Wednesday, February 8, 2017

dead battery again...

 here is one of few pics i took with the moose. you can see Ivy up in the right hand corner.  trapped on the other side.  they were very brave.  Tusker had already gotten past this moose...barely. she kicked back at him but don't think anything really landed.  was very worried about Ivy but she's  pretty scrappy.  proud that they didn't bark.
 these were after i had checked out the ski for women.  turned out to be beautiful out.  loved the frost from the morning fog at the top of the trees.  really looked pretty amazing.
 you try to forget for a few minutes what is going on in the world and just enjoy the beauty and recharge
 today the sun was shining in my room and the puppies were snuggling on the bed with me.  tough to get out of bed to start my day.
 actually had taken a nap that lasted much longer than i expected last night. lay down and i guess i fell asleep...woke up after midnight drenched in sweat....i had nodded off with my warm layers was too much eventually.  so i watched a movie.  had a netflix one i hadn't watched yet.
 can't remember the name at this moment.  it was based on true situation.  gay activists in England ended up partnering with Miners that had gone on strike. they helped them out and in the end a friendship formed from rather unlikely that eventually brought the miners back out to help rally for the gays/lesbians when they needed help.
 kind of a good movie to watch right now as it turns out.  we are all just people and in the end...we are more alike than different mostly.  so much hatred directed at the unknown mostly.  people believe anything out of fear and lack of knowledge. when actually confronted with people who they see as very different than themselves they soon discover that they aren't all that different.  also a good movie as it shows the human spirit and how right can overcome.  that people find their voices and are able to rally others.  you never really know who the hero's in life will be.  true activists find their calling in life randomly.
 love this of Tusker.  he looks so regal.
 Ivy and i had a bit of a moment at the end of todays hike.  i do so good and she does so good...and then.  my foot dropped into the snow...we call that post holing.  that dropped me down to her her mind this means wrestle time. i get pissed as i'm rammed over and over by my overly exited puppy.  i throw her into the snow...  a wrestle take down move. i'm pissed but she has no idea. she's so excited.  i swear and she just seems to see it as me taking the wrestle session to a new level.  i lose every time i get pissed though.  she wins.  in her mind she has no clue i'm pissed, she just sees it as a win...she got me to wrestle.  not only's embarrassing.  it's embarrassing to have a dog point out your flaws to you.  together we grow though i guess.
 Tusker finished class tonight.  one down, one to go.  next Monday Ivy will finish rally class.  it will be nice to not have that for a bit.  will take a break and get Ivy spayed. she's all signed up. the 28th.  hopefully, she doesn't go into her first heat that week.  i have days off so i am thinking take care of her and head to Fairbanks perhaps.
 the Iditarod may actually start up there again...there isn't as much snow as hoped in the mountains.  i think they will pick in a few days.  i may just sign up for a room before the announcement.  take the dogs either way. it's been a fun get a way the last 2 years.
 Tusker lost a collar on the Monday walk.  almost back to the car i discovered it was gone . later a person started texting me that she'd found it.  she was supposed to drop it off at the hilltop ski area today at their lost and found. i got there a bit early so i was watching the activities on the ski hill.  then i discovered my car battery was dead.
 got someone to jump the battery and then decided this is happening too often and it's been ages since i changed the battery.  in cold temps the batteries don't last as long.  will no doubt be colder in Fairbanks if i go in a few weeks. better to just have a fresh battery i think.  so that kind of changed my afternoon plans.
 sea ice at low tide down on the beach below.
 always love all the amazing.

