Tuesday, July 26, 2016

days pass quickly and i accomplish very little...

 i still seem to manage to have a good time doing nothing.  above is Irene and Rolf from Sweden, they were the other guests out there.
 these first are of a tagged female.  we saw two tagged females out there.
 just cool watching them stroll down the beach.

 you can see our other guide sitting on a log below waiting for her to stroll past him. she came fairly close to him as well.
 i think he had just went to the meadow to check for bears for us.
 i had gotten the news that we were not flying out that day.  i was a bit upset only because it was only 2 in the afternoon and it seemed odd to not check weather a few more times as long as we had daylight.  of course, landing on a beach means you are tide dependent.  i wasn't upset as in mad really, just concerned about the dogs.  they are still young and you hate to leave them with others when they are so young and exhausting really.  all was okay
 i did take a few minutes to put my feet in the water and write notes in the sand.  therapy.
 proof that the dogs were missed.
 then you just let it go and enjoy.  we had a great extra day and the dogs were all okay.  the guides used the sat phone to get word to the office to get word to my pet sitters that we'd be delayed.  that is how it works in remote locations..if you are lucky enough to have a sat phone.  would be worth the investment i suspect.  so far i tend to rely on others for such things. i know not having one added to my anxiety up at the Don Sheldon Mountain Cabin.  it's a life line
just because you have a sat phone in no way will mean you would get rescued or anything.
 that is always the risk of being remote.  it could be hours or even days before help could come for you even if they knew you needed help.
 that says "i heart bears" above.
 just a beautiful place to be.  i like being able to experience these remote and amazing spots. they are all over the place.
 rain again here today.  i managed a walk with the dogs.
 we did the loop at Little Campbell Lake.  didn't find any takers to join me in the rain so i went with the pups.  we spotted a moose driving in and Ivy spotted it and started to bark..uh oh...she's never done that before.  from the car that is not the worst...but on land that could be an issue.
 they are knocked out now, but after all that running around on that trail they really didn't seem all that sleepy.
 had to book to a dental appointment right after dropping them off at home.  always so fun getting the teeth cleaned. they are always super nice at the new place i go to.  even had a blanket for me. i was pretty damp after the rainy walk.
 there were a few Ivy Vs the cat moments.  part of me just says let them duke it out.  cat seems to be able to hold her own.
 this is another larger male that crossed in front of our camp.
 we all just popped up to the beach every few and checked for bears out there...if seen, "bear on the beach" was called out and we'd all go sit on the beach with our cameras and watch the bears
 a fine looking male bear i'd say.
 i watched a bit of the Democratic convention today.  it seemed to have a bit of a rough start.  the Bernie supporters were having hard time.  i really liked him as well.  not surprised by the news of the DNC backing Hillary and the suspect means that got her to the place she is in.  Bernie supporters were pissed and had a right to be.  of course, then word was that somehow Russia was involved.  you never know with these elections except that there is a load of crap piled some place and we will probably never know where it is.  Hillary's team stepped right into it though.
 seems like addressing stuff like this head on is the best way...but it's not the way of either of the major parties.
 one comedian chick spoke and it wasn't great, but not horrible until the end where she decided to tell the Bernie supporters they were being ridiculous.  very helpful...what are people thinking some times.
 Michelle Obama spoke and i thought it was really well done and then Bernie spoke.  thought he did really well too...not sure if he will sway any of those voters to go for Hillary.  she's a hard one to mark the box for as is Trump...
 they should just have an open bar at the ballot boxes. we will all need a little liquor to mark the box of our least hated candidate to vote for.
 a lovely and lively debate on facebook today over which cartoon characters we should use as write in's...who would make the best POTUS in the cartoon world.  we went through several options, Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Road Runner, Scooby Doo...i think in the end i settled on Mickey Mouse for President and Owl from Winnie the Pooh for VP.  i liked Yogi Bear but it was mentioned his tendency to steal picnic baskets and that this could back to haunt him.
 nice to have a debate without it becoming some angry screaming match.
 which cartoon characters would you want to see in the white house?
 and the bear walks on by.
 had to switch it up to black and white a few times.  the scenery was really beautiful.
 this is my hand by the male bears tracks.  we headed out for an evening stroll after he cruised by.
 watched the birds crazy antics for a bit
 saw that stir up an amazing number of little bugs.  ick!
 and a few salmon cruised by
 it was a pretty leisurely stroll that night.
 they have to move the camp ever 3 weeks i think and they will be moving it closer to the river as the fish come in and the bear action kicks in there.  we had quite a bit of walking which i enjoyed anyway. i think i got nearly 30,000 steps one day and 25,000 another.
 plenty of Bald eagles out there to enjoy.

 Hillary is a hard sell for a lot of people.  of course, i'm not sure anyone the DNC selects won't be hated by the RNC and vice versa.
 our little river crossing.
 went fine.
 i watched a little independent movie tonight instead of doing anything constructive.  it was set in Alaska.  a young teen is sent to stay with her uncle for the summer as her mom supposedly is in rehab i think.  the uncle ends up molesting the girl and then she takes off.  she ends up attaching herself to this guy she runs into.
 he could be her grand father in age i'd guess, it's nothing like that though.  he can't shake her, i think she figured out she could trust him.  she won't tell him what happened or why she is out there, but he does eventually figure enough of it out and is able to help her get back south.
 bear and wolf tracks
 bear tracks on the beach...so cool.
 Tusker is also curious about the cats. generally less annoying to them...as i say that he is chasing poor Pogi down the stairs.  Pogi seems to be eating.  i really need to schedule pogi for an Ultrasound and Tusker for his neuter surgery...want to get that done before the hormones kick in and i have little inbred doodles running around.
 guess i should head to bed.
thankful for:  A.  walks in the rain.  B. happy dogs with wagging tails  C.  tolerance.  they did have this sweet CP girl speak.  impressed at her spirit and courage.