Friday, March 6, 2015

a favorite Rondy event...

 worked the last few nights and today i had a long to do list.  i nearly got  the bulk of it covered...i mean so not lazy for me.  printing out the petition took way longer than expected and that messed up my bummed was totally excited to hit the pool.  still stuff i want to get done tonight before i go to bed and it's already after midnight.  not enough hours in the day even when you work all night and sleep only 3-4 hours total.  wanted to hit the native craft sales at the dimond mall.  always a treat.  generally a spendy treat, but well....
 a loop out in the park with the dogs.  i was cranky between shifts i think or it was the day i started work.  we all have our cranky moments.  the mama and baby moose chilled me out...and the dogs.  they are never cranky!! Rio was walking super slowly.  hate when i'm cranky and impatient...cracks on the pond.
 today i was able to talk walrus and round island and i handed out my card several times.  every contact helps i think.  you just never know when you interact with someone....those in the booths were mostly chatty as well.  everyone loves walrus.  it's not my natural state, chatting with strangers, but it's a skill i'm trying to improve on...i've had to this past year.  can't help the walrus at all if i get to shy to talk to people.
tonight i'm trying to get the petitions ready to hand over to the offices of the governor and fish and game.  need to write some sort of note to go with it.  thought i may just try a rewrite of the article...see if i can get that done.  that way they have a chance to respond before i send it to the papers editor.  the may not publish it, you never know, but they will just take the governors office a few google searches to have my name come up associated with the article in the paper.
 two nights of work.  peds icu the first and PCU the next.  both nights were steady but fine.
 nearly bit off this EEG techs head the other morning.  small patient, post cardiac arrest and the parents didn't speak English very well as they recently moved to the US.  when i asked her to please use the google translate to explain to the parents what she was doing she started to go off....the words, "i can't waste my time..." came out of her mouth from across the nurses station...very loudly!  i think she realized seconds after the words flew out of her how nasty she sounded.  most people that work in hospitals are more compassionate than that i find...but there are a few people, well you just want to encourage them to find other careers.
 some people are just having a cranky day but this chick has given me tude before.  then she further annoyed me by being overly and fakely nice which was clearly just a way of pretending she hadn't just been a total BI.
 lots of cool stuff out at the Mall.  i just love that it's mostly the craftsman themselves out there, and they are often working on other projects.  just much more fun.  deals to be had as well.  money is tight towards the end of winter and nobody wants to haul all this stuff home, they want to sell it.
 loved the faces on these dancers.  this baleen basket below is huge...that is the creator behind it.  i always asked permission to take pictures.  nobody said no.  now everyone has camera's so i think everyone is more used to just getting pictures taken.  clearly i bought stuff so i think that makes it easier.   i didn't buy this basket though . small baleen baskets can sell for easily $500-$5,000 so this big one...i didn't ask.  he was very ambitious to do this piece.
 bought one of these from the table over.  this guy was very excited about his tablecloth.  everyone who buys from him gets to sign it and he's done this for years.  my friend bought one by this artist for me for my birthday.  i thought the second one would look cool with it in a frame.  soapstone, feathers...of course, walrus.  i think that is my next project to take to the framers.  i gave him my card and he was happy that i had drawn that quick walrus face on his table.  apparently, he let sharpie know about his tablecloth and they sent him a free multipack of sharpie pens.
 fur rondy means pins so i bought a few pins for this year. i may have upset them a bit as i asked whether the dog represented on the pin was a husky or a malemute...they didn't know and apparently i was the only person to have asked it.  i turned to asking about past years pins to make them all happy again.  so my advice...don't ask them if the pin is a husky or malemute.
 there have been some walrus pins in the past.  1984 is one example.
 the artist that made the fossilized ivory walrus that i bought had this at his can see the progress of how a walrus is carved.
 hard to see all the details in this piece but it really was amazing, museum quality.  the husband does the boat and the wife does the people.  the details on her people was impressive.
 these are Kupsuks. i may have spelled that wrong.  this is pretty common for the Natives to wear up north and well, you can see them at several events year round.  they are now made out of a variety of materials. quite the fashion in the native culture.
 don't think i'll be wearing a kupsuk but they are pretty fun.
 hit University Lake with Blossom today.  Rio originally came out to the deck but that was as far as she wished to go.  felt bad as i suspect she would have loved to just sit on a doggie bed on the deck while i read today. in the end i encouraged her back inside and took off on the errand rush.  pretty slushy out there today and when i just let Blossom out, it was raining. boo..
 the fur teddy was the softest and so cute!
 Kupsuk for a little girl..someone will be happy!!
 as you may recall my car has "Walrus Rock, Fund Round Island"  written in the dirt on it...when i came out to my car after the craft fair the car next to me had this written on it..."yes, walrus rock".  haha.  so cute. i left my card on their car...hope they aren't serial killers.
 the big circus will faze out elephants on their shows. good for the elephants.
 i am fading.  still a long to do list for tomorrow. went through a lot of ink and paper today.  it's for sure more impressive than a link.  just want to make sure the see that there are people that want this fixed.  we are small, but if i have anything to do with it, our numbers will grow.
 my WARIS desk is a mess...i really need to get more cleaning done this week.  spring is spring cleaning should be early as well.  when i get back from Fairbanks i'll really need to focus on planning summer trips more.  Barrow.  encouraged to make Savoonga a trip as well one of these years.  another Walrus place.
 Blossom set her tennis ball down in the water and current immediately sucked it under the ice.  that poor dog just can't grasp the concept of current.  she was very sad to lose her tennis ball though.
getting excited for the Iditarod. should get my insider renewed...tomorrow. for sure before i head north.  chatted with Val so she is all set to come stay here with the girls.  i'll miss the pups, but i'm looking forward to checking our Fairbanks in the winter and seeing the teams take off from a different location.
 ducks at U-Lake.

 i think i have an extra day on the other end of this...not sure.  it looks that way when i look at the schedule.  so i may have been authorized for another day of vacation.  not sure i'll fight that if that really is the truth.
 the beavers make fast work of the trees at the lake there.  the dog teams run through this park during the ceremonial start so i think they went through and chopped down trees that were on the verge of falling over.
 one of my patients got creative and drew this for me.  we were talking walrus and it got him drawing. very nice of the guy.  probably helped distract him from not feeling very well.
 picked up this piece that my friend, GT had given me on my big 5-0!!  just got it framed.  so happy it was done before i took off.  looks great i think.  i put it up in the office.
 here is my latest ivory walrus.  fossilized, the guy says he digs into the beach or goes diving for them.
 my ivory menagerie. mostly walrus but a few bears, seals, whales and musk ox tossed in.
good night...thankful for:  the gift of empathy and compassion.  the abilities of those many artists out there, creative and inspirational.  any encouragement to keep moving forward no matter how small, it really helps.

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