Saturday, November 6, 2010

"you voted for who??" just one squirrels opinion...

is this little guy cute or what. i know the above picture is blurry, but i loved his face. he was moving quickly through the tree's. he was coming closer to me, but some lady on the trail couldn't find her two dogs and kept going back and forth yelling for them. one of her dogs is a husky...they are famous for not staying with thier people. i always joke that hiking with huskies is more of a pick up/drop off situation. they'll just see you back at the car. i never plan on aquiring a husky for this very reason. i love that my dogs both stay close to me. rio is usually on leash, first cause she's blind and second cause she can smell a moose from several hundred feet off and is quite interested in meeting one. blossom can be off leash. she stays close and checks in often. no dog is perfect off leash, despite what some owners seem to believe. there is always that moment where crap can happen so being off leash is always a risk. overall i think for blossom the benefits outweigh the risks, at least until the day comes when some horrible thing happens. she is on leash near any car activity, neighborhood walks and such. but i always, but i suppose my blog is really just one rambling thought after another anyway.
reconnoiter is a word by the way. last night at work, i used 3 words within an hour in my verbal ramblings that were unknown to the others at work. my mother read alot, i wouldn't say she was well read, but she read tons. i seem to recall many romance novels in her hands. i read a great deal as well, again not so much well read, but i think whenever you read you pick up words through life. my mom was just seemed to encourage a broad grasp of our language, she probably used many of these more random words and they just got put into my day to day lingo. a few people didn't believe that reconnoiter was a word and i have just looked it up...yeah me!! in a sentence....i said, "they will repeat his mri and then reconnoiter in the afternoon". it was a pleasant, sad and a bit strange week at work. that is how nursing can go though. all i can say is my heart goes out to the parents and i hope they can wrap thier heads around their childs situation and make the best decisions for him. i think another word i used was tracts, meaning little religous pamphlets. the squirrel was on rovers run yesterday. we had snow the day/night before so i went for a nice stretch to enjoy the white stuff.
today i took the pups to university lake for a trip around the loop there. the beavers have obviously been quite busy out there again. we decided maybe this was a training tree as it had so many nibble points. ran into folks from the park that i hadn't seen for a bit. have been going there for some time and have come to know several people out there.
view from stuckagain heights, a neighborhood just above bicentennial park. i would love to have a place up there, the views are amazing. alas, the big view is bigger bucks.
the next several pictures are from yesterday on rovers run/moose meadow trails. the skies were beautiful and blue when i started and by the time i finished the clouds had started to roll in. blossom, of course, totally enjoyed her romp in the snow. i know she'd be totally happy if we just stayed winter all year long, though she does like a jump in the lake so maybe a few weeks of summer...oh wait, that is how alaska is anyway!! no wonder she's such a happy dog!!
at the parking lot the park folks have barricaded a few trees in the wire trappings. this is a common sight around these's an attempt to keep moose from nibbling till the trees are a bit bigger and can handle teh nibbling. though my baby tree out front was bitten down to the nub by a moose one night while i worked and so was my neighbors baby tree. they are both still alive and growing.
i always love when everything is coated with frost. it's just an amazing sight.
got 35 laps in this evening at the pool. i was trying to make up for my laziness earlier this week. the darkness is my excuse. it's so easy to cabin up when it's grey and dark out. i go out and walk for hours then feel a chill, snuggle in with a book, nap, eat late....lazy. i'll just have to make sure and push through that desire to crawl in the covers and just reward myself with the jacuzzi. it may be a bit difficult at the gym as i guess they are doing some remodeling in the locker room. not looking forward to putting on my swimsuit in the other locker room and then having to walk through the entire gym clothed as such. for a 46 year old i think i do okay. i see pictures of friends who i think also look great. it occured to me that we look younger than it seemed our mothers did at our age. then i realized that i was just a kid looking at my mom who looked ancient and that kids looking at me may also see me as looking ancient. it's all a matter of perspective. lucky for me, i'm deluded into thinking i'm not doing half bad "for my age". the joy of getting older too is that so many others in your age bracket look like crap which can only benefit you and your self esteem!
blossom likes to run ahead of rio and i and then lay that belly down in the cool snow and disperse her belly heat.
these tiny birds show up occasionally on the walks. they have the sweetest little call and they flit about all around. they seem to travel in groups. very cute...and hard to capture on the camera.
just another picture of the eagles nest on rovers run. haven't seen the eagles these past few weeks. always look though.
our senate race remains undecided. both sides are getting thier legal team together though. so annoying. it's not that i hate lawyers, i have several in my family, but it just gets so ridiculous that everything can be battled over and over and over. an election is no longer just an election, it's a preview to a legal battle. the people have the lawyers get thier votes.
just met my friend out at "outback" for dinner this evening after my swim. haven't been ther for ages. i always got to get me one of those bloomin onions when i'm there. i'm sure that was good for my cholesterol levels. it's been over a year since i've gone there though.
finally watched that movie, "precious" the other day. so sad. many children have such horrible lives and there seems to be little that our society can do to help. the kids rarely get taken away from bad parents and even if they do they often just get put with relatives who may or may not be an improvement.
my friend scott popped over. we are starting to plan our kayaking trip for next summer. we are going to point adolphus out of gustavus. i've never been to gustavus or pt adolphus. it's just south of glacier bay nationaly park. point adolphus is known for the gathering of humpback whales right off the coast to feed. should be such a cool experience kayaking with the humpbacks. we already have a list of people wanting to do that trip. just have to pick dates and decide between a 5 day or 7 day trip. i'm leaning towards 5 days. keep prices down, enjoy gustavus, maybe take a side trip to glacier bay somehow and then i could pop down to ketchikan and visit friends there. would love to hike some of my old trails there and some of the new ones they have built.
winter is a great time to plan summer i find. just a diversion from the cold and dark nights. i will get a diversion in a few weeks when i fly to california for thanksgiving. will be fun to visit with family and friends. it's been several years since i headed down there. i have pet sitting arranged which is always the big stress. it's so hard to leave my little nest and critters.
probably didn't make one of my co-workers very happy this week. i tend to call a spade a spade as it were. i think she wanted me to just agree with her and instead i gave her input that i don't think she wanted to hear. we have a responsibility to be fit for work. i see staff that are grossly overweight or physically to a point of near lameness. it's not that i'm not at all sympathetic, but you have to put forth effort to improve your own health and not just expect work to accomadate you. we do not have that sort of job. she asked what i would do and then gave one excuse after another. it was a frustrating conversation...i hate feeling boxed in to a conversation when you know the person will probably be ticked at you in the end. i always say, don't ask me anything you are not prepared to hear the answer to. i will give my opinion and i won't sugarcoat it.
from bear tracks to dog tracks. blossom makes her way in the bog snow. it was coming down pretty good the other day so i grabbed the pups and headed out to the bog to enjoy it. who can resist all those big fluffy flakes coming down. such a sight!!
it's almost midnight, should change the clocks back now before i sack out for the night. so happy to not be working tonight. not that my assignment was horrible. i jsut can't stand the whole fall back thing. such a bother when you work nights. another hour added to 12 can seem most unbearable. enjoy the day...

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