Sunday, May 23, 2010

cheney-bog walk...

loon of some sort. probably pacific, more common. this guy was out on cheney lake today.
robin. they are always so funny. they tend to follow you along the path as you watch. amazingly this is the best picture i have of one as they flip about rather quickly.

couple ducks chill at cheney lake. always love the mallards head. so brilliant.
i think i saw this same moose a few times today. once as i headed up patterson to wrap around to cheney lake and again as i drove to the kamali's for dinner. i so rarely get an invite to a real social event other than my stock friends. kinda fun to be in a new social situation. i think i managed okay. i do much better in a small dinner party/bbq like the one tonight. they are going to round island in a few weeks so it was a chance to show them pics, answer questions. i guess the numbers of walrus are down and the walrus have moved to other areas which is a bummer. hopefully, they have a great time out there. it was such an amazing place.
more greenery. glorious green!!
usually walk past this bridge on the bog, but since i came back down from cheney lake to enter the bog we crossed over it. didn't see the mama moose and babies out there today.
there are houses around cheney lake. i looked at several in the area, but it just didn't work out. it's a pretty lake though. lots of people out trout fishing today, enjoying the sunshine. saw a baldie flying around catching the breezes. the canoe just looked cool sitting there.
always love getting pictures looking up at the tree's....
here are my goose pictures from the other morning in the bog. they were just crazy out there that morning. squaking and chasing each other all over the place.
should have put the camera in action mode...but they still were fun shots.
did get some laps in today. cruised over there for a quick swim. did 25 laps. usually that time is crazy with kids, but i think many folks in anchorage opted to be outside today. there were just a few kids and a group training to be lifeguards it looked like. so relatively peaceful swim. had the lane to myself for the most part. hoping for a nice monday hike to eagle lake tomorrow so i need to get off this computer soon. it's best if i just do the bog first and get rio out. she'll be bummed to be left behind...the brat has been enjoying counter surfing of late. was able to open my work lunch tote and devour an entire apple. she loves her some apples. crazy dog.

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