Tuesday, August 19, 2014

don't hate me cause i love mushrooms....

 as predicted i was up late and got a late start.  well i woke and it seems my new pre walk routine is to get a few WARIS things accomplished before the dog walk. i'm sure my dogs have contacted their canine union in regards to this contract breach.  i have tried to explain to Blossom the importance of protecting these walrus in this beautiful sanctuary, but i suspect she is more concerned with her walks and the waning days of summer.
 Rio was on board for a walk today so off we went to Girdwood.  there are always some fun mushroom sightings out there.  since i had Rio we did a stroll of the crow pass mine end of the Winner Creek trail.  no, we did not cross the creek...i'm not keen on the hand tram let alone trying to get 2 large dogs, one which is blind, into that tiny box and dangle over very cold and very fast moving waters.
 first stop was at Potters Marsh...just a quick stop to see what was up out there. way too early for any swan action of course, but always a fun stop.
 was meeting friends for dinner this evening or i was thinking of cruising around the crow creek mine remnants. it's been on the list..one of these days soon i hope.  great to actually be more in more normal routine this week and get out and about.
 Hopefully on my next days off i can wander a bit further and maybe do an overnight with the dogs somewhere..not keen on meeting any Bears while slumbering in my car though.  it's getting to be that time of year.  figure it may be another 20 years before i repeat that experience though....i hope.
 as you can see by the sedges....the seasons they are a changing!!
 not sure any of us are ever ready for winter coming but i do love winter as well.  this place is always changing.  the seasons are fast and furious.  winter is the long calm.
 my neighbor has the fence back up at a 90 degree angle.  now i really need to get that dang lawn mowed!!!  i know i've said that for weeks.  it's terrible!! my house also needs a good scrub down.  i've said that for weeks too it seems.
 what really needs to happen is a party!!  that is my best motivation for house cleaning.  need a theme....hmm..anyone?
 should try and use the deck before the leaves start falling on it.
 my pool table is lonely for some action other than myself out there.  my neighbor was sure surprised to see that was what was in my garage the other day.  did do some sweeping up in there though.
 having a better knee day.  hopefully we just keep improving.
 the ski area in Girdwood as i headed out..looking back, below.
 nice calm water in the arm
 and i always love train tracks.
 supposed to meet up with a few fish and game guys tomorrow, but they emailed perhaps at 5pm and i work the next three so i won't be meeting anyone that late before heading to work.
 fun to meet up at Humpy's with friends tonight.  haven't been there for a bit and summers seem to scatter everyone so nice to catch up.
 now on to the mushrooms
 lots of these super tiny ones.
 these guys are about the size of a pencil eraser.  first i just had the wide angle lens on, then i switched to the macro.
 not easy getting decent shots of these little guys, fun to try though.
 saw several folks out walking there today.  also some just hunting for edible mushrooms or berries.it's that time of year.
 a few raindrops fell while i was out there walking but not enough to deter me.
 election day tomorrow.  as i headed out of town i saw a place with a sign that said "vote here".  for a moment i was confused...was it really Tuesday?  had to check my I-phone...nope, tomorrow is the big day. don't want to miss that.  the things i vote for often do not win as this tends to be a Republican state and i tend to not vote the way the majority votes...but i still vote.  i agree with Karen...if you vote you earn the right to complain later.
 i have always been a strong advocate for voting.  there is a news photo on my bulletin board of people lined up in an exceedingly long line in Zimbawbwe to vote.  those who do not have the right to vote or have just received the right to vote seem to most understand the value of it.  it's always so sad to me how many people just don't bother to vote in this nation.
 sadly, that means that in general only the most passionate people vote...that often means really the most extreme vote and those who are rational sit home ticked at the outcome.
 so i shall be voting tomorrow...and walking the dogs too.
 picture of a 3 tusked walrus in the paper in late July.  this happens rarely.  this one was taken by a Barrow hunter.  Russians and Alaskans take an average 5000 Pacific Walrus every year...that is a lot of Walrus.  occ they will have an extra tusk.  kinda funny picture as the three tusked walrus head is set on the kitchen table.  just an unusual site...not something you would ever see in the lower 48.
 was a pretty and relaxing walk out there today.  happy i went.  it's always great driving along Turnigan Arm as well.
 more tiny mushrooms..so delicate.
 lighting is difficult and as usual i am the lazy photography who couldn't be bothered to set up a tripod.
 these were some sort of fungi. cute little pink lumps on a log

 it's not often that i see a purple mushroom...but here is one below.
 a 30 foot, 25-ton humpback whale was hit by the Kennicott, one of the Alaskan Ferries.  poor guy got t-boned.  NOAA is doing an investigation.  always so sad.
 these little mushrooms below are even smaller than the pencil eraser sized ones above.  even harder to get a picture of them.
 then there is this unusual group.
 all three sorts quite different.
 so a fun day for this mushroom lover.
perhaps i can get to bed at a more reasonable hour.  was debating making cookies too though.  hmm...bed, bake...i think bed will win.
thankful for 1.  that however and whoever made this earth did it with the grand variety.  to me this is always proof of a greater power...one that loved all these details.  which makes me want to protect this earth even more.  why not one mushroom, one butterfly type?   2.  the kindness of strangers that step up and want to help with this WARIS stuff.  we are strangers no more  3.  that Rio felt up to walking with us today...always nice to have her along.

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