 a friend messaged that there are rumors or reports of another dog being poisoned on the trails. this seems to happen on occasion. some jerk apparently left a chicken part in the woods laced with antifreeze and a dog is very ill.
 thoughts of moving to a smaller town roll over me each time i hear these sorts of things.  have thought often of late of trying to just even get a little cabin out some place to escape to.
 3 moose over the past month or so have also been shot and left to rot/die.  it is illegal of course, and i do hope they find who did this.  more jerks.  we are surrounded by some rotten folks.  some people are just waiting for any excuse to be horrible humans. they hold back only because of societal norms....with this iitoo it has for sure made some of those horrible humans feel it's their time and their right.  this could get worse.
 the lies from the iitoo and his regime keep flowing.  it's ridiculous.  his most ardent followers seem to just watch news that is watered down and paints with pretty colors.  i guess the iitoo is also addicted to these same news sources and screams that anything else is fake news...and they believe him.  this is what happens to people who watch too much faux news.
 great deal of corruption it seems...perhaps that will be the only good that will come when the crap storm fall out happens.  i mean, it is happening bit by bit...building up to some unknown calamity...which is why so many, like myself, are totally on edge. will eventually blow up on all of them.  hoping sooner than later though.
 pups enjoyed being in the waiting area waiting for the battery. drove around a bit til i found a place.  no doubt paid too much but it's done.
 thought this black and white turned out pretty nicely.
 today we walked out Powerline pass and back.  no moose sightings. i think i was happy to be someplace that is mostly wide and open.
 pups are crashed out. lots of romps through deep snow.
 Rally is kind of fun.  the only drag parts...waiting around.  also this instructor is a bit annoying as she seems to have friends in the class with their dogs and it's not a big deal but then again, annoying really...this last week, this person shows up with her dog and took up time out there...who was this person who showed up for one class...did she even pay?  another person is super nice, but she always brings her two dogs in and runs both through the just means more wait time.  we each did two runs except that one got 4 runs..2 with each wonder, did she pay for both or just friends with the instructor.  i guess i really shouldn't let it bug me....i'm not in charge...but when you are sitting around it can be annoying. the chick that just showed up this week pulled out her phone and was watching a dog show loudly in the middle of that was annoying too.
 like the group in Tuskers class better. several nice folks and dogs and the instructor is really great, attentive and enthusiastic. would for sure want a class with her again.
 this of Ivy turned out nice too. she is really getting better and better looking.
 first gen doodles i think sometimes go through some awkward stages as their coats grow in.
 i suspect, i was judging her a bit against Blossom subconsciously.
 they are coming into their own.  i think i am letting them more.  no doubt, losing Blossom, probably made me put some pressure on these guys to be her in some ways.  i think i am doing better and just enjoying them and all their little quirks and personalities.  they are really wonderful pups.  good dogs in their own rights.
 still a hole in my heart....just wasn't ready for Blossom to leave yet.
 more frost on trees
 lots of rabbit tracks out there today.  still hoping to see a lynx.  haven't yet.
 wolverine is still on the no see list but those guys are pretty tough to run into.  the lynx are actually cruising around Anchorage on the outskirts mostly.
 they do get seen.  i'll have to head up to Prospect Heights tomorrow for a walk and then try and get Tusker's collar.  good to have spares.  had to stop by some pet spots to replace the one they lost wrestling. had been wanting to check out AK Bark.  they had advertised for a dog suit that would work to protect stitches after the spay...
 Ivy with a cone...could be dangerous...trying to use the dog door with that  yikes!!

 pups have a great view...
 Tusker was watching bits of the puppy bowl the other day. every time a squeaky toy sounded he turned to check it out.  not a football fan so i skipped the big game.
 me with my Blossom hat.
 Tusker on the edge of nowhere it seems.

 need to make more calls to the local senators...not that it will make much difference, but you gotta try.  our senator did not vote to confirm this very contested cabinet member....not many GOP broke with party....the VP broke a tie and confirmed her.  Jesus, at least, in name is getting his day....i suspect Jesus would not be impressed with this administration...Jesus never seemed to keen on the money changers.  this is a greedy bunch.
 for all the jobs he claims to promise to create he also seems bent on destroying many government rolls...this will mean a great deal of job loss.  the environment will take a huge hit...corporations win, animals and lands lose.  EPA...will be gone, Parks-scaled back, arts-gone, healthcare-scaled back....the middle class- who cares. endangered list-probably gone soon.
 iitoo has already bungled an op.  Obama wouldn't sign off on it as it wasn't ready but this guy reacts and so he reacted.  now people are dead.  a marine, kids, civilians. machinery lost.  it wasn't thought out.  now Yemen is pissed.  he's pissed off Canada and Austrailia...who pisses off these guys?  it's nearly impossible.
 news is starting to come out of mass killings in Syria by the that the iitoo buddy Put supports. it's going to get ugly out there i fear.
 liked this simple shot of the tree below.  of course, i love all the puppy shots...especially with their scarves...the scarves are a hit by the way.

 we spent some time on the dunes just letting these puppies get the energy out.
 i will try to sleep normal hours tonight.  back to work tomorrow night.

 the chase begins
at one point Tusker did this pretty crazy leap.  wish i'd caught that mid air shot of him.  oh well.  can't catch all the cuteness, try as i may.
thankful for:  A.  the new battery and functioning car  B. nice folks who found the collar and are getting it returned to me.  C.  that Ivy is unaware of my impatiences and only interprets it as fun wrestling.

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