Saturday, July 6, 2019

Holy Heat, Batman!!!

 figured I'd put in some more cool Icy photos from kayaking in Harriman Fjord from May.  we had some great ice bergs to cruise around.  must be calving like crazy right now with all this heat. 
 Anchorage hit 90 degrees which is a major record. no global warming here...liberal hoax....haha! place has been warming for years but what do facts and science know about anything.  seems like it would be wiser to over react and use all our best skills to do what we can to combat this...the other alternative is to do nothing and destroy the earth further for future generations...but i don't have kids so why should i worry about it, right?  seems like those with kids would be more concerned with making sure this planet is able to take care of their progeny. 
 patterns are changing all over the place.  hard for me to imagine that millions and millions of humans on the earth wouldn't have an impact..that we could just tear out millions of acres of ecosystems and build roads and buildings and that wouldn't have an impact. it's amazing how much has changed in our earth since the industrial revolution, even just in my lifetime.   of course, those with money will survive longer and those who are pushing the no global warming crap have who cares as all the poor turn on each other and die off...the world is due for a big die off and it may as well be the poor folks i guess. 
 what is always so odd to me is combine this with the intense focus on no abortions...i mean forcing the poor to breed ( i mean we all know no matter what law you enact those who are wealthy will still find the way to get abortions when ever they desire them).  there is an intense focus on all babies being born...yet those same folks do not wish to support those babies once they are born...budget cuts to education, healthcare being a privilege, cut offs that support housing, food for the poor...i mean if you are poor they do not wish to help you...they also do not want you to use birth control. i mean i hear no options except do not have sex...clearly with the population explosion constantly happening on this earth...that is not a rational option.
 they do need the poor to fight their wars for them...again, the wealthy get off with "bone spurs".  they love to praise the military because they want to keep the poor joining up.....and if they can make it all about patriotism then even's not their kids going off to war to die.  as the earth warms there will be less to go around and more battles will ensue.
 i finished up three nights of work, all in the ICU of course, that is my main area for a bit.  that is how that goes.  the nights were not bad at all so can't complain.
 the worst part of the second night was the smoke.  not only do we have the huge fire on the Kenai to deal with we had a fire more close to home...within like 5 miles from my place.  a bit closer to the hospitals.  i think it burned like 25 acres but that is in Anchorage.  the hospitals vent system began sucking all that smoke in and it was super bad. i ended up having to use my inhaler. 
 I've been taking it easy on walks when i haven't gone out of town.  today i drove a few different directions before giving up since the smoke seemed to look worse no matter which direction i went.  ended up at Little Campbell Lake for swim time.  folks around here are filling up any water hole they can find to try and cool off.
 i actually woke early but could not get myself moving and out of my fault, mornings and later evenings are the time to be out. 
 they have mostly contained the wild fire in anchorage...thanks to all the crew and first responders.  sadly, someone started a fire today near that other fire...that person has been arrested.  that fire controlled as well.
 the 4th of July passed very quietly as they put a ban on all fires and fireworks. people must have followed the rule..seeing flames shooting up high in town maybe gave folks pause.  so a kind of strange 4th with no was great actually.  not a fan of loud fireworks...i hear they have means of making more silent fireworks...for like 30 years now.
 these are from a beach we landed on for lunch on our day paddle to Surprise Glacier.
 i have mostly just hit the dog park other than today.  done lots of tennis ball time in the yard along with hose time...the pups are fans of both. 
 I'd sleep downstairs because it's cooler but i fear Ivy would just keep dropping the tennis ball on me and pawing me so sleeping would not really happen. 
 stopped by the store and bought some shorts...actually bought some in the men's department...shorts for women to sleep in are usually tight or super short. 
 CA is dealing with some earthquakes...the quake today was a ours was.  thankfully, it was further away from a really populated area.  feel bad for those closer.  totally know what they must be going through tonight...all those aftershocks.  the quake was a bit east, between LA and Fresno. 
 sounds like by the time it hit LA area is was fairly rolling . sounds like several are already complaining of symptoms that sound like the earthquake hangovers i have experienced.  those were first described after a big quake in Japan. 
 bought a new MilePost.  gotta buy one every few years...they get all trashed in my car.  thinking of heading towards Valdez....get out of the smoke and explore.  not liking the idea of being in a hot tent but that is probably the most practical.  way cheaper. 
