Sunday, July 3, 2016

late call for on call...

 they really didn't have anywhere to put me.  a death happened and that changed staffing needs.  as simple as that.  it would be time and a half all night so that is a bummer, but it is what it is.
 not much sleep over the past few days...just how it is with the pups still.  i do recall this being the case when Blossom was a pup too.  i wasn't too hard to convince.  phone could ring anytime.  sounds like lots of folks on call tonight so a good chance it won't..but then again.  all the folks on call do not have my skill sets so that moves me to the top of the heap pretty fast.
 it's not likely that i will be called in for a 1:1 though.
 these are all from the walk up towards Reed Lakes the other day.  it really was pretty and felt great to be doing a more real walk.  between shifts i was back to the bog and Patterson.  good training walks though.  they did really good the past two days of walks.
 they do drag me to the known bench locations though.
 gotta get ready for the trip this next weekend.  the stuff is around i just have to get it together and then get the pets stuff ready for me to be away as well.  it does complicate stuff having all the pets but they are a joy in my day to day life.  i imagine it would be pretty lonely living without the furs in my life.  less freedom i know, but it's worth the loss of that freedom for me and i'm always grateful for my love of animals.
 past 3 nights i was in the adult ICU with the exception of half of one shift which i was in PICU with the kiddo's.  i just had one easy patient.  returned to ICU and the last half of that shift was a much faster pace.
 a bit of rain off and on these past few days. the puppies are less likely to wear themselves out on rainy days....those in the past are my heavy sleep days...but alas, not with the pups.
 have gotten my 10,000 steps per day. i seem to top it off right before the next shift or as i'm walking into work.
 still lots of lupine up there in Hatchers Pass.
 need to figure out how to get this go pro set up for my trip.  seems easy enough but i'll have to sit down when i'm not working and exhausted i think.
 would be great for kayaking, the go pro.  thank you to my brother and his family for that lovely gift.  should be fun.  i've pondered getting one but always seems like a toy that i shouldn't spend my money brother seems to instinctively know how to select things that i really would like to have but am too cheap to buy for myself.
 bold move...i just put on my pj's...that may jinx me.
 could tell one patient was upset at a potential loss and i was trying to let him know that it would be tough if it happened but that he would manage and that things could have gone much worse for him.  right after that he got a phone call about a young co-worker who had just been crushed to death.  working with boats in does take its share of lives.  always so sad to hear of the loss of another young soul out there.  it did bring the point i had just made home to this other young man.  there are a lot of folks walking around missing a digit or two.  they do just fine.
 lots of patients from other places it seems. that is summer in AK.  lots of tourists or workers...not everyone makes it home again.  not every holiday is filled with joy and good news.  years ago some folks were up here with their young family, one kid had complained of headaches for a bit back home and been to drs offices...our ER sent the kid to ct...brain cancer.  not sure if finding it earlier would have helped, can't remember.  just sometimes life is strange.
 still i guess i'm more of the opinion of go for it in life.  you may not survive your trek to AK or where ever your dream holiday is...but you may as well try and die than sit around wishing and hoping and feeling bummed you missed out.  die happy i guess.

 i opted to take the dogs off leash for this little rock hop fearing i'd get dragged into the water if i didn't.  they were good and had fun off leash for a bit.  i'm still very selective about when and where i let them off leash.  still much training to do
 lately our issues are counter surfing, hole digging and cat chasing...along with the usual chewing issues.

 dog otter
 so beautiful happy i have enough good health to still be able to enjoy it all.  there are many who are not at all healthy even at my age.  make good choices, it can come back and bite you if you don't.
 more play time

 i will attempt to turn in pretty early and hope for the best.
 i think they do often have a bit of extra staff for holidays and also hospitals tend to be less full as a lot of elective stuff gets put off until after the holidays.

 enjoying the green..of course, the weeds are going crazy in the yard.  each year i try. i'm jealous of those lovely groomed yards out there.  not of the work i'd have to put in to get there though...unless i just hired people i guess.
 cute pics of the pups
 his face is getting so light.
 Ivy isn't getting any curls...poor girl.  she more than makes up for her lack of curls with her sweet and fun personality.  she is the love in the house.  so eager to please.  she just adores everyone and every new adventure.

 chilling at our turn around point

 back to water play time.  Ivy was actually sort of retrieving sticks this week.  was helping wear her out. it's not lab obsessive though, not sure if either of these guys will get that ball crazy trait like Blossom had.

 still lots of kayak pictures to put in and then hopefully i'll have some fun bear photo's after next weekend.
 hoping we have great weather for flights and viewings.

 more lupine.  there is fireweed all over around town.  it's how we keep track of the end of summer...we all go on flower watch.
 Tusker decided this was going to have to be a bench.  later at Independence Mine he had loads of benches to rest on.

 just a few from Independence Mine.  we did a slow walk around here.

 never a disappointment up there it seems.

 still need and want to make it out to Kennicott.  every summer i say this summer and then it doesn't really work out.  maybe this summer.  :-)
 no phone call yet...i'll pop in a movie and drift off to sleep early.  night.
thankful for:  A.  sleep...i sure miss it B.  great co-workers and the amazing people i've met while i've been a nurse.  C.  my furs...they sure make me smile

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