Sunday, December 13, 2015

getting into the Christmas Spirit.

 since i don't have family here and will work Christmas, i tend to spread out the Christmas stuff and just enjoy different things on different days.  above is a great shot of Blossom.  i had snapped it with my iphone and then a friend from high school had used the app "waterlogue" to create this.  i thought it turned out so awesome!!  my girl looks beautiful as a painting!!  Thanks Sandy!!  i think i introduced her to the app and clearly we both love it.  just a cool and fun app!!
 got a few of these bird seed ornaments made for the Monday walk this week.  we are decorating a tree on the walk.  we have taken to doing this each year.  i may try and walk and get some more local shopping done while i'm out and about tomorrow.  the instructions said to let these set up overnight if possible.  hope they work and don't fall apart.  may need a back up plan.
 was excited this week working peds when i saw all these water cups with my beloved WARIS stickers on them!!  hoping to spread the walrus love, one water bottle at a time!!
 apparently there is a Christmas album you can buy that is goats screams made into Christmas music.  that may be worth looking for, haha!!could make someone nuts with that!!
 these are the sunset from a few days back when i hit the Anchorage Coastal Refuge out at Oceanview Bluff Park.  quite beautiful.
 it's always a favorite place for me to go walking.
 should have worn my cleats today.  i didn't though.
 i caught some ice and down i went.  we got 3-4 inches of snow last night/this morning so that covered the ice nicely so it could not be seen.  thankfully, i tend to be a bit on the double jointed side.  i was sliding on the ice and headed downhill so my leg folded up underneath me.  crushed my knee that had surgery last December.  it did not feel good.
 part of me feels when i have taken a few of these falls post op that in the end it shreds some scar tissue and is ultimately ok.  doesn't feel great in the moment and there is that little time as you lay there in a heap when you wonder if you will be able to get up at all.  then, you realize you are not severely injured and you swallow your pride and get back on two feet.
 i changed directions at that point and took a different trail back towards the car.  i was going to do gasline to powerline to tank, but instead i took some back trails and skipped powerline.
 came home and did the whole ice/elevate thing so hopefully all is well.  i know, i'm an idiot out there some times.  overall i have survived so far.
 found a little turkey at the store....less than $7...crazy!!  so i'll pop that in the crock pot tomorrow before i head out to play for the day.  a few friends will come join me for dinner.  they usually help decorate the tree but we'll just eat instead.
 our local active volcano Redoubt.  no smoke that day.
 those are big chunks of ice out there.  i need to take a drive out Turnigan.  it's been a bit and it's always a fun drive.  go see the critters out at the conservation center.
 some women in Saudi Arabia finally got to vote.  it's not where they should be in this day and age, but it is a start.  hopefully, they can expand their rights.  they still can't drive, still must get a male to escort them and must have permission from a male to travel.
 Canada has began taking in some Syrian refugees.  it's just embarrassing what is going on in our nation with various Governors and people freaking out.  i say if you get in on that first wave of refugees you will often find you are getting the best and the brightest . those who have more ability to move who are educated and capable.  panic is a terrible thing.  fear and panic.  you want leaders who can sensibly lead and not create more fear and panic.
 apparently a mosque in CA is the probable victim of arson.  these incidents will increase as the fear and panic increase.  i'm not saying we have no chance of terrorists attacks on our soil, but we do need to keep it all in perspective.  we can't allow innocent Muslims to be harmed due to the panic and rhetoric.
 me, enjoying the sunset and ice.
 Blossom bounced around the ice.  it's ground beneath.  obviously the tide can come in this far so you should check the tides before you head out to any beach in Anchorage.  it's always good to know your tides in AK.  they change dramatically.
 Barrow has issues with rabies.  i guess they are under quarantine.  a rabid fox was confirmed in November.  we didn't see loose dogs when we visited.  i suspect loose dogs are at high risk of death up there.  nobody would want to take chances.
 a 24 year old Anchorage guy is missing...his snowmachine was found in the Kuskokwim River so that doesn't bode well for him.  these are frequent reports in the winter.  going in the water or getting lost and dying from exposure.  you must be careful out there.
 sounds like there was a big wreck on the Glenn and at some point an guy dressed as an elf came strolling through traffic walking a reindeer dressed in Christmas bells.  you just never know what you might see out there.  haha.
 saw a baby doodle on the trail today.  Blossom seemed to be enjoying checking it out.  does make me ponder the possibility of a new friend one of these days. i still reach to feed Rio when i feed Blossom though so not for a bit still.  i have done a few searches for doodles...when the right opportunity comes up, i wouldn't be opposed.
 always love the light of winter.
 was up late last night watching "love actually" always a season favorite.

 me, standing on the ice...
 plenty of ice out there.  looks pretty cool though.

 you can see a person in the distance.  she cruised past me and kept booking.  i was a wee bit worried about her, but i did see her return as i doddled back towards my car.
 this tree has been here for several years.  it's always an easy landmark that marks the trail back to the car
 i turned and started walking backing, i'd look back and take more photo's frequently.  don't want to be out there when it gets too dark though.

 no signs of bears out that i've seen so it does seem they are mostly sleeping.  no bears and no  mosquito's...winter is fabulous!!
 loved the light and color through the scrawny trees.  these, like many in the area are remnants from the quake i believe.  the water level rose and the salt water took it's toll on them.
 so pretty!!
 the sky is on fire.

 i really should turn in before 3:30 am tonight.  it was tough waking up at a reasonable hour this morning.  we have limited light so i should try and curb my night owl ways in order to get out there and enjoy what light we have.  soon we will hit solstice again and the light will slowly start to return.  not long now.
 i'm always excited about winter solstice.  summer solstice is kind of means it will begin to get darker each day...winter solstice brings on the light again.  other than a lag time in those weeks, we tend to lose or gain nearly 5 minutes each day.
 good night...hope the dog doesn't decide the birdseed looks tasty.  Rio would have no doubt.  she once ate some bird suet that had been left in the car.  for how sensitive her gut could be, she ate some crazy stuff without incident.
thankful for: no major damage that i can see from my fall today, fun birdseed treats and fresh snow...always so pretty coming down.

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