Thursday, January 29, 2009

from myspace blog to here..

so i have a blog on myspace, but my friends and family blog here. if i can figure out how to transfer some of those i would prefer this layout. myspace is pretty limited, though i do like that i can alter the background color...just wish i was better at all this computer stuff. i do learn a bit more with each computer adventure so i'm not totally incapable. this week i learned how to transfer photos from my computer onto fabric...that was much easier than i expected it would be. i'm making a memory quilt for a friend who is feeling poorly. i don't want to really go there as i believe i'm in denial over it all. she originally had breast cancer which she recovered from, but then she had a kidney with cancer, which she recovered from and now she has cancer in her liver. we all went on a backpack trip of the chilkoot trail in 2007 so i wanted the quilt to have pictures from that extremely difficult and fun trip. i'm also attempting to throw her a card party this week so i hope that works out and that she gets lots of cards. i just got it rolling so it's out of my hands now. i just feel helpless and want to do something. she seems to be feeling too ill most days for outings and has had to cancel several times. i've spoken to her on the phone, but the conversations wear her out. she likes them though, but hasn't called back these last few weeks. so...i felt like i wanted to do something to let her know that i was thinking of her and wishing her good days. what do you say to someone who is at this place in thier life. i always seem to know what to do when it involves patients, but this is different, i can't emotionally seperate myself from this.
i'm not at all crafty either. it's actually kinda funny me doing this. another of our trailmates went with me to the craft store. she's even less crafty then i am. luckily, in doing this i did find that yet another of our trailmates is somewhat of an expert quilter!! hurray. so i'm to head to her house on tuesday for a sewing session. hopefully we can get it together fast. i'm not a perfectionist with such things either so told her to not expect clean lines and straight edges. i'd rather just get it done and on our friends lap to brighten up her days...well i hope so anyway.
on other news of my exciting's snowing and a local volcano is looking like it may blow anytime. it's 100 miles from anchorage, but in volcano talk i guess that isnt too far. it's called redoubt. haven't been through an ash fall before so that could be interesting. i guess it's like tiny glass shards so quite dangerous. also because it's cold here the volcano tends to really built up and blow ash way up and out.
i have two dogs,which will become quite evident if i'm able to transfer my other blogs here. blossom is a labradoodle and rio is a mastiff. they both love getting outside on walks with me. blossom is quite active, 3 years, chases frisbee's and tennis balls and wrestles/humps rio. rio is very tolerant of blossoms antics. she is a rescue i've had a few years. she came to me blind, but does amazingly well despite her handicap. she went blind as a puppy and is now 4. she has some issues with being seperated from me and also from blossom. i walk the dogs at least once a day. i average 2-5 miles/day on my walks and have done this for years. in the winter i walk in a large park here in anchorage called bicentennial park. in the summers there are too many bears to be out there much so i tend to shift to kincaid park. all year there are moose, but lots more of those in town in the winter. the blind dog can sniff out a moose from several hundred yards and is quite curious of them. so far i've been able to avoid her actually meeting one. i can't imagine that will be a good day if it ever happens. rio tries though and even though i outweigh her by 20 pounds or so. she can get a good drag going when she wants to go somewhere.
been a nice week as i've been able to walk with my friend kelly twice. we used to walk more, but she changed jobs and it's harder to get together. she's a great walk partner. we both are willing to get out there in any weather. the brat was in hawaii when it was negative 20 a few weeks back.
not much else happening. had to call off sick one night of work for a migraine. don't get those often, but this one was a doozey. i'm reading a book called , "the girls" and have been watching episodes of "bones". a favorite show of late. the dang networks moved the new season to thursday nights though which bites since i always work thursdays. i'll have to wait to see the shows. started to watch "russian dolls", my netflix, but it just wasn't working for me and when my little portable dvd played crumped on me i put it in the envelope to mail back.
no desire to talk politics i'll see what i can do about moving a few old posts to here from myspace. wish me luck...

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