Monday, May 10, 2010

hiking windy point on turnigan arm...

attempted to wake early and get out and about. took rio and blossom around the bog to start the day. not as clear as yesterday. some cloud cover. the leaves are popping out all over. after the bog i met tanya at windy point. it was very windy there. as you can see when i returned home and looked out the window i noticed that on the drive out to windy and back my yakima had shifted a bit. perhaps, i should be put some weight in there.
i'd never walked windy point before. the first section you head up a bit and tanya took us over some boulders. i found us an easier, more established route back. tanya's friend had joined us with her labradoodle, but she found the wind to be too much and turned back. once we got back a bit and on the established trail, the trail was beautiful. there were many views of the trail.
tanya's dog boddhi got a bit distracted at one point and headed straight down the mountain. i noticed the butt of a black bear running in the distance. luckily, boddhi came back and the bear was pretty far off.
loved all the trees out there, below looking down at the water in the turnigan arm.

blossom and i on the trail, rio is home watching tv.
greens and blues....
we got lucky as the weather was fast deteriorating, it rained as i headed home.

there were several small creek crossings, which of course, the dogs loved. not too much mud, which i loved.
tanya on the trail.
back at the bog. the seabirds are plentiful as are magpies and ducks and geese.
one last picture from the bog this morning...leaves!!
remained windy all day. thought about a swim, but met a friend at kaladi's and chatted a bit longer than expected. think i will try for sleep and another fun day of hiking tomorrow. looks like more rain is expected though.

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