts and gets overly stimulated and anxious at changes and in those situations his mom has to hold him down and she gets beat up a bit, yet, she is sure her kid would never harm anyone. there is too much of that in our nation at present. too many people who don't discipline their kids and yet are shocked when their kids do bad things and instead of acting, they react by going into denial. so for me the book is just annoying. i just want to finish it in hopes that the next book i start will be an improvement. the to be read pile is still a bit thick. i do have 2 bags of already read books that i need to donate somewhere. probably just take them to work. like the kindle as these novels won't collect in the house. a perk of computers...though somehow i don't think the clutter has diminished in my life yet. hmm...
was very happy to read an article in the anchorage daily news. so often atv's destroy the delicate boggy land of alaska. a yup'ik community of hooper bay has done something about it. they have built an environmentally friendly trail for atv's to use. the plus side is that it is also allowing and encouraging those in the community to use to for walking and biking or whatever. the trails are made from rigid recycled plastics...good for hooper bay. looks like their positive experience with this is encouraging other communities to plan thier own trails. this will do a great deal to heal the lands that have been damaged by current atv use. just does a heart good to hear about these sort of projects!!
while waiting for the kitten to be ready to pick up i stopped by fred meyer. oddly i ended up stocking up on the easter candies. i now have several bags of mini cadbury eggs. i always stockpile those and take them on summer camping trips. always a good treat. of course ,i was looking at my food supply and in the event of a diet will consist of various chocolate varieties. not sure that was what the red cross had in mind in the preparing for disaster storage.

my dad would have had better cooperation with us kids though if he'd stockpiled chocolates instead of wheat and green sea salt. our church always encouraged families to keep a years supply of food and water and such. that is good advice, but my dad would buy all these containers of wheat. we never ate any of it and what would we do with all that wheat in an emergency anyway? my dad would cook up wheat for himself on occasion in an attempt to prove to us that it was edible. the green sea salt. i have no idea where he got that, but none of us wanted to use green sea salt. that stuff sat on the shelves in the storage area for years. i dare say my mother would have been more on board with chocolate storage as well. i'm sure she had at least a week supply in her purse at any given time.
also stocked up on the wine today. i like the robert mondavi, meritage of late. they say a little red wine is good for you. who am i to argue with the experts? of course, now that i write that i will have wine and chocolate in my years supply. i could become quite popular in the event of a disaster!!
blossom enjoyed her day of tennis ball chasing. rio is happily sleeping and snoring off and on. life is good today. simple and good!!
work has called me to beg me to work pretty much every day. i really should sign up for some more overtime. have taken a bit of a break from overtime of late. those paychecks are sure sweet though. will have to get back into the swing of it. pay for all my summer fun and i also want to get the floors done in the upstairs bedrooms, hall and stairs.
the snow is melting, the birds are returning, there are signs of the seasons changing. this place is ever evolving.

Monday, March 28, 2011

monday walks are winding down...

always an enjoyable day...monday walk day!! we had a great time out there. nash is getting cuter and cuter..ignore the snotty nose. i knew if i cleaned it up he wouldn't have had that cute smile. tanya told us a story of a friend who was visiting europe and was at a cafe. a kindly looking older woman approached and asked if she was visiting from the states. when she said yes, the woman replied you can always tell the american kids as they always have food and snot caked to thier faces. i'm, of course, altering the words having not been there. not sure where that came from. who knew. of course, nash is part canadian. my nose always runs when it's a bit cooler out. has seemed warm to everyone here. we've been in the 30's and with the longer days that means meltage.
manny does his best puppy submission thing for blossom and turns around and nibbles rio's ears a minute later. submission is over rated! the dogs all had a good time out there. still snow. will need cleats by next week and the trail will be a mess soon enough. monday walks are numbered. we only do the walks through the winter. always sad to see them go, but they have been returning each year and we are all happy about that. the road to the trail was pure sheet of ice a few weeks ago, now it's melted and full of potholes.
my weekend improved after my down day saturday. it's my glimpse into the world of depression i suppose. can't imagine having to deal with that every day. it could really be tough. it's almost like there is a voice in your head streaming negative to you all day. nobody loves you, you are worthless, you have no friends. then, for me, it's over in a flash. for others i know those negative thoughts never relent. it's easy to see how that could become unbearable for someone.

hit the dog park on sunday. always a fun place. the dogs love it, i love it! then off to spend some money, that can make you smile. it was dividend time at rei, plus i had a $50 gift card and it's the 20% off sale. bought over $200.00 worth of stuff for like $80 bucks. got a new paddling jacket that was on sale and also figured i'd buy the computer topo map thing for alaska.

