Sunday, May 28, 2017

still in Anchorage..

 flight was cancelled. as the guy who owns the B&B said...i got PenAir'd.  so a bit of a bummer to start the trip with.  lots of walrus on island and the weather looks pretty sweet.
 feeling pretty disheartened earlier today but i have rallied a bit.  my flight is rescheduled to Dillingham for 11:30 am.  in texting with Ed.  he mentioned the rangers flight today was also cancelled and he said he had a flight at 0700 tomorrow.  when i called to try and get on that flight i was told that one was cancelled as well.  so i'm on the 11:30.  maybe he will be as well.  i texted Ed so he'd know what my updated information was.
 as of this moment i have no flight out to Togiak.  had to cancel the one i had and can't reschedule for the morning one.  the afternoon run sounded full.  if i can get to Togiak at a reasonable hour i may still make the boat run out to Round Island.  lots of ifs and at this point i'm just on a wait and see schedule which is never easy.
 on Monday the boat captains uncle can probably take me to Togiak and then if the weather/seas cooperate i think i can get there that day.
 i was pretty wiped out today.  worked the last three.  ER- IMCU-ER.  busy last two. this morning i started feeling a migraine coming on.  couldn't wait to get out of work and get to bed, but i did have to wake up early to get last minute stuff done.  seems to have taken a great deal of my between shift time getting stuff ready.
 for sure i am overpacked.  of course, my last trek out there was wet and windy so not sure what i would get rid of. you really do want to have enough food and enough warm clothes out there.  no real way to dry out once you are wet. to warm up all we could do was hit the cook tent and heat water up for warm drinks/foods or just give it up and hit your tent and bag.
 my last trip out my rain gear literally fell apart by the end of the week.  it wasn't cheap gear either.  so i did toss in my helly bibs just in case. my hope has been if i am totally prepared for the worst weather i will not need the gear...then i just have to haul it all.
 hoping this is the big gaff of the trek and that things fall into place tomorrow.  fingers crossed.
 i took a nap after i got home.  when i woke up i was almost in a it night or day?  sometimes it gets so hard to tell up here.  sometimes you have that few minutes of disorientation as you figure out if its am or pm.
 did the bog today with the pups.  felt like i really needed to get them walked before i headed out.  they are chilling at the moment.  happily napped when i did.
 this morning i had this patient constantly propositioning me and trying to flirt with me.  it was actually quite annoying since i had a headache and less ability to deal with it.  we are paid to be nice.  but some days it's tougher than others.  can't stand headaches.  was starting to get to that nausea stage and i had packed my little med kit in my bag so didn't have it at work with me.
 no matter what happens and works out it will be nice to have a stretch off of work.  hoping all works out over the next few days though.  start fresh tomorrow and with less exhaustion.
 so that is the latest.
 heading to Round Island is funny as it doesn't really matter how well you plan or how far in advance it seems.  these glitches will get you.
 the walrus are packed on today and the sun shining so i hope that Alicia is enjoying her time out there.
 this was from moose spotting a few days back.  the dog walk was in Kincaid.

 a plane takes off into the sunset...perhaps my plane will be taking off as well.

 always so amazing this place.  it's not always easy but i guess the not easy part makes it all the more worth while when it does work out.

 was debating making some cookies but now i'm guessing i'll just be crashing again soon.

 it will be easier to deal with travel when i've had some decent rest.
grateful for: A.  supportive words  B.  sleep  C.  headaches that go away

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