Wednesday, August 4, 2010

chasing the fickle sunshine....

the sun was fickle today. i chased it around. i'll let the new poem of today tell the tale.
the sun shone brightly,
to the east,
and then it went away,
all that was left,
of my beautiful day,
was another round of rain,
but then the sun,
came round again,
shining bright,
northward bound,
so off i went,
to feel the rays,
revive my chance,
of a sunny day,
my pack went on,
i took some steps,
but the clouds began to move,
from the west,
and though,
i persevered,
my beautiful sun,
soon disappeared,
my battle lost,
my head held low,
i walked on,
as the raindrops fell,
reached a pinnacle,
wet with rain,
thought it best,
to walk back again,
i climbed back,
down the hill,
the raindrops,
seemed to never still,
when at last,
i reached the car,
the sun came back,
to torment me.

the first picture is the twin peaks that the trail i took from eklutna lake are named for. because of the rain i just went the first 1.5 miles. the trail goes up and up and up. actually the rain felt good as it was so humid. i just had on a tank and never got cold. at the 1.5 mile point the trail opens up to lovely views of eklutna lake. this lake is very popular. you can bike for miles, rent kayaks and paddle back. kelly and i hiked back 8 miles one day and still didn't see the end. everntually you can see eklutna glacier.
these top pictures are the views i got of eklutna lake when i returned to find the sun out again. it was gone before i got down the hill towards the highway. it was a sweet moment though. the lake is quite beautiful and large.
i was supposed to meet kelly for a walk after my lunch with friends to plan our roadie in a few weeks. i was supposed to call after lunch and meet up. i called and called though and she never called back. it was very strange and had me a little worried. she, of course, was wondering why i hadn't called her. in the end hours later her phone finally beeped to let her know she had messages and calls. she said it's a new phone. bummer missing a hike with her though, but i'm happy she is okay. we were both laughing as we both were worried as neither one of us is the sort to just not call.
they do say about alaskan weather...if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change. that was certainly true today.
got a late start to eklutna and so a late return. too late to get some food in and get to the pool. was bummed to miss out. we'll see what tomorrow brings.
did get a chance as well to chat with my brother joel. it's been awhile and i do always love catching up with my siblings. it happens less and less as we get older and involved with our own lives. this is a bummer.
lots of shrooms on the walk today.. there were some really big ones. these below are decieving as they don't look that big, but were easily 6-7 inches in diameter. due to the rain i put the bigger camera away for most of the hike.
spied a few leaves trying to bring on fall a little early. the fireweed up on the mountainside was almost to the top though. rumor around here is that once the fireweed blooms to the top winter comes in 6 weeks or so. the buzz is for an early winter this year. we'll see.
these were taken from the viewpoint at mile 1.5. i look a bit red as it's totally uphill and i booked it. i think blossom was happy for our retreat as well. the trail goes on from there...UP. so the up doesn't ever seem to stop on this one.
you can see the fireweed here is at or near the top. this is the west end of the lake.
the biking and atv trails wind all the way around the left side of the lake. there is at least one cabin for rent in there.
even in the rain it's a pretty place. like i said, the rain was actually a relief from the humidity i was enduring on the walk up. up is not my favorite way to walk.
more big mushrooms. again these are actually 8+ inches in diameter.
of course, before i could get the day going i took both pups for a walk in the bog. spied this lovely dragonfly. i'm told these are good luck. i just think they look cool.
believe i'll go to bed. so apologies for no old poem. i'm beat from doing so little!!


  1. It is anxious moments when friends can't communicate for some reason. There is a learning curve on technology (esp for ppl like me who don't do manuals)...

    that's a cold looking pure lake. Wish they bottled it--i'd pour it over me. ;-)

  2. i find most stuff doesn't even come with manuals anymore or it's on the computer itself, which you can't figure out.
    haven't seen any swimmers out least not on purpose, though blossom took a few runs at it.