Sunday, August 23, 2015

referred to as "clueless and fanatical"...

 haha.  every so often i stick my neck out and comment on some story.  man do people get over heated on those things.  cracks me up.  it's good every so often to be slammed for having an opinion. i wasn't swayed much by the insults, my views are still the same, but i try to be open about stuff. does concern me that our nation is headed down a path that won't be returnable.  in society it does seem there is often a tipping point and when that is reached, it could get very ugly.  everyone can't be as right as they think they are, but seems that many are completely unwilling to yield to an alternative opinion.
 the aurora's were dancing last night so i decided to drive around a bit and see what i could see.  i still have much work to do towards improving my aurora pictures but they still seem to make people happy so i will share them.  above was in my back yard.  super bright, especially considering i'm in Anchorage and there is quite a lot of light pollution.
 there was a bit of a corona overhead at one point but the city lights were not forgiving.
 headed over to earthquake park and Point Worzonof.  local spots for aurora watching.  lots of others out there doing the same thing.  still enough for my amateur self.
 as you can see i am not in Fairbanks.  planning on heading out in a few minutes.  woke with a migraine yesterday.  every time i tried to get moving the nausea kicked in.  eventually i got out but it was a bit late for me.  i used the day to run some errands and do some chores.  always plenty of that.  oil change done, laundry...done.
 i am packed and nearly ready to hit the road.  will no doubt stop multiple times along the way and planning on heading back down the Richardson Highway tomorrow.  may end up camping another night down that way before heading back.  we shall see what the weather does...that may change up the plans.
 i need to work on focus and times for sure on these shots.
 still fun to see the green haze.

 there were some clouds over the inlet and some planes taking off.  in some you can see the big dipper pretty clearly.
 these had a few purples in them.

 light pollution for sure impacts them as well.

 a plane takes off with the aurora in the back ground

 from Worzonof i headed over to Lake Hood.  i always enjoy planes and figured as long as i was being lazy and staying in town to hunt aurora i may as well try and combine the lights with the planes.
 and my car too.  :-)
 floats without the plane below.
 a few well placed planes. pretty dark in the area's that i picked so that was nice, except i couldn't see...haha.  did keep from falling down and injuring myself.  was a wee bit concerned that some plane owner would be about and get ticked at me for being among the planes.

 this plane got to be my subject
 not very organized for this little jaunt, but it's always fun to get away for a few days.  the summer is winding down.
 it was nice to be out hunting aurora in temperatures in the 50's rather than the winter temps of -20

 big dipper below
 a different plane in a different direction.  the aurora were in fine display for an Anchorage show.  that doesn't happen too often. generally you have to drive out of the city for this....i imagine those who did leave Anchorage last night got a fabulous show.  i was happy to just watch the lights here though.  sometimes it's just fun to see them here where you spend your life and enjoy the wonder that happens even in this large city.

 hope you enjoy my little light show....
 i will try and improve this promises that i will become a major aurora chaser.  i like to sleep and i like to be warm.
 still fun to get out every so often in the wee hours. i think i got home at about 3:30. lost track of time.
 did get a few walks in yesterday.  we did the bog and then later the dog park.  chatted with my sister so that was fun catching up as well.
grateful for:  A.  differing if people are civil but you learn quite a lot listening to those who see the world differently... B.  lights...very cool perk to living up here.  C.  caffiene..i think i may need a bit today.

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