Monday, December 28, 2015

Back to October...and Rio's last big walk. :-(

 variety so i'll toss in some pics i have shared from October.  it's always a great time to go moose-spotting in Powerline Pass.  this day i got fairly lucky and enjoyed a fun moose show.
 Blossom joined me that day as she always seems to enjoy the spectator sport of moose watching as well.
 just two nights of work.  2 off now and then back for three.  it looks like i am on many weekends this month.  not sure what i was thinking on the schedule this month.
 both nights i was in the adult icu and i had the same patients both nights.  kept pretty busy the first night.  i don't always have a poop filled night, but it is part of life working in the hospital some times.  i'm pretty immune to it at work.  would be a totally different story if i was outside work though..
 i've worked in poop my entire adult life.  cat, dog, human, rhino, snake, name it i've cleaned it up.  i often tell my patients who find themselves in the embarrassing position of needing assistance with such matters that i am proudly an expert in all manners poop.  this seems to calm them as i laugh and chat about all the various species of poops that i have been involved with.
 Blossom seemed to have a bit of a time of it the last few as there is always that as well.  if i'm not cleaning up shit, i guess i'm shitting myself.  nursing is not a glamour job that is for sure.  as they say though, everybody poops.
 i will be the last one to clean up that poor patients poop from her bum anyway.  necrotic bowels..a big mess apparently.  she will now poop in a bag.  we are all pretty miserable when our guts aren't right.  it's often funny to me that they can saw open your chest and a few days later folks are often just on little oral pain meds...that stomach stuff though, is pretty dang miserable.  we laugh at poop and get grossed out by it, but if your plumbing isn't are in misery!!
 been watching bits of "an idiot abroad".  the guy wasn't too thrilled with the title.  he actually just seems to go along with more than you would expect him to.  he does put his foot down on occasion as i'm sure he's away this is really all for his friends entertainment.  his friend is the producer of the show i think. i actually find him sort of a cruel and annoying guy.
 the idiot, Carl, is probably in some ways a bit like me.  a homebody at heart.  he's traveling but he'd be just as happy reading about many of these things from the comfort of home.  he seems a bit of an introvert and his producer friend is the extrovert.  really it's a show that gets ratings making fun of the introverts of the world.
 the guy does get to some cool places but his friend tortures him by sticking him in pretty annoying and disgusting situations just to watch him squirm.  the idiot does keep returning for more so he must be getting enough out of it.  he is affable enough despite being irritated, grossed out and anxious.
 i would have to agree with him that some of the places are just too loud for too long.  i prefer to be able to at least escape to some quiet place at some point.  the only place he seemed to really like was Mexico.  he seemed fairly miserable through much of it, but in the end he said it was his favorite so far.
 he liked that the people had no fear of death, they seemed to just live.  the women, he noted, ate what they wanted and didn't worry about putting on pounds.  he liked that. we do tend to have an obsession with weight and appearance.  at some point you do have to let some of it go or just be kind of nuts or down on yourself all the time.
 these are males seeking female companionship.
 they are not shy about their interest
 part of me likes to travel. i like being new places and taking pictures.  i hate the stress of prepping in many ways.  the actual flying, the time and exhaustion of travel.  there is much to see in Alaska so i'm pretty happy with these shorter, often more involved hops to see remote Alaska than the idea of flying hours and hours to reach a destination
 i need to pick some dates for treks this summer.  i've always wanted to go to Hallo Bay to see the bears there.  less crowded.  more like Glamping i think which would be nice.  i've got the cabin for Spencer Glacier so will finally get there.  also want to finally get to Kennicott Mine.  need to get a few paddles in this year to make up for no paddles this past summer.
 excuse name is  Moose and i'd like to get to know you  better!
 the pass can be packed with moose in October.
 she is being so coy.
 we did get out walking every day.  bog and hood walks past two days.  still up late and sleeping in late.  tomorrow is Monday walk so i'll need to set the alarm and get myself moving in the morning.  not sure if anyone will come. kids are still out of school.
 this guy was not giving up on this gal
 then he really took it to another level.  not sure what this means in moose
