Monday, May 1, 2017

Bear Acrobatics and Bear Yoga!!

 our little black bear has kept many entertained!!  i am one who has been loving the action!  debated heading out again this evening but laziness took over and so here i am writing instead.
 here she is pretty high up in a tree, foraging for leaf buds. i suspect this is an early season delicacy.  she is up and down the trees, back to her tree to check on the baby and then back out again.  for sure she is acting like she'd love to get out of the tree for good and do what bears do. the baby is small still though so not quite ready for the big scary world.
 can't believe how high she climbs and that she doesn't fall reaching for these branches and buds.  as i drifted to sleep the other day i had this flash dream of her limb breaking and her falling.  crazy! do other people have flash dreams...not sure they are really dreams since I'm not completely asleep yet...strange.  in the past several years i would have these all the time involving Blossom and potential death situations  as you drop off to sleep it awakens you with a start.  scary.
 she is probably 50-60 feet off the ground in these.  she is very quick coming up and down these trees though.  the video i took was pretty popular.
 these were from yesterday. nearly all of April, still have last bit of March and some Fairbanks pics that will show up from time to time as well i suspect.
 this is her going up her tree.  not sure what day this is...she comes and goes very regular.  i stop by between stuff a few times/day. it's very entertaining.  run into friends there and see some of the usual photographers out there.
 today my friend TO joined me after our walk on Campbell Airstrip. she came out of the woods, did some nice yoga poses, below and then headed up the tree.  i got in my car, TO left and as i was sitting there texting and looking at pics she zipped back down the tree and headed straight towards some photographer folks with much bigger lenses than me.  this one lady had been out there all day it seemed like, had a chair and everything....she really should be a bit more cautious where she puts herself as she clearly doesn't move very fast at all!!
 one lady stopped her car across the street and yelled at all of us for being there.  occasionally someone things they are saving the world by doing this.  last year there was a girl who showed up a few times got out of her car and started screaming at everyone that we were stressing out the bear..honestly, i suspect these folks who scream around wildlife are far more stressful to them and the situation.  there are always going to be folks who are not too smart and get too close.  there will no doubt be an incident one day and the tree will get chopped.  for now everyone is enjoying and i think most people are rational enough to give her some space.
 she looks cool on the tree!
 a bear has to be pretty chill to lie down on the ground 30 feet from a bunch of humans, roll over on her back and start doing yoga poses.  haha.  once she hits the ground...totally different story.  these climbing ones here are a few days ago..the ray of sunlight was from that session.
 in all her glory!!
 got my BLS done today.  groceries, yard work...semi productive day.  super productive for me, less so for others I'm sure.

 the puppies will be easy to bath this summer.  they get totally excited when the hose comes out.  had noticed this before i put the hose away for the year but kind of forgot about it or thought it wouldn't last.  they both go nuts though....and get soaked.  hard to do whatever you are actually trying to do with the hose, but so hysterical.  Blossom always hated the hose and would take off the other direction.
 trying to eat some celery with cheese but it's crap  it's snack time.
 have taken a few video's which have turned out not bad.
 iitoo continues the madness.  thankfully, they have not been able to do as much damage to life as they act like they will.  hoping that continues.  the iitoo says the most embarrassingly stupid things.  he clearly has little knowledge of history or government or diplomacy.  he seems to alter his opinions based on the last thing he saw on tv or the last thing that someone said to him.  hours to days later he can totally reverse course on what he said before. it's gotta be frustrating for those around him as well
 his obsession with dictators and generally for leaders who were voted in and then took over forever is disturbing.  although in one interview recently he stated this job was much harder than expected and he missed his life before.
 these actually seem to be in reverse order.  she is starting up the tree in these and going up the tree in previous shots.

 you can see her two tags here
 these are from today.  she was near the base of the tree but closer to us.  i was ready to move fast...but of course, now that I've seen how slow some of those photographers are i feel much safer....haha.
 she did a full roll.
 she is quite flexible.

 i used to be able to fold in half.   i really need to get inspired by her yoga moves and get my yoga moves back on.  i do like it and i did make it my goal for this year at work
 do more yoga and meditation so i can be more focused and calm to care for my patients...something like that.
 i was quite proud of myself when i discovered a loop hole around the usual nursing goals we have to bulls... our way through at our annual evaluation.
 a few years back i figured i could say i was going to improve my exercise routine so i could be more physically fit to better be able to perform the work load my job requires....i now do some sort of similar goal.  something i can actually work towards rather than the silly ones i used to have to just make up.
 these pictures loaded all out of order.  i think it was because i hit a button and then re-hit each must have gone in the exact order i did that in.  strange.
 lesson learned i guess.  hope all are not bored with black bear pictures.  she's really pretty and super active so it's easy to get excited about her out there.
 here she is rolling around.
 another model pose.
 more back in the tree.  these are really in a strange order.  just bear pics i guess so no matter.

 this one below gives you more of an idea where she is in the tree i think.
 she is on some pretty small branches considering her size.  clearly she is not afraid of heights.

 these are today, but before i hit BLS.

 this one below was not taken by me. much closer, fancier camera and lens obviously.  it was by a photographer Amy Bragg.  a few of them were at the tree when the baby or a baby showed up.  pretty tiny.  congrats on the capture.  baby looks pretty cute.  not sure I'll ever spot it so thought I'd share it with you...this is the reason she is staying so close to this tree.  that is long ways down for the wee one so she has to wait until the baby is bigger/stronger and more agile.
 one cute baby!!  so below are back to my pictures.
 there was one guy who was carrying a young child...maybe 8-10 months?  not sure but he was holding this kid and had a huge camera/tripod, which he would shift around while still holding kid and taking photos.  pretty impressive actually.  i suspect he'd have to book with kid and leave the fancy camera and tripod behind if she made a move towards them.
 well, back to work the next three nights.  boo.
grateful for:  A.  little signs of growth in the garden and around town  B. a fun bear viewing season...hopefully this is the only bear i see all summer.  :-)  C.  fun walks with friends.  the puppies enjoy them as well.

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