Thursday, July 16, 2015

June is finally all time, on to July!!

 just some leftover June here.
 today i got nearly 19,000 steps in.  finally felt like i had a great summer hike.  a for real hike.  lots of walking but no long hikes it seems.  also i haven't really done any big camping trips..i think these are the reasons it hasn't felt much like summer.  i need a campfire and to get stinky from being outside for several days in a row.
  a girl needs to get the stink on every so often to appreciate the finer things in life, like plumbing and electricity.
 was thinking i'd head to Hidden Lakes.  we got nearly 8 miles of hiking in.  didn't quite get to the lakes, pretty close, but i got distracted by the beautiful scenery at the creek and then walked on finally, but it was getting cloudy and windy the closer i got and that was what everyone was saying. rain was coming.  still could have gone, but i had enjoyed my time at the creek so i didn't feel like i was being a wimp
 gotta say i felt pretty good.  my body has that good, i've done a good hike feel about it but nothing is standing out as far as aches. mile 6-7 was my fastest time so coming near the end that was good.
 it was windy, but the wind kept me feeling cool.  Blossom joined me, Rio stayed home for this one.  she's doing well eating cottage cheese and bits of hot dog as we leave...she will only take the peanut butter in the bone when i leave both she and blossom.
 the roofers were back today so they took off the old stuff and prepped the lower level roof area's. hoping the weather is okay tomorrow and they can finish it up...then i don't have to worry about that noise friday when i'm trying to sleep.  probably not likely.  plan B is to sleep in the back room as i think that part of the roof is done.
 i'm actually a really good sleeper.  the only thing that keeps me awake is worry. it's not really that often that i worry so it's pretty rare that i can't sleep.  occasionally i stay up right now apparently.  i like to sleep in and then i don't want to waste the time on the other end.
 spaghetti lichen.
 loads of it.
 more of that saussarea angustifolia.  figure i should learn the flower that looks like the purple sea urchin.  in college i learned the scientific name for purple sea urchin.. strongelocentratus purpurotis.  okay it's not spelled totally right but  still impressive in my mind that i remember that from decades ago.  Dr Wells would be proud.
 work called looking for help..i was out on the trails though.  i think i got home near 8 pm.  fed the dogs....bath...
 watched an episode of "orange is the new black".  not my favorite...a bit overly graphic at times....not that i'm a prude but...still enjoy the show and the different personalities and the idea behind it.  all those people in prison and their stories and how it changes you or how you adapt i guess.
 hopefully i never have to learn what is required to survive in the prison system.  i am a bit of a wimp...i'm a lover not a fighter as they say.
 MO getting silly.  this was our last night in Denali
 a bit of sunset and some flowers of course to end it off.
 the rest are from the explore cams.
 the sunsets here were actually on the bear cam, one of them.  thought it was really beautiful.
 these guys had gotten spooked, it happened a few times a few days back. heads up, then they started to book off the beach.  probably rock slides, but not sure.  when the noise stopped so did they and some returned to nap.  today the beach emptied out. some days it's packed, others not so much.
 of course, everyone loves when it's packed.  fun today watching the few that stayed deal with the big waves hitting the beaches, and then.
 this day was pretty packed.
 the other night this was  the scene...can't say as i've ever seen a green sunset before.  strange, but cool looking.
 these guys sure know how to relax.
 the birds wandering around and occasionally the fox show up as well.
 this guy seemed more relaxed than the usual relaxed walrus.  seemed like he was melting into the sand.
 this guy was just cute. i like to review when i pop in and see what fun stuff has happened.  i'll miss them when the cam goes away at the end of the year and i'm hoping they will help fund this place and keep the cameras there for at least a few years to come.
 another of the chill walrus
 this gull seemed to be eating something right off the flipper.  flies?  who knows.  the walrus finally moved it's flipper and the bird jumped back.
better get myself to bed.  work starts tomorrow night.  thankful for:  A.  a real hike, i think i've been hesitant, am i too out of shape, should i go alone? happy i went for it.  B.  the beauty out there on the trail, so worth the many steps to get there.  C.  my hiking buddy Blossom.  such a good pup!!

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