Monday, August 4, 2014

post work headache day...

 i think this concludes i will finish with July and put in a few from Misty Fiords!  hopefully i do some fun road trips in August!
 can't believe it's august already.
 slept in today.  actually woke about 1:30 with bad knots and a bad headache so i took excedrin, icy hotted myself and used the bonger to try and beat the knots into submission.  woke next at after 4pm!  didn't get dogs to dog park until after i'd fed them.  we got there though.
 they were just happy to be out and about.  still have felt wiped out and intermittently nauseated...hungry. so not much eaten today.
 have Maddie a bit over the next few days so wanted to get some stuff to make that fun for her.  i think we will walk dogs, do tie dye and perhaps work on a big Walrus Rocks poster that will look like the second bumper sticker i'd like to make up for reward for donating.
 didn't sleep well between my first two shifts just because my brain was kicking around WARIS stuff.  that is how it goes.
 did get through my 3 shifts.  night one was an easy night in the adult icu, nights two and three were in ER.  a guy, Elliot, left the float pool for another unit so i'm the new Elliot...that is what i kept saying in the ER.  before i would work more in the ER every time he went on vacation, now i'll just be there more because he's gone.  ER is busy, physically a bit taxing but really so far not overly stressful...tasky more. to see a great xray.  all i can say is people be crazy!!   i guess doc just said dude came in for a battery change...and that is all i got to say on that.
 friday night all hell seemed to break loose at midnight.  usually you will have a few empty rooms for a bit in the wee hours...that never happened!  our rooms will full all night into the next shift.  sat was steady but we did have some empty rooms from time to time and less ems patients dropped off .
 loved these little purple flowers.
 flowers will now disappear and mushrooms will begin to take over.  the fireweed is in full bloom...
 my yard is just as overgrown as ever.
 river otter at University Lake.  it rained last night but cleared up for our walk...good thing i slept in.
 feeding the orphan moose.  so cute..gotta love that job i suspect!!
 launched our Kickstarter so please go donate!!
 that is our project. i  changed up our rewards...i wrote that if we get 4 $500.00 donations we'll do a Walrus Rock flash mob...we may do one anyway but getting me on video in a Walrus Rock get up making a fool of myself could be entertaining, right?  that is my second bumper sticker plan.  it's part of my make walrus cool plan.
 these pics are from our walk up punchbowl.  the trail was a bit tricky and treacherous as you can see.
 fun to go on a walk with's been years...we used to walk together all the time!
 i've had a good run of fabulous walking buddies!!
 went to walmart tonight for bread and on the hunt for Maddie stuff.  my brain is a bit fuzzy tonight, much like when i had a fresh concussion.  i'm sure i spent too much of stuff i don't need and forgot the stuff i do need.  i did get bread though.  usually on nights like this i forget the one thing i really had gone for.
 supposed to walk with Kelly tomorrow so i think i'll stop by the craft store after with Maddie and see if they have a roll we can make the walrus rock poster with.
 i'm on a quest for a better wallet.  i need more space but don't want to really go much bigger.  bought one wallet but it's too big to fit in my pocket for work.  picked up a wallet in the mens section. will test that out.
 not a great picture of me...but a shot of Janet and I.
 i'll have to grab something to eat before i crash for the night.
 this big toad jumped out when i was walking on the trail.  scare the crap out of me.  none of these this far north, but they are in southeast Alaska
 the bug count was a bit higher at punchbowl than any of our other nights.  i never required my mosquito hood though  so really not too bad.
 super nummy treat our guide whipped up!!
 another sweet morning to wake to...flat water to paddle on...
 well, it wasn't bad until we got out into the bigger water...then we paddled in soup for a bit..maybe a mile.  rough paddle, but we all did fine.
 bear or sasquatch?  i'm going to go with bear.  could be a squatch though...can't rule it out
 that is one big erratic rock
 CJ and Amanda impress us with their off kayak water gathering skills.
 coming out of rudyard
 mild choppy waters.
 we were all loving those blue skies!!
 the wine was tucked on the back of our kayak
 post morning coffee break i think

 i'm gonna sleep good tonight!!
 love the intertidal grasses
 always great to spend time at the oceans shores.  beautiful.
 i really should look for  cheap flights to Barrow and see if i can plan one more escape for the summer.  i have never been there.  a few days could be fun.
 the process of helping everyone get off in their boats.
 i think Sandra was having skirt issues.
 she wasn't too happy with her boat's fit, but once she just sat in the thing without trying to add the various paddings that had been suggested i think she was finally more comfy...really our last day of paddling though.
my bed is calling..hope we can raise enough money to make these bumper stickers and get pamphlets made!!
grateful for...1..nice co-workers, new and old 2.  great views at the dog park tonight, better late than never 3.  forward progress for WARIS...

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