Monday, August 17, 2015

rain everywhere....

 more of Barrow.  today was rain in Anchorage...which for me means sleeping day.  did finally drag myself out to walk in Girdwood amongst the mushrooms.  they are just getting started.  it's been a dry summer so maybe it will be a less prolific mushroom year...who knows.
 these are fish camp and a walk on the beach in town.  always with an eye out for the great white bear. was reading an article in the paper today.  apparently the great plan in the event of a big oil spill...clean a mere 3 polar bears at a time. of course, you have to catch, sedate and deliver these big bears safely. doesn't bode well for the bears.  it's even worse for the walrus.  sounded like it just wouldn't even be attempted...getting the oil off of them.  the whales are on their own as well no doubt.
 saw someone on the side of the road picking that people here can wander all over the city and get raspberries. they can fish in town for salmon as well.
 watching what was probably Robin Williams last movie...not sure though.  "the angriest man in Brooklyn".  an angry man who realizes he may die any minute...and then the actor dies, kills himself.  sad and ironic.
 not sure where these stadium chairs came from...but they now reside in Barrow, Alaska at a fish camp.
 was going to stream "notting Hill" but it's not available to stream according to netflix.  watched a bit as i was riding the bike in the living room.  still not sure how tight the thing is supposed to screw into the back tire.  will take a few more test runs i think, but it should be good for winter exercise.
 enjoy walking beaches...Barrow has plenty of beaches.  not many great finds on the beaches.  some nice looking rocks though.
 the remains of many birds.
 "the only normal people there are, are the ones that you don't know very well" line from this movie..true.  we are all freaks once you get to know us.  eventually you hope you find a freak that is compatible and tolerant of your freakiness...and of course whose freakiness you can tolerate.
 today was one of those days where i have zero interactions with the other humans out there.  did finally send a text that got returned. strange those days when it's really just you and the dogs.
 there were good beaches for writing.  brought my writing stick back with me and a few rocks.
 this guy stayed in Barrow.

 the red rock below is now in the cat water bowl so that it's colors can shine through.  lots of other rocks in there.  they just look better in the water.
 happy we did have this walk with some pockets of blue skies and we had a nice rainbow that followed us around as well.
 me, enjoying some short lived Barrow sunshine!!
 the Barrow Whalers are spotted on the field.  of course, i'm not convinced this field is regulation size.  looked pretty small to me.  i could be wrong though.  they seem to be using and enjoying it though.

 temperatures were in the 30's and 40's while i was there.
 rusting buildings...still standing after all these years though. i'm still standing after all these years too.  some days are easier than others...some not so easy, but we get through somehow.  today wasn't a hard day at all.

 okay back to writing then writing more.  don't want to waste the day away.  i do my best stuff late at night.
 another cool trash bin.
 i think Val has many more trash bin photo's.  she was on a mision.
 they did an article on skateboarding and new skateboard parks in remote AK....the photo's showed only 1 kid in a helmet and pads...old school, brave kids.  most of us survived without all the gear i guess. of course, out there you are a long way from real medical treatment.  this can be tough but it can also be a blessing.  sometimes i think the best thing you can do late in life is get someplace remote so that you can't be revived and live out your days suffering.  life at any cost is not always worth it.  much easier to say than to live.
 always enjoy the local art.  these were at the library/heritage center/museum.
 these were on the wall in colored glass.  pretty.
 Barrow is actually two communities. never knew that on the other side of the town it was actually called Browertown or ville or something.  a Brower is Mayor. i'm guessing related to the family that part of town was named after.  article in the paper today about donations made by the mayor up there that may or may not be in violation of the rules.  small town drama...always, it's everywhere.
 it is nice to visit these remote makes following news events more fun when you can visualize the place and the people more.  this art below was inside the library.
 listened to a few Ted Talks as i lounged in bed late this morning.  both were about people who are trying to combat the terrorists in their own way.  one with art and one with words.  they are both using the Koran to try and spread what it really teaches not what people are told it says.  one person here and there...can they make a difference.  i would have said no a few years ago but i am more of a believer now.  if we each pick something we care about, are passionate about, the world would no doubt be  a better place...that is if what you are passionate about actually helps and isn't just another person passionate about being angry at the world.
 a few old boats in the museum.  always cool to see original kayaks.  no paddles for me this summer.  that doesn't happen very often.
 summers do pass by and you always seem to wish you had hiked more or paddled more or camped more.  you can only fit so much in.  all in all, i know i get out and do more than a lot of other folks.  there is always more though...
 with all the whale bones laying about i  thought it was too bad that they had this fake bowhead whale and not a remade skeleton of a bow head whale.
 this was a gift shop that apparently is no longer in business...or is it?  it was never open when we passed by.  a dilapidated building in Barrow does not necessarily mean it is not being used.  there are a lot of empty looking houses.  when we mentioned it to our guide we were told many homes end up empty after someone dies..then a battle over who gets it the end it just sits empty and rots.
 this was a mosaic around a fireplace at the "top of the world" hotel.  we ate lunch there one day.
 this one loaded sideways but it had the polar bear with the walrus
 this is some art from there.
 too many bison in Yellowstone, too many wolves in Sweden...mans need to control and determine appropriate animal numbers...seems to never work out right.  mother nature has a way of making it all work out.  humans seem to believe they can do better.  we seem to have this belief that we are superior beings.  that we were created by God to be that superior being because we have the brains and opposable thumbs i guess.  who is to say that we are superior to the other beasts of this earth at all, who told us we were in charge of all the land and all the animals?  overall, we seem to do a pretty crappy job managing the earth and the animals of the earth. humans are in control because we are arrogant.  truth is nobody controls the earth and the animals but the earth and the universe itself.
 we can all be wiped out by an asteroid or some other major event.  we control very little.  best to just focus on ourselves and how we can be of help to those we are in contact with..the humans, the animals and the part of the earth we live in.  we can all only do so much but we can have a positive impact if we choose to.
 ask not what the earth can do for you but what you can do for the alter a famous quote.  :-)
 relaxing and writing notes on the beach..our messages are all gone now but we left our mark for a few minutes anyway. not much of a tidal change there.  is it because the moon doesn't have much of an impact this far north?  not sure.  in the winter are the tides more obvious?  the seas can be much rougher it seems.  i've never really understood how the moon and the tides work together though.
 that whole universe thing has always baffled me as well. a universe that isn't ending when my little brain can only comprehend things that have endings.  seems that everything has an can universes or whatever not have an ending...ouch. see my brain hurts.
 had to put my plug in for Round Island.
 Val was off writing her own notes to the sea. i think we were both quite happy with this quiet time on the beaches of Barrow.

 should try and write a bit and then turn in for the night.
thankful for: A.  those who fight for the animals and the earth....  B.  trash day and the orderly life we are blessed to live in this nation  overall, it's orderly anyway...not perfect but things like trash pick up and sewage systems...i'm a fan  C.  the peace of sleep

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