Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i'm insulated...

my day started way too early. the insulation guys got here by 8:30 am. i had to wake early, feed the dogs, wrestle the cats into the bathroom and shower. i don't normally wake up early. i do get up, feed the pets and then head back to bed for a few hours. i did lay down for a bit. the house kinda had a smell and i started to cough as they were spraying the attic so i opted to take the girls for a walk in the bog. the temperatures today were wicked cold and getting colder. it was easily below 10 F. by the afternoon the winds were blowing.
the bog looked pretty cool. the sun was shining brightly and it looked amazing on all the ice that coated all the trees and brush.
the rest of the day i ran errands. needed ink for my printer, treats for my great neices and nephews, an outfit for friday. writing it down doesn't seem like it's that much, but it wore me out and i spent way too much money. the insulation will cost $3500. i hate spending money....!! i will hopefully get that money back once i get the house re-evaluated.
the outfit seems to have taken up the most time. i went to jc penny's. there was a sale...a girls favorite word. SALE. i grabbed up some pants and a few skirts for some options and actually found 2 pairs of pants and a cute skirt that fit well. now, the difficult part is turning 1 piece into an outfit. still have a shoe issue to sort out. i found someone who i hoped would help me, but she kept picking totally ugly shirts and totally dark. i kept telling her i wasn't going to a funeral. after this i went to nordstroms. i had the opposite experience. a very attentive salesclerk. she introduced herself and was my personal shopper. i did find one shirt to make my outfit completed. never could find a top to go with the new, cute skirt. i was so done shopping by then though.
my happiest purchase was that i stopped by AMH, like a local REI, and bought a new shkoop. this one is black with some bright pink lining. love shkoops!!
no clouds in the skies and denali was prominent. always love that!! clear skies mean cold weather though. hopefully, my house will stay warmer though. just chatted with my friend natalie in california and she asked if i could tell a difference...not yet, the insulation dudes had the front door open most of the day doing thier work. when it's less than 10 outside the house takes awhile to heat back up. he also had me leave the crawl space door open much of the day to air it out. so i'm sure i consumed a fair amount of energy today attempting to get the house reheated.
i also checked in with a few siblings. my brother joel called out of the blue yesterday. we talk very rarely...not that we don't like talking, it's just hard to catch up with him for a chat. played phone tag with my sister several times and then we finally did get a chance to talk. also spoke to my brother jeff. i'll be staying with him in california much of the week. always fun to chat with family and friends. seems like i don't do it often enough. my new laptop will have the camera in it so i will have to finally set up the skype thing and chat that way. friends who do seem to really enjoy it. animation is such a part of communication.
taking pictures into the direct sunlight can make for some strange results, but i still have to give it a try every so often. no exciting wildlife sightings today. the wind was horrible mid town when i was at walmart. i'm happy to be home. i put a fire in the fireplace and have chilled tonight. did get a few pictures printed up for my friends. they had to put thier pup to sleep last week so i wanted to send a few pictures i'd taken of thier dog, bailey, on our trip to deadhorse this summer.
my pet sitters are great and they watched the dogs when i was kayaking this summer. i updated the note i had for them before and printed that out as well. still have to leave an emergency note with a credit card. hopefully, there are no emergencies, but it's always best to be prepared. i worked for years at an emergency animal hospital in california and often we'd get pet sitters in who would then have to use thier own credit cards if they couldn't get ahold of the owners. it can just get dicey.
the cats had the worst day today, trapped in the bathroom for hours while the guys worked on the house. below is mufasa. as you can see, he's as flat as ever.
this is a scarey picture of me. i'm getting older. you don't really notice yourself aging on a day to day basis and then a photo comes up and you are face to face with the aging process. these are my very first eyeglasses. my perscription is pretty weak, but i tested them out this week. they were helpful for the adult icu for me. i wore them most of the night there. peds less so and i don't need to wear them all the time.
days like today give me a glimpse into the lives of regular people. people who are as busy as i was today, everyday. lucky for me my life is usually much more laid back. no wonder you people are so tired! take time to stop and smell the roses, or look at the frost on all the plants and enjoy the gifts of each season!!

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