then i went to make the big purchase. i'm now the owner of an iphone4. i've caught up with the rest of the world, okay, maybe not the world, but a few friends and co-workers. had to switch to at&t to do it. i know i'll lose some alaskan coverage. must say that gci has been very good at the coverage in remote locations. should be a good change though. have alot to learn, but luckily i know lots of iphone owners so i have several resources.

feeling quite guilty this evening. when you adopt from the shelter you are required to bring the kitten back for it's spay. she was just getting all settled in here and tonight she's back at the shelter. no way to explain to a cat why you've just dropped her off at the place she was no doubt happy to leave. she was not happy to get in her carrier. that just made it worse. seems strange already at home with her gone. pogi is back to being needy. he's been really warming up to miss breezy chatterbug, though miss breezy has been giving him gentle reminders that his hissing of the first few days will mean he won't be forgivin immediately. hoping they eventually work it all out.

the shelter staff assured me she would be well cared for there. she's really going to be ticked when i have to put her in the carrier on wednesday and take her for her wellness check at the vets office. poor cat. things should settle in after that.
saw a few movies this weekend. went and saw the latest matthew mccougnhy flick, "lincoln lawyer". it wasn't bad, but maybe it was my mood that night, it didn't seem that well acted to me. sometimes actors just have so much magazine time that it becomes hard to seperate the person from the role they are trying to play. some of these hot looking actors are really just mediocre actors. they play the same charming character over and over and we just swoon. the two friends i joined both really liked the movie. oh well. again, not bad, just not acted as well as someone else may have done it. the interactions with tomei were also a bit pushed. again, my friends liked it so it's possible it was my state of mind that night. came home and watched my net flix movie, "one true thing". that one had hurt and streep in it. both are very good actors. this movie i actually really liked. the parents you see growing up often turn out to be very different when viewed as an adult. this movie shows how your relationships evolve as you get to know your parents as an adult. when the facts that were blurrred to you when you were young become more clear. the daughter always worshipped her father and felt her mother was simple. him the intellect. when she returns to care for her mother at her fathers request as she is dying, she see's the man that was her mothers husband.

in the end, often those things you discover aren't new discoveries at all. marriages and relationships in general are not always what they seem on the exterior. people accept things they never think they will and compromise on things they never thought they would. in the end, you have to make peace with the truth as it is. harboring hateful feelings is never beneficial to anyone. that negative energy consumes some people.

on that note, there is a water aerobics instructor at the gym. several months back we had a brief exchange in the locker room. we were all in the family locker room during the remodel. can't recall the whole conversation but it was over the plastic bags that we put our wet suits in to take home. they were only available outside the family one, i guess for fear some kid would put one over thier heads and suffocate. i said something about there being stupid people in the world and even adults can do something like put a bag over thier heads and suffocate. again, i barely remember what was said at all. so that isn't really what i said. i did say the word stupid though and it was a general statement of humankind. this water aerobics instructor got all chill and prim and says, "i don't think we need to use that language" like i'd just dropped the "f"bomb or something. saw her in the locker room today and she was all looking at me like i was evil...could she still be upset that i used the word stupid? personally, i think in the big picture me saying stupid a few times is far better than her holding some lifelong grudge against me and judging me based on one word. words are just words. anything directed at another individual with mallice is not kind. it's not the word really, in my mind, it's the intent.
the picture above is pogi. got this bed for miss breezy, but he managed to squeeze himself in there. the kitten cage will go back in the shed tomorrow. it was useful for a few hours anyway.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

just one of those days....

occasionally, i feel so cut off from the rest of the world. today was one of those days. a day of isolation. i'm sure most people feel that from time to time. when i woke up i had thoughts of fun things to do this weekend. wanted to hit a hockey game tonight and maybe rent a cabin tomorrow night. unfortunately, there was nobody to do those fun things with and most days that is fine, but then a day like this comes along. even as i went to meet friends for a movie i found myself driving towards the hockey game and thus i went the wrong way and was late to the movie. there have been plenty of times i've just done things i've wanted to do alone, and i probably should have just done that today. no doubt i would have enjoyed the hockey game more than the movie and if you are feeling melancholy should you really expose others to your bad day? or maybe just when you really feel like doing something, just do it and if that means you go alone, then go alone. better to do that and be happy than to possibly bring others down. my policy for others is never to beg others to do stuff, when you convince someone to do something the end result is usually less fun for all. i just felt obligated to be around other people and since they didn't want to do what i wanted, well, you just compromise.
it was a beautiful day. did enjoy the walk with the dogs. we just walked up patterson and through the trail that connects the streets and then to cheney lake and back to the bog. i got to the pool early and did my laps thinking that would free me up for the game. don't know why i get a day like this. just get stubborn i guess, wanting to do what i want and wishing i had someone in my life that wanted to just hang with me and do the stuff i like sometimes. i have loads of friends, but right now i feel a bit like the second string with most people around. like, i'm cool to hang with if the person they usually hang with isn't there or if what i'm doing is what they like to do. just the old theme of life that haunts you some days. felt a bit like an afterthought my whole life, i suppose that inner child escapes and ruins a day every so often.
i think the pictures reflect my feelings of the day. in addition, i looked up the beach house of my youth. the beach house in laguna is owned by someone new. the sweet beach house i rented in ketchikan is on the market. looks like they somehow combined the two side by side cabins and remodeled it to one. they are asking 425,000 for the little place. was sweet living on the water. maybe that was all a bit depressing today. spoke to someone who often talks, but doesn't listen. some days you just want to be heard. i suppose that is why i blog. we all just want to be heard some days.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

