Saturday, January 31, 2009

on volcano watch....

so...we have a volcano 100 miles from anchorage that has grown quite active....could blow anytime. we will probably be covered in ash, how much depends on the volcano and the wind i guess. work is very slow right now but i suspect if that mountain blows we will get all sorts of respiratory patients in. so i'm trying to just enjoy the calm before the storm. trying to get myself a little prepared as well. i have some masks for me and lots of bandana's that i can use for myself and the dogs. i also can wear my swimming goggles if needed and rio has doggles. just need to locate some doggles for blossom. making the dogs wear them is another story though. i guess the ash can be like little shards of glass so very damaging if inhaled or in your eyes. i've had a corneal abrasion before and that think hurt like hell! i was miserable and would not wish to repeat that. i need to pick up an extra air filter for the car, if there are any left in town. i did pick up some big bottles of water. i guess the ash gets into the water and can be a problem. could lose electricity and could be tough for planes to get in/out with supplies. was looking at the alaska volcano observatory site to get an idea of how to prepare. mostly, it suggests staying inside as much as possible. i think the snow will be good as it will stick to the ash and maybe keep it from flying all over so much.
took the dogs to the dog park today. they always have a great time there. rio just wants to play with all the other dogs, but she sounds a bit grumbly trying to elicit play and i think it freaks people out, with her being so large and all. poor rio, so misunderstood. she really is just a sweet pup. though i do pity the poor fool who would try to attack me with her around. i doubt she'd lay down and do nothing. if she could find you....well that would be to the end of ya.
finally got to watch the "sex and the" last night. i always loved that show on tv and have all seasons on dvd...thanks to my brother jeff. overall, i liked the movie. the people that i wanted together were together. i think the overdid the graphic sex scenes. i'm cool with sex scenes when they serve a purpose other than just shock value. they mostly just seemed unnecessary. they could finally get naked though so maybe that was the thing. it was always silly in the show that the girls always had bra's on...i really don't know many men who want to have sex with women with thier bra's still on. i think they work very hard as young men learning how to remove a bra to get to the boobs...i'm not a guy, but it just seemed silly me. i'm also watching "bones" season 2. i love that series. just a good show. i'm also reading that book "girls" about a pair of conjoined twins. enjoying it so far.
better get to bed before they call me in. try and get a little shut eye. i'll try and move over a few more myspace postings in the next few days.

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