Tuesday, May 4, 2010

more sunshine and blue skies!!

met up with tanya and deb wong for a walk of potter to mchugh. it was another beautiful day. after the walk, i took the dogs on a short roadie to girdwood and back. above is a view of turnigan, the road and the tracks from the trail we were on above. we were lucky and missed running into the mama and baby bears who were on the trail just before we started walking. of course, i figured with 4 dogs, we'd make enough of a ruckus to avoid seeing any wildlife. we did see a moose in the distance.
i saw these swans and the moose around girdwood. always love seeing a moose in water. this gal looked pretty preggers. there was a young moose nearby, no doubt it will soon be booted when the baby is born later this month.

more signs of growth. it happens so rapidly. i did some gardening today. raked up the leaves of fall past. things are growing all over in the yard.

just a few pictures from the drive of turnigan arm.
another picture from the trail...sleeping lady lie in the distance.
tanya and deb on potter trail. always difficult to manage the dogs and the camera.
the trail is greening up!!
wrote a paragraph for my "book". i came up with a title, "death without dignity". we'll see if i get any further than a paragraph.
i may be sore tomorrow from these two days of walking, but it will be worth it for the beauty out there. watching "the mists of avalon" so off i go.

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