 have looked up several labradoodle breeders.  need to look for Blossoms breeder from 10 years ago.  in state.  would rather not spend thousands of dollars and i'm not keen on shipping a dog.  we shall see.  i also look at rescues.  i wouldn't be opposed to another mastiff.  i suspect when the right situation comes up i'll know it.
 in the meantime i'd really like to get some stuff done on the house and get a dog door in.  that may be a good way to go.  train them for the dog door for when i'm at work.
 it would almost be nice to look at a deck  off these upstairs rooms and put a door in the guest door there then the dogs could just go out there? always thinking but eventually i'll need to get it together and get some estimates on Kitchens or bedrooms or what have you.
 the rest are from a walk i took with both Blossom and Rio Catalina down to the beach in Kincaid Park.  i was also keeping a lookout for moose there as well.  they are often sited there during the rut as well.
 as it turned out it was Rio's last long walk of her life.
 it was a sunny day . you can see some smoke from Mt Redoubt.  steam i guess.
 not too crowded out there.
 interesting post on facebook group last week...folks working in Saudi Arabia in nursing.  they are not allowed to speak of Christmas at all, can't listen to any Christmas music or in any way celebrate it at all opening.  they could be punished with 1000 lashings or 10 years jail time.  they were hiding in a stock room celebrating a co-workers birthday that happened to fall on the Holiday.
 pretty sad how crazy some of these nations are with their rules.  women can finally vote and run for office.  not sure what, if any, restrictions are included with that new right . they still can't drive a car or travel with out male escort
 a few snowmachiners got caught out in a storm in white out conditions.  one guy, the grandpa made it through after getting separated from the others.  he went back out looking for them.  a big search on Christmas Day and they did finally find the 2  men and the 5 year old child.  one of the men had died though.
 Denali in the background while we chilled on the beach.
 Blossom was still recovering i think from her bout with gastroenteritis.  she seemed to enjoy her day on the beach and chased her toy with vigor it seems.
 wolves have been spotted in California.  it's been almost 100 years since they were last spotted.  they were spotted killing a cow for a meal in Northern California.
 above is my harmless "wolf" okay, so she's a dog.  she does have a killer instinct.  she once accidently injured a bird.  the instinct to chase had taken over and i think she was just as shocked as i was when that bird ended up in her mouth.  she immediately dropped it.
 there have been no repeats.  the birds of Alaska appear to be safe from the likes of Blossom the Labradoodle.
 i've put it off long enough.  i think i may need to actually wear glasses all the time soon.  the print is getting pretty tiny on stuff.  what a drag.  i really keep trying to avoid it. need to at least make an appointment for an eye exam . everyone else in the family has worn glasses for years. i'm the last hold out.
 here is Rio enjoying the sunshine
 looks like there are a few good flicks out there. i really should check them out.  i still have a few netflix movies at the house i need to watch.  some good ones. just need to have the time to sit down and watch 2 hours of movie. seems easier to just watch some 30 min show and fall asleep most days

 enjoying these pics of Rio.  she did really good that day, but i probably overdid it. we did walk slow, but for an 11 year old mastiff it was a big walk.
 article last week i think it was where they got to know the kids in just one high school class room.  a few of our schools are some of the most diverse in the nation.  Anchorage is wonderful that way.  very blended and overall everyone gets along great.  nice that these kids are growing up with the diversity.
 this seems to be the time i catch up o my newspaper reading.  do still enjoy reading a real paper.  could do without all the ads though.  will eventually have to transition to just online reading like most of the population. i'm not the only one still reading papers though.
 Rio decided to take another rest before we headed back up the trail back to the car.  she really did enjoy the sun that day.  Blossom was looking good as well.  tough when the dogs get sick.  breaks your heart really.
 well, i just looked a the time and it's late..that is what one gets for sleeping all day.
 no movies for me tonight.  dog walk Monday.  :-)
grateful for:  A.  this lovely and relaxing last walk with my big girl.  life will never be the same.  B.  lights all over town.  love all the Christmas lights.  C.  sleep.  one can never get enough of it.  :-)  night.

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