random, like my brain...

these first two pictures were experimentation with the macro lens out on portage lake. not the best, but still a learning curve. just lots of cool stuff going on in the frozen ice out there. some guy came along who had been diverted from his flight to japan when the big quake hit there so he was making the most of it and out touring. he started talking to me as i was squatted down on the ice fumbling with the camera. of course to some of my friends this was a golden opportunity for me that i once again blew. a man was talking to me. i figure that just means nothing but chit chat, which i'm fine with. some friends seem to see any male attention as some possible divine intervention. i don't think i'm off the market but i did liken dating to going to a clothing store and trying on all size one pants when you actually wear a 6 or 8. it's a form of personal torture.
so at this stage of life i'm not opposed to being involved in a relationship, i just realize the chances of some grand match made in heaven are fairly limited. like the idea of a slope worker who is gone half the month so i can just do my own thing at times. besides, i'm not the girl who gets the attention. i'm more of an acquired taste. a person needs to spend time with me and i think i'm worth the wait and patience, but sadly we live more and more in an impatient world. it's rare someone hangs out long enough to actually get to know anyone.
also took this one with the macro tonight. it was the handiest camera. miss breezy chatterbug, as she is now to be known as has spent some snuggle time with miss rio catalina. i tend to call them miss or ms so i figured i may as well incorporate it all into her name. i'll mostly call her breezy or bug no doubt, but really, cats aren't into names that much anyway. it is quite cute to see a 120 pound dog snuggled up with a kitten. guess i'll get her weight next week. will feel horrible taking her into the pound for her spay on monday. eek. got a tag for her today.
this pair of eagles were hanging out on rovers run trail. i see a nest there and usually see just one of the pair when i see a baldie out there. cool to see them both the other day.
the wildlife never bores me and i always want to get the camera out and try a few pictures. no matter how many photos one has of bald eagles or moose or what have you. you never know when you will get an even cooler shot. you gotta try.
we had a dusting of snow today. mostly it's spring out there....well really "break up", the season between winter and spring. the trails will soon be difficult and i'll have to meander around finding decent places to walk with the dogs or just stroll the neighborhoods til the ice and snow melt back.
also saw some eagle activity this week when i was walking on some trails out of n. bivouac trailhead. they were just flying around.
worked a few nights and now i'm off for the next several. work wasn't bad. the kid i've cared for off and on these past several weeks is improving. it's always great when you can watch someone recover. felt very happy for him and his family.
these next pictures are again of turnigan arm and out portage way.
followed one of our disorganized nurses. i'm always baffled by such disorganization. i don't think i'm that exceptional as far as organization goes, but then i watch some of these people and i'm just baffled. computer charting really can streamline the bothersome documentation end of things. the truth though is, if you are disorganized in your work flow, no computer can fix it. this girl hadn't documented anything in her in's and out's flowsheet all day. then she'd acknowledged orders for just some labs, but never collected them.
i find silence or minimal words can convey a message more powerfully than words. those labs were ordered for 11 am and when i get there it's 7pm. now if someone had gotten the order at 5pm and hadn't gotten to it, well i'd just do it, but i don't feel i should do work for stuff that should have been completed hours before. i jsut kept quiet and she went and did it. the whole time she kept saying someone else had acknowledged those orders and she knew nothing of them...she repeated this again in the morning saying someone used her log into acknowledge those orders. really she's simply disorganized. i just ignored her and kept attempting to give report.
bottom line is she talks too much. she does't stop talking. try to give her report and she's talking the whole time you are. now i just talk through it and leave. she also copy and pasted my assessment across for her whole day. i did let her know that this was fine, but she still needed to check each line as i had put little notes in there, which were fine at 8am but not at all true after 10 am. it's her charting though so not my problem. people have always done such things. you'll find pulses documented on feet that have been amputated. or pupillary response to eyes that have no pupilary response. oh long as the patients get taken care of i guess.
in '64 there was a large quake with tsunami and this house and car are leftover from a little town that was on the waters edge along turnigan arm. at least that was my understanding.
have always driven past and wanted to stop and get a picture and this day i finally did.
back to some portage lake pictures.
this section of ice above was the part i was trying to get close in on with the macro lens.
that is the portage glacier in teh background there.
overall, the computer thing is settling a bit at work. there are less major issues. the big computer folks will be leaving in a week or so.
the peds units are still pretty dang busy and the adult unit is now getting super busy. heard a code called down there each of the two nights i worked upstairs. figured i'd be working tonight as they have lots of 1:1's. they had several sledd (slow continuous dialysis) machines and i need to get myself up and running on that. took a little class back in january, but they've really just rolled out with them in the past week or so. think they are pretty easy to run, but would still be nice to take a few and get comfortable on them.
both quilts arrived for my neices and both send nice little thank you notes! another neice recieved a package and she gave me a call. felt badly as i couldn't talk long as i was headed to work. may have to call her back. we always enjoy our chats. my brother also recieved the packages i sent down there.
this picture was of that fairly large ice flow on the powerline trail out n. bivouac. lena ran into it the other day. this is were i slipped this winter and broke 2 cameras. i skirted my way around it...not wanting to take a fall again.
life with the new kitten seems to be progressing. pogi is hissing less and seems much more interested in trying to befriend the bug. he even gave her a few licks of grooming. she didn't seem to react one way or the other. we'll have to see if they become buddies. i really hope they do. he does seem more like himself again. i'll put the little cage back in the shed as she hasn't ever used it except that first few hours and doesn't show any interest in it.
the dogs are chill about her. blossom has to be watched as she wants to play and doesn't seem to get that she is larger than the kitten and could do harm. the kitten is pretty agile and has thus far shown great skill in escaping becoming a chew toy for blossom. (much to blossoms dismay)
sign of breakup. loved the snow ball perched on the stump.
as you can see miss breezy is very chill in her surroundings.
went walking with a few friends from work today. blossom seemed quite frisky and she and rio had to have a moment of romping before we could relax into walk mode. rio occasionally will indulge in blossoms wrestle sessions. it's quite funny when she does. liked how crazy blossom looked in this picture.
mine were the only non-alaskan malamute dogs on the walk. i think ekko, amy's malamute, is still maybe 7 months. sharon is holding her black and white malamute who is over 2 years now. lena's malamute is just 12-13 weeks. manny.
loved this picture of manny. tough getting photo's of puppies and kittens...they are either on the move or fast asleep.
took a few pictures of the malamutes and thier peoples. this one came out best of the peoples...others came out best for the dogs. everyone had fun out there though. another lovely springish day. amy, sharon and i headed to a late lunch after the walk. that was perfect as i'd worked last night, slept and then met them for a walk. i was hungry...

