Tuesday, August 10, 2010

rabbit lake trail....

the day started out beautiful enough. thought i could make the drive to seward, but i was moving quite slowly today. thought i'd take the pups to prospect heights for a run before i took off. well not a run, i never run. of course, as i started up the trail i saw this smattering of fresh bear scat. i opted to go the other direction. no bear sightings which always makes me happy.
lovely, eh? we get a few hours here and there of lovely weather. must get out and enjoy it while we can.
i stopped by walmart for some more supplies for the road and by the time i got out it had turned cloudy. home for lunch and then tanya called to hit the trails. we had discussed trying out a trail we'd never gone on before. rabbit lake. you can get to the lakes via mchugh or by this route. it's at the end of canyon dr i think. i think it has been a bit disputed as it was really an old jeep trail and there are some private residences back there i guess. i laughed heading up there as some people don't want to live in anchorage because they want to have space, then i head out here and these people are really quite remote, while still being in anchorage. total run on sentence sorry about that.
i believe recently the dispute has been resolved and so now it's open for trail use. from my research the lake is 4-4.5 miles out. i think the first 2 miles or so is wider like this, it's the remnants of the old jeep trail. looks like another pretty valley. we got sprinkles and the clouds rolled in while we were out there. it was tanya, maddie and i with the dogs. rio stayed home, of course. it's a pleasant walk. it's uphill, but a fairly gradual incline. we turned around when we got to the top of the main push. we could see the trail ahead. looks like we missed the best part. hopefully, we'll return after our drive north and see the trail in it's fall glory.
you can access the back side of flat top from this trail. flat top is an extremely popular trail here in anchorage. the other day the police ticketed dozens of cars that were parked outside the flat top trailhead. i guess the lot gets full and people park out on the road. unfortunately for them, it's not a parking zone. it's a fire lane...i think that was it. for the people who live up that road it could hinder the fire department from getting to them and also the fire department makes many treks up there to rescue people who have fallen or otherwise injured themselves on flat top. they interviewed a lady who was ticketed and she said it was unfair, she parks there all the time and has never gotten a ticket. i guess my view is for all the times i've sped and not gotten caught, if i do get a ticket i'd probably earned it another day anyway.
flowers were blooming along the trail. the blueberries are coming in nicely though not quite ready.
the dogs enjoy a run.
senator stevens died in a plane crash last night. 86 years old. we should all be so lucky to live so long with our minds and bodies in such great shape. he was off on a trip to the bush to fish. he had a pretty amazing run as senator of this state. no matter what you think of his politics, you have to respect the man and his dedication to this state and this nation. alaska became a state 50 years ago. he's been a part of every day since for the most part. no man is perfect, but most people just belly ache about all things political. he believed what he believed and took action. my heart always goes out to those who have lost loved ones and those who are struggling with thier injuries.

more wildflowers.

there were several area's where the water was crossing the trail and the wildflowers were blooming, this one area was mossy and extremely beautiful.

no bear sightings on this trail, just one very old, old scat. trampled into the ground.

i can hear the rain out there. it started really coming down as i drove home. i'm sad to say i've been a total slacker on the swimming this week. i didn't get home til close to 7pm and by the time i fed the dogs and all that, it just got too late.
maddie and blossom come up the trail, you can see the clouds rolling in behind them.
i'm watching "capote". may need to read the book it's based on, though it may be a bit disturbing. random deaths such as this are horrible.
more scenes from the trail.soon we'll be walking in a cloud.
a few flower shots from the canon rebel. so pretty.
old poem...
mudpie gardens
while cooking,
garden casseroles,
our mixture seemed,
just right,
a little dirt,
a cup of water,
seed shells from the birds,
but we were called to dinner,
left our casserole to rise,
the next week,
we checked our brew,
and found to our surprise,
a garden full of greenery,
had grown from our mudpies. 4/83
new poem...
falling earthbound,
drops of rain,
pitter patter,
on window panes,
the world outside is damp,
on furry paws,
the mud will tramp,
each day,
when i wake,
i pray the sun,
will make it's break,
for i know the rain can't last,
our world will chill,
seasons pass,
snow will come,
the rain will go,
then we'll complain,
about the snow.
guess it's time to turn in. hopefully, i'll get motivated tomorrow and get both a walk and a swim in. back to work for a few.

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