Friday, May 26, 2017

today would be a great day for an on call...

 but alas....the phone hasn't rung yet. not sure if i'll have time for another blog entry before i head off to Round Island.  it's looking pretty sweet today so hoping that means that my friend Alicia has made it safely to Round Island.  hoping this weather holds over the weekend so i can get safely on island.  asking the Gods for sunny weather and calm seas...but mostly calm seas.  would love lots of walrus and other wildlife opportunities.
got just that as i popped onto the walrus cam last night.  had to head to work but did get a few pics posted and hoping that Ed, from F&G will be able to locate and create a video.  there on the right side of the these pics is a sea lion.  not a stellar which are the sea lions one would expect to see here in AK.  this is a California sea lion.
 the little guy started to bark and caused a bit of a ruckus.  you can see the walrus in these pics raise their heads in alarm and some started to make a move towards the water.  there wasn't a big stampede though.  just concern.
 the rangers were pretty excited they had noted this odd character in another part of the island.  first with other walrus and then later mixing it up with the stellars.  they haven't seen a CA sea lion here before and they really don't come to AK..that we know of at least.  so this guy is a bit out of his area.  so fun.  maybe he will be still be around the place when i arrive.
 work the last two nights.  first night i started in ICU but ended up in the ER by 10-11 pm.  the family of my patient in ICU was clearly bummed i was leaving.  some adults aren't really adults in the full way i having a pediatric back ground can really be useful. that mom seemed so deflated that i was being moved after my singing to her son.  nice to be able to give her such confidence in my ability and my willingness to do more than the basics for her family in such short time.  we were even blessed with a double rainbow...always a great sign.
 ER wasn't bad at all.  busy but it did chill in the morning.  last night i was in that is a step down unit.  i kept quite busy all night there.  tonight...who knows.
 lots of loving time with my pups. yesterday i did a packing overhaul.  before i'd just been piling crap in the room and it looked like it was going to be impossible to get it in to limited bags.  still seems like you always have way too much crap.  it could rain and it actually sounds like weather may be coming in again by Monday or Tuesday.  Round Island has it's own weather pattern though so who knows really.  just hoping for decent days for boating when i travel.  after last trip, one can never have enough rain gear!! socks and underwear are small and always good to have extras of those.  cold feet not good. winter layers of course are great when you are basically outside 24 hours/day except when you are huddled in tent sleeping.  guess i better get ready for work..that phone isn't  doubt i'll get a note in tomorrow....unless i put it in while i'm in Dillingham.  i'll be older in a few days...
grateful for:  A. this opportunity  B.  this gift of being able to step up and try to help this amazing species.  they could do much better with another advocate, but hope i don't let them down. C.  camera's...hoping i can try and capture some of the essence of this amazing place and share it with you all.

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