Tuesday, March 3, 2015

snow buddies!

 thought this turned out cute.  it wasn't just me for the Monday walk portion of the Monday walk.  :-) thanks MT for joining.  coffee was well attended and fun as well.  Mondays are good days for us Monday walkers!!
 these are just a smattering of pictures from the walks of late.
 partially lined up for Fairbanks.  lots to do before i take off Sunday and i'm hoping for decent weather as i'm always a nervous winter driver.  K&K's tale of hitting a guard rail after skidding on ice did not help allay my concerns.  i do have a place there though...for two nights.  i'm still debating that third night.  will look around online tonight after i blog and see if i have any options that look appealing.
 things continue to get dicey in Russia, so KGB feeling with a Putin foe shot so near the Kremlin...no chance of that murder ever being solved i suspect.  hopes of a changing Russia do seem to be fading. on other international...but Alaska news.  a poor tourist from Europe had gone heliskiing and then joined others to explore a glacier on a lake.  there was a calving and the young man perished, crushed.  very sad.  probably quick, but always a reminder of how treacherous it can be at the face of any glacier.  don't explore too closely.  you just never know.
a Bangladeshi-American blogger who was in Bangladesh and is very outspoken was hacked to death in front of his wife.  a reminder to appreciate the freedom of speech we all have here and remember that it does not exist in many parts of the world.
 a few siblings are convinced that there really is no global warming....that since "Antarctica is unchanged" this is proof.  research shows more and more how flawed the studies that seem to prove this are.  new studies show that in some parts of Antarctica the loss of ice is unquestionable...averaging 130 billion tons/year of melt.  those are NASA's numbers not some liberal left wing nut...their thoughts.  politics and science do not mix...get your politics out of my science and stop fighting...accept there is an issue and do something about it.
 our state won't fund Round Island which costs approximately $100,000/year but they will spend $400,000 to put free pregnancy tests and condoms in bars apparently.  they hope to combat alcohol related issues in the next generation.  not much to say but my eyes are sure rolling...buy your own dang pregnancy test or wait a few weeks and your body will give you a clue one way or the other.  the people who don't care, won't be rushing in to take tests and avoid drinking.   i'm sure many college age kids who don't want to "waste" money on pregnancy tests will just hit the local watering hole and enjoy a free test on the state of Alaska.
 below are two moose....it's amazing how a large animal can hide in the brush up here.  the one was right on the trail...seen in a zoom shot above.
 this guy was in the bog on a different walk.
 still has his rack.
 took advantage of my rather dirty car to show my support of Round Island.  looking good!!

 liked how the clouds were lifting ever so slightly and giving me a view of the Chugach Range.
 our moose sighting of the day.  this one was quite a distance away, but i spied her and took my shot.  she spied us as well....probably way before i noticed her.

 very little ice but still a wee bit left.
 out with MT today.  we took the gasline-powerline-tank route...turned out to be a bit much for her older dog, Morgan.  sorry Morgan.
 more ice...
 the dogs seemed to enjoy themselves, Morgan just was a bit achy coming back down the tank trail.  Rio stayed home.  Blossom chased her tennis ball happily.

 Morgan takes a drink at the creek
 joined a friend at Outback for dinner then hit the gym tonight.  30 minutes of bike time and trying to keep myself from singing out loud with my headphones on.  that is tricky.
 one of speedy chilling with Blossom while i snuck in closer to the moose.
 these two are of the Alaska range with some Fata Morgana....an optical illusion more common in the northern climates
 Denali with fata morgana.
thankful for:  1.  nights off  and sleep.  great to catch up a bit. 2.  walking buddies both human and canine! 3.  the person who is going to come clean my house and fold my laundry...oh wait, that is never going to happen.  hehe!! thanks to myself then for doing the chores...thank me!!  haha.

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