Tuesday, November 9, 2010

one mosquito left in alaska and he's flying around me right now...bugger!

the pictures will be coated in white for many months to come. i will infuse a few old summer shots for my own sanity. really need to make a few calls and get next summers adventures set up. it's tough in november for me, it's dark and cold and i just want to cabin up. it looked gloomy out today, but when i did get out on the trails some sunshine made it's way through. my intention was to head out later for a ski, but as i was getting ready to go a friend called. haven't spoken to quinton for some time, and we've been playing phone tag. great to spend some time yakking with him. he have moved to wyoming and i do wish he'd move back. we always have fun hanging out together.
we lost a tennis ball to the snow today. i think both blossom and i got a bit spooked out there. we did the gasline, down the powerline and back via the tank trail. the section of the powerline there is pretty overgrown and having heard of the wolf attack on the beagle i was on edge a bit i must admit. blossom was on edge because the snow kept dropping off the various limbs due to the weight of it. i'm sure the wildlife gets spooked as well with the whoomping happening all over the place. we only got 2-3 miles in. had a sock issue and ended up with a blister. haven't gotten a blister for ages. it was totally rubbed raw by the time i returned to the car though. i'm an admitted wimp when it comes to pain.
did get the dishes loaded, soup made and the insulation for the external outlets put in while i chatted so i was somewhat productive today....though compared to most humans on the planet, i was incredibly lazy. did make a shopping run...needed those chocolate chips. of course, the one thing i forgot to pick up was the chocolate chips. sometimes it seems like i have tons of food here and nothing to eat. drives me nuts. my christmas cards arrived. i tend to purchase from WWF or national geo or something like that. when they got here i feared i'd bought the same cards as last year. lucky for me i had neglected to put last years card in my friends gift package last year and it's been saved....god forbid i toss it out. so the card is not the same.
the light was so amazing at times today, othertimes it was just grey and dark. go figure.
grew up in california and when we'd go buy our christmas tree there was always this area where they would "flock" the tree if desired. i never understood it. now when i see trees like this in the woods i realize this is the look that flocking is trying for. it was totally lost on me as a kid since i hadn't seen snow. i still debate the whole tree thing. should just buy a fake as it would be cheaper in the long run. environmentally, fake trees end up in landfills but it uses a great deal of fuel to supply us all with christmas trees. no christmas tree farms in alaska that i know of and most of our pines aren't those pretty cut down your own pines of the lower 48.
only have a few shopping days until i get myself off to california. christmas will be a little early and extended into thanksgiving i think. will have to load the luggage with treats and toys for my neices and nephews. most are grown up now, which is making shopping a little easier. i have 24 neices/nephews so that is alot to keep up with. couldn't spoil them as some other aunties do, i'da gone broke if i had. once they are married off and established on thier own i jsut send cards for christmas. adults don't seem to have much use for thier aunts so a card seems sufficient. i figure i'm always here if any of them need me. though i have no intentions of bailing anyone out of prison or supporting drug habits. luckily, so far my family hasn't produced any malcontents that i know of.
this is me enjoying my long shadow. below is a picture that tanya took on the monday walk of lena and i. thought it came out nice.
best get to bed...my to do list keeps piling up and soon i will be out of time and back to work.

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