i had a few of these, but must have accidently deleted one. just thought they were so cute of rio and the kitten snuggled together.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

pictures of portage and a new feline in the house..

this bald eagle was spotted both coming and going from portage lake, this isn't unusual. they can seemingly sit for hours.
some of these are from turnigan arm. i'm sleepy tonight so i only loaded some from that day. today was cloudy, but we've had weeks of beautiful sunny weather. kinda nice to have a break from all that beauty. okay, that sounds a bit nuts, but really.
the sun drops down and then it gets colder. this is on portage lake. i walked a ways out there. actually were several people out there enjoying the day. i've heard mixed about the safety of walking on this lake. i think for the most part it's a safe deal but it does have the potential. of course, all lake ice becomes more unstable as the spring comes on. this one has a glacier at one end. if it's still below the surface it has the potential to calve beneath the ice and the waves that would be created from that would possibly impact the surface ice.
as i said, overall it's probably fairly safe, but one must always be cautious and know the dangers and act accordingly. for me, i took a step and heard a loud crack that thundered through the valley. must admit it unnerved me. it unnerved a mother with her family in front of me more so we all made our way off the lake. always better safe than sorry....especially this time of year.
more pictures of that river coming off the lake. still haven't looked up the official name. thought it was just so beautiful though.
a few guys were out back country skiing this week and got caught up in an avalanche, one died. guess you generally have less than 30 min survival time if buried. i really don't go in area's with high avalanche risk. way too conservative in my day trips.
above is taken out of one of the tunnels by portage lake.
love all the ice and cracks beneath the surface of the lake. some were pretty amazing. tried to get some pictures closer in with my macro. haven't even loaded the card onto the computer yet. will have to see if anything came out.
got my fellow escapees to get a picture of me and the dogs before we all were off the lake. the dogs enjoyed themselves out there.
the cracks are both beautiful and unnerving i guess. makes for a good focal point for a photo.
people were skiing, biking or just walking out on the lake. it takes about 2 miles of lake walking to get to the face of the glacier. the glacier really used to come out far in the lake, but it has receeded a great deal. i think it's just barely tidewater. my friends went out a week before, no loud cracking noises and they made it to the glacier face. got some cool pictures.
was happy to read in the paper today that one of my favorite artists, bryan adams, got a star in hollywood. cool for him. he has a lot of talent and i think he's often been overlooked as he's never been one to be flashy.took the dogs out to n. bivouac and did a big loop out there. we did gasline to powerline and then took the back trails back to the parking lot. the trails will all soon turn to crap. so far all is still walkable. i did have to get around that one huge icy patch, the same one i fell on several weeks back and broke 2 camera's in on the fall.
was able to chat with my sister for a bit. always fun to catch up with friends and family.

