Thursday, April 28, 2011

good thing blossom didn't see this rabbit!!

woulda had a tough time keeping her from giving chase. those rabbits are fast and i'm sure to a dog they lo0k like a grand time. this guy scurried off the trail and then stopped for a moment, allowing me to catch a snapshot. i often see the rabbits, but this is a rare shot i've gotten of one.
it was raining when i woke up and i'm deeply involved with a pretty decent book at the moment so it was easy to curl up after feeding the animals. eventually i did make it out to the bog and did a few loops out there. always a great spot. love it this time of year. the bugs haven't taken over yet and the animal life is quite active.

usually just do one loop so the dogs were quite baffled, especially rio. had plans after the walk to accomplish stuff and eventually i got some stuff done, but really, just a lazy, happy day. my life allows me those days more than others. eventually the sun came out and the dogs and i went out to the back deck and enjoyed the warm (50'sF) sunshine. felt great to be able to read out on the deck again. summer has arrived! okay we actually haven't hit spring yet. explained to my brother yesterday that alaska has 5 seasons. currently, this is break up. the duck above is actually breaking his way through the ice as he swims along.

the geese are all over town now, hear the swans have been passing through, the magpies (who live here year round) seem quite annoyed by the added competition. lots of squaking which magpies are good at on a good day.

watched american idol. still enjoy that show. the new judges are a bit too nice often, but i'm okay with a kinder, gentler american idol. no matter what the judges say, the public votes. i think it would probably be better to get those bottom few selected by the public and then let the judges select who goes home.

spent a few minutes watching/photographing this lovely moose in the bog today. she kept an eye on me but didn't seem too annoyed overall. rio caught wind or her a few times on our loop, but not at this spot. we must have been in a good wind direction. it looked like she had been in the drink before we arrived. always love getting pictures of moose in the water. i think that is what everyone hopes for when they take moose pictures.

the tires have to be changed over from studded to regular summer tires by may 1st. this sorta dawned on me today. the one place had a 4 hour wait, they only do first come, first served, but stay open all night. another place takes appointments so i scheduled one for tomorrow just after 2p. then i was hoping that after 10pm tonight i could get in at the first tire place. when i called at 10pm though they said the wait was until 2 am so good thing i have the appointment. there can be a hefty ticket for not doing the changeover. driving on the regular asphalt wears down the studs so best to change them off earlier than later. often if i have to wait a few hours i select a tire changeover place where i can take the dogs and go for a nice long walk on the local bike/walk trails.

not sure what this moose found to eat in the water, some root system, but she gobbled it up.

also stopped by lowes. really want to get this upstairs bedroom flooring project going. so i got some estimates on bamboo flooring. i have bamboo laminate downstairs so i thought i could get the real bamboo for upstairs to kind of make it all flow together in some way. i brought home samples of the light and the darker one they have available for the same price. i know the best way to motivate myself is to have to get it done. if i set it up i'll be forced to empty out these rooms, tear up carpet and paint. such a hassle and like all projects you start this and then you have to change this, alter thing always leads to another. will want to redo the closet spaces as well. the windows really need to be changed, the light know the drill. may check around a few more places and see what options i have before i make my final decision. never painted the one room when i moved in and never really liked the colour of this office room i used.

it's after midnight and i guess i should get off this computer.

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