Saturday, April 23, 2011

so i'm not good at the ex run in thing...

was innocently at work taking care of a crazy family when in the wee hours it occurred to me that though i didn't know these people, i knew of these people. i had many years ago dated a relative of thiers for a summer. in the morning though i had thought this ex lived far, far away, he walked through to visit. i was exhausted from dealing with his relatives, who are nuts by the way, exhausted from working all night and just in no mood to put on the happy face and do the whole awkward ex thing. i'm not one of those people who is still best buddies with every guy i've ever dated. that doesn't mean i'm not on friendly terms with some, but once i've moved on, i've moved on. usually, there is a reason it didn't work out. anyway....i did the totally mature thing and averted my eyes, gave my report, told them to please change my assignment the next day, to the next borough if necessary, and i booked. i ran like the wimp i am. the other families i had were great that night and the next night, but occasionally you just can't relate to certain people. we are still people.
loved the colours of the ice out on the trails the other day. we are in mid melt, freeze, melt again, refreeze. can be pretty. these were out on the trails in n. bivouac.

mostly, i get along with people, but they have to have some semblence of intelligence. i'm not saying they have to be exceedingly smart, but i just have very little patience for people who are just stupid. i know stupid is a bad work, but it is discriptive. you are trying to help them understand what is best for thier kid and they just don't get it. i'm the same with training other people. if they have intellect, i'm fine, if not, my patience quickly runs thin. it's a flaw i have. i'm working on it and i did almost make it through the night without completely losing it with these people. i was pretty blunt, not that this tactic got me anywhere. anyway, part frustration, part awkwardness. the next night i had no such issues. all was pleasant. to boot i found out that i was on overtime as it was good friday. who knew....great surprise.

it was great to have regular sick babies these past two days, i mean sick kids who will get better and be okay.

ice is still a factor out hiking, mud is quickly also becoming a factor. the mess and much continues. i'm avoiding lakes until the thaw is complete. another person fell through the ice at university lake. a teacher died in a avalanche while is his family was out of town. didn't show up to work i think. sounds like he was a good teacher. very sad. a time to be cautious that is for sure. i've done the neighborhoods and the bog. i try to stay safe. the bears are turning up as well and can be a bit unpredictable and moody when they wake up. i can totally relate to that. i'll just give them thier peace while they wake up.

just went with friends tonight to see "water for elephants". i'd read and enjoyed the book and was looking forward to this one coming out. i'm begining to text a bit and this worked well today. we all met up for the movie. it turned out quite nicely. well acted, made us all jump and cringe a few times, but we all really liked it. i was the only one who'd read the book so not as many surprises for me. always interesting to see how a book gets interpreted to film. like i said, well done in my mind.

got an admit last night from another community. apparently, nobody had been able to get an iv in this kid so it was important that we get one in quickly. this baby came at shift change so we had many hands helping me get this kid settled in. my co-worker from days, ellen, got that iv in on the first attempt. those parents were on the phone to various relatives/friends all night and i heard over and over again the tale of the nurse just popping that iv in when nobody else could. funny, when that sort of thing happens, it's almost like now you can do no wrong. we came off looking like the best place ever. kinda fun...thanks ellen. i can assure you i would not have had that iv in.

these clouds just looked kinda cool as i drove into work. i almost rear ended in the exact location way that i rear ended someone else. funny, but i'm happy they didn't have ice to contend with.

took 3/4 pets to the vet today. rio was due for her annual check up/vax so we got that done. she is all chill at the vet. doesn't appreciate the anal gland thing, but some stuff has got to be done. so happy i'm able to pass that along to other people. always hated anal glands when i worked at vet clinics, now i just pay people. miss breezy chatterbug had to get another set of her shots so she is done now. blossom, well i just took her to check her weight. i've been trying to help her diet by measuring out her food and trying to decrease treats. well that poor dog hasn't lost one pound!!

my neighbors kindly brought me over a tomato plant start. it's pretty tall already. it's in the window in my room. way to cold to take it outside. once you do start preparing to move plants outside you have to "harden" them up. this is a totally new concept to me. i used to believe i had a green thumb. i grew up in california and i always had fun plants and a sweet garden. when i left california things began to die. my gardening skills were tested and many failures occured. tomatoes are not something that does well here, unless you have a greenhouse, which i don't.

i do feel some pressure to keep this plant alive. tried to explain my history with plants. would be great to get an actual tomato though.

the week stayed blue skied and pretty. today was finally cloudy. i slept great all day. longer than i should have, but it felt great to sleep a long stretch. rain is expected.

the winter stuff is all put away now, well maybe not all, but a start anyway. these trails that i have used all winter will disappear into bog and i must bid farewell til next winters freeze up.

will have to wear cleats for mondays final dog walk monday. time to take a break from dog walk monday. it's a great thing overall and everyone gets excited to have it start back up in the fall.

the cats don't like being left behind. i'm about to pull out of my drive and i looked up and saw them both in the upstairs window.

i have been meaning to use some of my tax money for the mundane such as new bra's. now i've been terrible about bras for sometime now. i really believe i've been in denial about actually having boobs. okay, not about having boobs, but while many women want bigger breasts, i'd be totally cool with a nice B or C cup. my mother was never happy with her rather large breasts and i suppose that sunk in to my head at some level as well. off to nordstroms to have an actual fitting and buy proper fitting bra's. i've hidden my light under the baggy bushel for too long. so now i own 3 bra's that frighten me. they aren't nearly as large as the scarey bra's my mother had hanging in the bathroom my entire life. not sure what those were. F, G??? i fear they aren't as much larger than the ones i now own. happily i can't compare those and can pretend in my little head that my breasts are way smaller than my moms.

i think i should just admit my size in order to help me accept my large breasted self. i am , cough, sputter, gag, a size 34 DDD. REALLY!!! omg!! they are nice bra's, and as comfy as a bra can be, but i'm still having some sticker shock. of course, my buddies knew all along i was keeping my breasts down and have begged me to come clean, get fitted and come out of the closet. i'm still not there yet, but obviously, i'm not as flat chested as i've tried to become. not sure i needed my friends to announce my bra size so loudly in the movie theater, but what are friends for?

after the bra trauma i decided to shop for something more fun. clothes. at first i just tried on some tops that were actual cute girly tops and then i grabbed some jeans and headed to the dressing room. pants shopping is always a drag. i have a small waist, pretty flat belly, but i do have the saddle bag girls and an indented butt. years ago, my other friend with hips and i, laughed that we always got the usual compliments from men on the usual attributes. we really just wanted a guy to say, i love those hips of yours! haha.

i am happy to report that the first pair of jeans i put on fit my perfectly. i bought one in every colour i could find in my size pretty much. everything was on sale at j.c. penny's so i bought lots for less. this was a pleasant ending to a shopping day.

was sad to read that the baseball team i grew up with is having financial issues due to divorce. seems weird that the los angeles dodgers are in the middle of a nasty divorce. attended many a baseball game at dodger stadium growing up.

a few people are already starting up towards tackling denali this year. so the climbing season is getting underway. the paper reported that the rangers are getting basecamps set up. the main climbing season lasts 3 short months. only 55% who tried last year made the summit. 4 others died trying last year as well.

other news, some idiot doctor from boston fell into a trap and was arrested. apparently he was communicating online with a guy who offered up his 6 year old grandson for sex. this turned out to be a cop setting the guy up. that guy flew from boston to alaska in hopes of having sex with a 6 year old. there are some real freaks out there. they figure he'll get 20-30 years in prison for this.

well, on that pleasant note, i shall leave you for the day!

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