looks like there is some glaciated areas on that mountainside that is covered with snow. that is how glaciers formed all those years ago. the snow just never melted and it packed down into glaciers. at least that is how i understand it.
lots of foot traffic seen in the snowy bits.
more strange ice patterns
i had cleats on. would have been impossible with out those. could use the kicksled and probably get out to the glacier pretty fast. perhaps next year. every year conditions vary so we shall see.
the ice looked pretty dang thick to me. this was also shortly after the big quake in japan though as well so i'm sure that gave me pause as well.
today was a day of rest. after those 4 nights i just can feel a bit wiped out. great to get out for a walk. look forward to snuggling back in the bed with my book. not that it's the greatest book, but it's okay. it's by picoult. she tells a decent tale. i find the characters a bit annoying. the kid has aspergers and the mother seems overly protective and clueless.
cool angled ice decor.
was happy to get thank you notes from both neices that i mailed quilts too. im sure i was terrible at that stuff as a kid. nice to know that packages mailed actually arrived though. often it seems you just never know, leaves you wondering. i think i learned to write thank you notes from my friend marcia years ago. she always wrote them promptly. must have been taught well by her parents. i didn't want to be a slacker so i started improving. nobody is perfect at getting every card out there, but it is nice when it happens. being grateful can go a long ways in this world.
kept the dogs on leashes. lots of people on the lake, not a place i frequent either so best to just keep the pups under control.
just ice in the arm. it's mixed with the mud.
took the dogs to petsmart this evening. they always enjoy themselves there. several other dogs to say hello to.
i needed some cat supplies...
today i went to the shelter again to look at the cats and i must have been in cat getting mood as i ended up adopting this girl below. not sure yet what i'll name her. she's busily exploring the house right now, is rather confident and has a bit of a voice. have been writing down some options. i like chatterbug and just call her bug. will ponder a bit before i make the final decision.
she's awful cute cat. she's pretty mellow. she hasn't been overly concerned about these two big dogs that have been checking her out. pogi, my other cat, is the most disturbed by the new feline in the house. hopefully in time they will really get along well. he just has been so lonely. it's been several hours now and he looks more relaxed so that must be a good sign. i probably should check and see where the kitten is. the picture above was taken at the shelter.
i was torn between this kitten of about 4 months and another grey and white kitten of about 6 months. the other one was cute and playful. she was growling at the other cats when i took her out. this kitten just seemed the more mellow cat. always feel bad leaving all the other cats behind though.
loved this one of blossom getting up close and personal. 2 dogs were dropped at the shelter as i checked out with the kitten. wanted to go slap the people who were dropping them off. people can be such idiots. for me pets are a responsibility. you take in a pet and you have promised to care for them for the duration of thier life...or yours, which ever comes first. some people treat pets like a peice of furniture. if it no longer looks right in the room you just dispose of it. it's so sad. one dog was brought in because he was chewing furniture, another because her husband is military and got deployed. i guess this is pretty common. if you are in the military and may be deployed don't you know that in advance. shouldn't you just not get a dog if this is the case.
here is pogi looking concerned...
the kitten, on the other hand, doesn't seem concerned in the least. i probably should find the kitten and make sure she's not up to anything. i have a little cat cage for her to hang out in when i can't keep an eye on things. just until the dust settles. blossom mostly just wants to chase the kitten, rio is only vaguely interested.
she is a cute cat and hopefully my fur family will be complete with this new addition. i'm off to eat and sleep. have a good night.