Tuesday, July 26, 2011

more of glacier bay national park...

okay, except this diving sea lion. this guy was from the sea lion show we observed on the way to getting dropped off with our gear at george island. we went through the inian islands and the sea lions were just all over and jumping and crazy. it was so fun just to watch them. of course, we all laughed later as video would have been the way to go. none of us thought about it then though. sometimes, you'll never get a picture of it so just take it all in. got a few sea lion shots, but really they just kept popping out of the water and diving back in all around the boat. hard to keep up.

sea otter action. actually not as many sea otters seen. not that we didn't see them, just not huge racks of them. as we kayaked there was lots of kelp so we saw seals and otters in there with some regularity.

often the humpback whales would do this tail slapping. we saw this first out in glacier bay. the wildlife biologist said it's thought they do this to stun the fish. this guy did over 20 slaps, just over and over. the teenager in the seat in front of us counted. love to see teenagers out enjoying a cruise like this.

guess everyone loves whales though.

when the did this while we were camping or paddling you could hear the echo from it across the water, very cool. the splash above is from the tail slap. that was pretty much how my pictures of full breaching came out as well. splashes of water.

they bring that tail out pretty high. it's amazing that they can lift their bodies totally out of the water for the breaching. they aren't sure why they do that. seems it would stun alot of fish though and it just looks like fun. we all went with the fun theory. whales breach cause it's a hell of a lot of fun!!

lots of bald eagles this whole trip.

and some humpbacks. we'd heard that we'd see plenty of humpbacks but that this tour was more of glacier bay so they try not to bother the whales and let people who want to see whales specifically do a whale cruise out to pt adolphus.

i'm already sore today. did hours of gardening. well, i can't really call what i did gardening. that means i planted something when all i did the entire day was pull chickweed...and it ain't over yet. there is some lawn bits under there, so i'll have to try and help the lawn grow while preventing the chickweed from re-growing. not as easy as it sounds. want to avoid chemicals that could hurt the dogs not matter how tempted i am to douse the entire yard with it.

not sure what to do with all the weed matter so did start a semi compost in the back of the yard. layered it with old leaves and stuff.

one never dulls of that amazing blue colour that exists in glaciers. just awesome!

of course, before colour photography people would have only been able to imagine the colours of the glaciers.

we went to the face of another glacier. you can see the ground right in front of it so this tide water glacier is receeding and soon will not be considered tidewater at all.

teh rest i believe are back to margerie glacier. mostly we watch the face, but as you can see below the glacier can be seen going back much further. it eventually meets up with other glaciers that have taken different paths. really they are just one in many places and then the various arms are named.

i think my dogs enjoyed hanging out in the yard with me today. evenually i took them on a loop in the bog.

saw that black bear again out there and again blossom barked loads at it. that bear did not seem concerned. there was a guy with a toddler so i let them know where the bear was and we all walked together that direction. the bear eventaully moved out of the park and back into the neighborhoods where he started checking garbage cans for good smells. this bear will probably be shot. garbage bears become problem bears. he looks well fed. when i post him on facebook i find that this bear has been seen frequently on the east side of anchorage. that doesn't bode well for him. poor guy. he's pretty handsome. i'll post pictures after i'm done with these.

we chilled at margerie glacier for a bit and when i looked back at the bay behind us the dark clouds had settled in.

my brother commented that the ice looked like sedimentary rocks we'd studied when we took an oceanography class years ago.

it is sedimentary, ice that is. the snow doesn't melt and just keeps getting compacted down over the years. they find some cool stuff in these glaciers as they travel down the valleys and melt off. mastadons, humans...all very well preserved.

i like the cool designs and colours.

they are pretty impressive. we all love paddling around the glaciers and all those bergs.

they are a thing of beauty and awesome power as well. have been in a kayak when almost the entire face of a glacier calved off. those were some huge waves to contend with. very scarey.

does make you appreciate this mass of ice.

no major calvings this day, but you can still always hear these glaciers grumpling as they move along.

need to find some photo's of rio and blossom for my dog wall in the office. all my favorite pups!

tried to get pictures of the moose that were out in front of the house last night. i think due to poor lighting they turned out pretty blurry in all. bummer.

chatted with a friend down in wyoming. they talk of moving back to alaska one of these days. probably fairbanks. fun to catch up. quinton was always a blast to hang out with. would be great to have him closer again.

we had to wake up early for this cruise. deb at the B&B had an awesome breakfast waiting for us. i'm not an early riser at all, but seemed to be the theme on this vacation. we always had to wake up early. i'm back to my normal stay up late, sleep in late schedule.

love sleeping. took a nap at 5pm. all that gardening....it was cloudy early on and i got a chill. best thing for that is either a shower or crawl in the bed for a bit with a book. still reading the same one. haven't spent much time on the deck this year. now all that chickweed haunts me so hopefully, i'll enjoy my backyard more once i get this lawn a bit more under control.

our mayor, whom i'm not too keen on, wants to get a law passed stopping people from sitting downtown. seems a ludicrous law. i realize alot of our homeless have taken to sitting about downtown and it's not a pretty sight for the tourists and all that, but a law against sitting downtown. crazy. look the first word on each line is downtown. haha.

last snippets of glacier bay here and then next entry will start on our actual kayak trip portion of the trip. it was all fun though.

a few more pictures of the cormorant and the puffin.

we all enjoyed our day in glacier bay.

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