Monday, February 2, 2009

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009
history is made.... Current mood: hopeful
while i sleep. i woke and turned on the tv, but the inaguration had already occured and they were all sitting around waiting for lunch. sounds like some who traveled to dc to see the big event were turned away. something about the purple section. there were close to 2 million people there. no arrests which is awesome, but i can see how it would be tough to manage that many people. it's just great that it was all so peaceful. it is something to be proud of...that our country can change leadership with respect and dignity. i read the speech online before i got to hear it. couldn't find a replay of the speech until around 5pm alaskan time. cspan repeated it at least that one time. it was great to hear the new president obama give his speech. i really liked the speech. some things have needed to be said for years and nobody was able or capable to saying them...he put alot of responsibility on we the people. i think there are far too many people with hands extended waiting for the government to just throw money at all thier problems and it's time that everyone does their share. loved the section where he directed it to the muslim world and it was a beautiful metaphor that we are reaching our hands out to them, if they will only unclench thier fist. the speech was one of hope and new beginings. this is no doubt always the case with a new president coming in, but it's always a good thing to hear. after 8 years of bush and 8 years of clinton before that...obama is refreshing. i really like that he seems to be a man of honor and a man of intelligence and reason. some insight into how his brain works came for me with all the thought process going into the dog selection. you can tell he really ponders and examines all issues. i'm ready for someone who thinks issues through and isn't going to jump the gun, especially when it comes to the military and thier lives. he didn't change the defense secretary from what i understand. i think this is a very reasonable and sound decision. that doesn't mean this might not change down the road, but it think with lives on the line this is a very smart choice. that isn't a boat you want to rock and risk losing lives in a transition stage. for as many things from the bush administration i didn't agree with, i must say that he does at least seem to respect the office. it was good to see that he and obama do and were civil and even friendly with each other with the transition. bush left office with his dignity intact, quietly and respectfully. his father, the elder bush, looked very tired and was walking a bit rough. that job does age these men. i would never want that much responsibility...for all the money and power in the world. will be interesting to see how obama ages over these years and added stress. bush at least seems fit, i think that was a priority and will no doubt be for obama. the historic part of the day was, of course, the first black president to serve our nation. part of me just feels embarrassed that it's taken so long for this to occur. we still haven't had a female at that level of power. what i really like about the election of obama is that i really don't think he was voted in because of his colour. i believe it was his words and his ideals that brought the nation to this place. he has a vision for our nation that the people were just ready to come to. time will tell as with each presidency. i hope the best for him and for his family. we'll see how great speeches can translate into a presidency. did get out for a walk with kelly yesterday. blossom is so funny. she has finally figured out not to drop her tennis ball at my feet if another dog is they will swoop in and steal it! much to her dismay. had to take the element in for it's 30,000 mile check up. sandra came over to my place for a trek with the dogs through the bog. we started to come down patterson street back towards home and she had lost her brand new dogs got an added bonus of a return trek through the bog. i have been trying to weed through the piles of paperword that seem to stack up in a house. got through quite a bit, but you couldn't tell. i trashed a bunch of stuff that i had carefully filed away over the years and never looked at again. most of that stuff you can just look up online now. it will be 5 years that i will have lived in my house this summer. really need to do a major clean out. so much stuff is here that i have moved over and over again since leaving california. crazy the crap you keep. it always feels great to purge crap.....not my most exciting entry especially considering the content. i think i just am filled with hope, good will and a smile that seems to last and last. most of the news people have said his speech didn't have anything big in it...i really felt it was the right words at the right time. my fingers are crossed....

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