Sunday, February 5, 2017

ski for women, Anchorage 2017

 i went down to cheer on my friends and be photographer of event...just for fun.  love seeing some cool chicks dressed up and on ski's.  always cool.
 the ski for women benefits women who are abused and need help.  when i arrived i got a front row parking place and left the pups to wait it out.  i just got there in time for the parade of costumes and the fun ski race.
 the fog came and went, but when i got there i saw this awesome snowdog.  it was pretty bright.  had to snap a few shots of it as i walked over to where the costumed skiers line up for the parade.
 it was perfect timing really...
 the folks started parading right past me.  this group won the award for best group costume.  recycling.
 missing this year it seemed was a large group that usually seem like overachievers and they usually win.  they have had some amazing costumes in the past.  not sure where they were this year or perhaps one of their main costume designers moved south and they are winging it on their own.  maybe they were out there just in more toned down costumes.
 this little recycler looked pretty adorable.
 there were a few costumes that celebrated the United States or were small protest remnants.
 the protests will continue.  the iitoo(idiot in the oval office) is still there.  all hopes continue for a big change.  he probably should be kinder to the press.  eventually they will no doubt break a story that will impact his ability to stay there.  i hope they dig in their heels and find the truth.  no doubt related to money, oil and gas and Russia. all the pieces are there...just discovery and reveal.  he continues to bask everyone but Russia.
 liked the snails.
 after this photo op i took pups around to Jodphur trailhead for a walk on the dunes.
 nice centipede?
 it turned out to be mildly stressful at times.  the puppies do not seem to comprehend that it's not a good idea to wrestle at the edge of a cliff.  several tense moments as i moved them along the way.
 later i decided to try another trail on the other side of the motor bike area.  this really led nowhere except...
 to a moose.  the pups went up and around a corner and quickly headed back with a moose in tow.  that moose spun around on them and put them on the other side so the moose was between the pups and i.
 Tusker was the first to make a run around the moose towards me.  that moose up and kicked right back at my boy.  the moose may have made contact but if it did it just grazed Tusker.  he was fine...thankfully, those moose are killers when pissed off.
 then we had a stale mate...Ivy was up a hill and behind the moose.  there was a cliff behind her as well so that wasn't an option.  she ran back and forth looking for an opening.  it took some time before the moose moved slightly forward and Ivy Rose zipped  past her.
 look at this adorable mom and toddler...!!
 my heart went pitter patter but you are really powerless.  hopefully, the pups have learned a lesson about moose.  not that they did anything to piss off this moose.  it really was just a matter of bad luck.  we came around a corner and there was the moose.  too close.
 the cow and the moon...cute.
 these women had signs of peace, respect....more mini protest costumes but done fun and non-threatening....though i'm sure there are some that would be quite offended.
 these gals were skiing with one pole and one fishing pole
 lots of emoji's or as they called themselves emoji-skis...maybe this is that group but they went chill this year?  not sure.

 here are my friends.  flowered up in honor of Verna Pratt. the Alaskan wildflower expert who recently passed away.
 Sandra got interviewed on tv for the evening news spot...good job!
 thought they did fabulous

 more pussy hats...posted a bunch of these pictures on facebook. one person was liking them all until they saw this one....then i think they must have stopped looking at the pictures.  i took pictures of everyone really...if this offends you then you are way too sensitive.

 a lone pirate...looks warm.  that is the thing too. you want the costume to be warm . it was below 20F out there.
 more kids dressed as stars.  cute
 a different group of emoji's i think.
 these guys won for kid costume i think.
 up on ski's the next generation of skiers.
 another group of women's supporters.  these guys were pantsuit nation...also wearing their pussy hats from the womens march.
  a few young pantsuit warriors were in force
 hope they were layered up under their suits.
 and they are off to show off their costumes in the parade
 gnomes...but one hat was down
 rancher and a little chick
 loved these where's waldo costumes
 starting to line up for the start...
 i crossed over and took a few more pics of my friends as they got ready to roll. i think it's just a 2 K.
 this gal in the front skipped poles altogether and was going to juggle while she skied.  impressive.
 she was just warming up here.

 fog came in for hte start.
 everyone lined up and ready to go
 Tweeto...from that Alaska reality show about a family who owns a remote plane service in Kotzebue i think.  she got to wave the flag and start everyone moving
 and they are off
 you can see her successfully juggling as she goes.
 my friends in the distance on their way
 always a good time for a good cause.
 and a giant snowman too
 gotta love those disco pants.
 art shot attempt
 clearing up from previous race it looks like.  other folks costume up too...mostly they want to do longer ski's.  these were a crew of moms with babies in tow.  those are strollers on ski's that you drag behind you as you ski.
thankful for:  A.  that no puppies were harmed today  B.  that we can still have fun  C.  that my brother and his partner tied the knot...Congrats!!

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