 i spent my 4th sleeping.  i think i woke up after 3:30.  always seem to sleep best the day i do not return to work...when i should set my alarm and wake up early to turn around. i usually wake up between 1-2:30 so a bit late.  often I'll set the alarm for more like 12:30 when I'm not having to work.  flip back to a more normal schedule....of course, here it is after midnight and I'm writing.
 play time with the ice bergs. haha.
 missed the big military show in bummed. haha.  he read off the prompter for the most part...always funny since they always blasted Obama for that.  we have all learned that the GOP members can do no wrong even if it's illegal or unethical and the Dems will be taking to task for using the wrong mustard (deemed pretentious ) or daring to wear a tan suit. 
 he did wander off script long enough to praise the revolutionists for taking control of the planes back in the 1700's that i know of.  they knew the media was all over this being a partisan celebration so they wanted to prove the media wrong by staying on script i suspect.  it rained, crowds not as big as expected, mostly because they did such a lousy job organizing the event.  last minute...VIP tickets given away at last minute only to GOP and GOP donors.
 Iran plans to work on uranium least the agreement was working to keep this from happening.  this iitoo creates drama and send us to the edge of disaster over and over, then when things calm down he capitalizes on it and pretends that he somehow fixed the problem that he created...even though he didn't actually fix or change anything...but his crowds go wild believing he did. 
 the GOP keeps plugging away at their racist, not all GOP voters are racists...but the thing is...those in DC are pandering to a racist leaning agenda.  the white nationalists have been warning of a browning of our nation for decades now..they want to prevent this from happening...they can't by the way.  they screamed that Obama was only letting in Muslims and was against Christians...lies.  but even if this is true..they are against Christians too...most of those coming across our Southern Border that they are locking in cages and looking the other way at the deplorable conditions they are in...are Christians. 
 this administration has stoked fear and taken away help to central American nations out of spite and at the urging of his racist leaning aides....the end result is that more and more folks are trying to enter before he completely shuts the border.  the coyotes are playing on the iitoo fear mongering and inciting fear in folks who are in desperate situations.  Obama actually had the numbers down coming across the border.  just another GOP induced disaster. 
 my hand below behind ice...came out all distorted from the ice.
 the iitoo did the same with NK.  created a hostile situation that pulled everything close to action...then gives the dictator a free photo op...what was gained on any of this for the US...nothing.  then he lies yet again and claims that Obama tried for 8 years to get a meeting with NK dictator...all it did was legitimize a killer. 
 he also had yet another meeting with his boss Put, who knows what was said.  he did jokingly wag his finger at Put and laughed something about him not interfering with our elections. 
 would be great to be on the water right now...the dogs would no doubt tip over the kayak though. would they stay in a canoe i wonder?  hmm...
 some guy was trying to convince his older dog to climb into the canoe he had...the dog was a no go.  it did swim, which the owner said was a first....must be the heat!
 protesters were out the other day to protest the vetoes by our mini trump Governor.  he wants to tear up the budget...well we must protect all gas and oil perks however.  he's out to destroy the arts council, the benefits for elders, the ferry system, the education system, including an over 40% cut to the University system...sending the next generation south, never to return for their education needs.
 the ice, particularly on this day was incredibly beautiful. 
 there is good ice in Valdez on the lake.  last year i took the little summer excursion across the lake to hike on the glacier.  it was pretty fun.  with the dogs and it being so hot that won't happen this year. last year i left them home for a weekend. 
 with a sitter of course.  need to look at tickets for possible Sitka trip.  it's getting late...I've been a slacker i know. 
 we are getting back on the water after our lunch break. 
 i hit the water first so i circled the ice and took photo's of friends coming around it. 
 just loved the light on a few of these...totally got lucky.
 adding a kayaker in there adds to the shot i some idea of size as well.
 what you see is only a small part of the ice. you have to be careful for small calvings or flipping. 
 a bald eagle flies past us.
 debated heading South through the awful smoke down to Homer.  always tempting. 

 more cool ice.
 loved how jagged this one was.
 guess i shall go attempt to sleep in this heat.  hopefully, i have some Valdez photo's to share in a few days.
thankful for: A.  the Anchorage fire was so rapidly contained. B.  no fireworks on the 4th of July!!  C.  those who were able to get to the protest...i was between shifts.

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