Monday, August 16, 2010

packing for roadie to prudhoe bay....

rio is sleeping peacefully after a walk the other day. she is so cute that she gets on the couch and puts her head on the pillow there.
we are fast moving towards fall. see a leaf here and there already changing. pretty wild. we have had alot of rain this year. anchorage actually broke the record for number of days with rain. 28 days in a row of rain. gets a bit tiring especially when you are so looking forward to sunshine. we do get patches of blue skies and sun. seems of late that has happened early in the morning. so when i'm working the sun is shining as i crawl exhausted into bed and it's cloudy and raining when i awaken. boo hoo. we've got the record now so i do hope mother nature will ease up a bit now.
this is one of those blue sky mornings.
this was the sky around 7 am today. i'm not sure which animal woke me so early but i saw, i grabbed the paper and then i went back to bed. it was pretty out though.
this was the sky awhile later when i woke for good. lots to do to get ready for my trip. scott and jacqui came by this morning to drop some stuff off and scott then helped me put my spare, spare tire on the roof. i filled my gas can with a bit of gas for an emergency, but then there was a hole in the opposite end and i must have lost the little cap for that years ago. went into fred meyer and bought electric tape and a new gas can. i think the tape will keep it sealed up. hope so anyway.
thought i would take advantage of the sunshine and get the girls out for a walk. we did get lots of sun, felt kinda hot and muggy actually. funny how hot upper 60's can feel when you aren't used to that. we just did the loop at prospect heights. the bear poop was smashed in a bit so not as fresh though i did note several bear scats along the way. no live sightings though so that is always good. when i came home i took a little nap between packing. the weather had been fast changing outside and though you could see blue skies on one side the other side in anchorage bowl looked dark grey and ominous.
still have stuff to do, but i'm sleepy and have lost my ability to think. i suspect between the 7 of us we'll have all we need and then some. the camera batteries are charged up. hope they last.
blossom enjoyed a rest in a big puddle...nice!!
work was not bad, was floated to acc the first night. was busy/steady but nothing critical, just 2 admits to sort out and a road trip to ct. second night back to peds, then worked an overtime shift in acc. not bad at all. some days are crazy some days are less crazy.
you can see the clouds growing more dark. they came and went and by the time i went swimming they looked better again. i shoud have mowed the lawn. it will be such a jungle when i get back. i'm sure my neighbors think i'm insane. i asked them to feed the cats while i'm away. was anxious as mufasa is such a fragile cat at this point. i really hope he doesn't croak while i'm away, i was worried that if they skipped a day of feeding him he might. hopefully they don't. poor mufasa. hard when pets get to this point. hate leaving them for fear they'll drop dead on the caregivers. who wants that?
so sue is up there and scott and jacqui should be as well. we'll all be in fairbanks tomorrow night...
loved this cloud. i have a cloud book and it said what this was...pretty much all clouds meant rain was coming it seems.
made it to the gym for my laps. i always love the weekends around 6pm. it's just chill there at the pool.
while i napped blossom joined me on the bed, this just meant waking to a pile of dirt on the bed. as she dries the dirt all falls off. it's amazing how much she can carry in that coat. i generally put her outside to dry, but i was sleepy and chilled today.

grrrr...just wasted an hour of my life and i'm busy packing so no time to waste! i went to fred meyer today and purchased nearly $50 of goods, then i got $40 cash out. well, i went to look at my bank account to see what i had total set aside for my trip and found that fred meyers had double charged me. double grrrr. i immediately called them. well, i have no receipt. i'm sure i do but it's buried in all my garbage which i have been collecting and it's mixed with cat litter and whatever else is in the garbage. note to self...always look at the damn receipt!! i called the store and was told i'd need to come to store to correct this and that they close at midnight so i printed out my bank info and ran across town to the store. when i get there, i'm told that they can't handle this at a store level. it's so ridiculous. computers and modern conviences are great until they become ludicrous such as in this situation. it is so obvious that a simple mistake was made and yet humans are powerless to correct it. hopefully, i am not permenantly out $90 bucks...
came home and poured a glass of wine. i am less stressed over the hundred. hopefully, it will get sorted out and i will get my money back. until then not much i can do. i've left messaged/emails where i can.
i started to work on poetry but i think the alcohol has numbed my brain and the poems are pure crap. i'm off to bed. tomorrow is another day. will hopefully have loads of fun pictures to post when i get back.

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  1. What beautiful pre-fall pictures. I wish the weather would break here...and in Southern China where we are headed soon.

    The run around story...everyone is so nice and not helpful in those situations. It should be obvious to them but incorrect charges make someone a lot of money. Even at the grocery store sometimes they put in incorrect prices--manager's bonus it's called. Yuck.