Monday, July 18, 2011

more pictures from juneau

thought this rock picture looked relaxing. i needed to relax. apparently the floor installers put my closet door back up incorrectly. poor rio just got slammed by it falling down onto her. luckily she looks okay and i didn't get whacked in the head. still think the dang thing is in wrong and it will come crashing down at any moment. the floor looks like it held up okay as well. they were cheap to begin with and i probably should just get rid of them as well.

we were in juneau, our state capital on july fourth . these fireworks actually were from thier july 4th celebration the night of july 3rd. sounds like they set them up for after midnight on july 3rd, then if the weather is crap and the ceiling is low, they just re-schedule for july 4th at midnight. the sun still sets pretty late at night so one must stay up for the fireworks. we debated going out to the dock for the fireworks, but knew we had to awaken very early to catch the ferry. our taxi was arriving at 5:45 i think. the ferry leaves at 7am. they are pretty much always on schedule.

val and i both woke were awake when the fireworks got started out there. we could see these from our room at the hotel and i just snapped the pictures from there. we tried to keep quiet, but who can't ooh and aah when there are fireworks about. they did a pretty nice firework show.

we got in late as we ended up eating dinner in the lounge area of our hotel there in juneau. the food was quite tasty, i got the plank salmon. sadly, it took forever to get our food. it was also freezing out there and the poor waitress was totally by herself and it was super busy. really felt badly for her though we were super hungry by the time our meals finally arrived. we ate the same foods that are available at the restaurant but the actual restaurant had no seats available. we enjoyed the meal once it arrived, but it was a long time in coming.

after we had finished out at the glacier we just chilled in town and wandered about shopping. we lost val for a bit. we were all in a store and then no val. eventually, we located her and we all met back up at the red dog for those appetizers. juneau has loads of stores cloistered near the boats. many are owned by transients. those shops close up for the winter and move their stuff down to the carribean for the cruise ship season there. not a bad life i'd guess. carribean for the winter, alaska for the summer. poor rio is totally avoiding this room now. that must have hurt when it landed on her. mostly i think it scared her.

we were put back by the mens bathroom at the red dog, i think i'd just skip it completely. had some cabaret dude telling jokes. not really my style. just too many tourists and it's totally lost it's charm.

spent the bulk of this evening putting together a 4-drawer file cabinet. had one of those cheap plastic ones and an old metal file, but with the new office and a cabinet on sale at the office store i upgraded. putting it together was quite the task. probably took me 2.5 hours. looks nice, but i was pretty overwhelmed initially by all the many parts and peices. eek. have been shopping around for a day bed for the spare room as well. will be nice to purge a bunch of crap and re-organize. needed to purge some luggage out on this trip, though i suspect i used most stuff i took. if i didn't someone else did.

raining in anchorage again. the dogs and i went to the dog park. haven't gotten many big hikes in yet this summer and it's fading fast. did a loop in kincaid the other day. hopefully, i can get some good ones in still.

this was a beaver dam that we saw out by mendenhall. the day there rained a smidge off and on. loved when the light hit the ice though. the colours are just amazing.

see all the tiny tourists. maybe janet and i went in the off season. i just don't remember the number of tourists from last time i was out there.

couple paddlers out by the face. they are actually probably quite far from the face. they say to stay a quarter mile away i think.

artic tern. guess they had closed some area's of trail as these guys were getting pretty brazen in thier attacks. there were nests to be defended.

waterfall froming from the glacier. always cool. thought i'd attempt some b&w and see how they came out in glacier form. back before colour, people would have had no idea about those blue hues out there.

2 nights work, can't complain. some family dynamics are strange. i'd also say that having information is sometimes a hindrance. medical professionals often make terrible patients.

it was fun to spend a few hours out wandering around the glacier and the surrounding area's. fun to people watch as well. tourists can be very entertaining.

had to get a pic of me by that super sized waterfall.

then sandra and val joined in.

we bought all of our temp tatoo's in juneau. mine was a cool native design of a frog. i like frogs. it actually just started rubbing off yesterday so i went ahead and helped it along. then i noticed that i had a tan outline of the frog on my arm. i'm sure that will fade fast, but it was kinda funny. val got bitten by the white socks massively. looks painful, her arm looked a bit more improved when i saw her the other day. i've noticed i have little scabbie area's and itchiness. figure those dang white socks got me as well.

more black and white...then back to colour

haven't stayed up late. was tough staying awake all night last night. i noticed late tonight that i had a message from work. they were thinking of transfering a kid up to us that may need sledd. work wan't me on back up for the sledd. i have no desire to run sledd and babies that young. too freaky. you have all thier blood outside thier body at pretty much any given moment....that just is too nervewracking for me. now too, the adult icu is using a different machine so i'll have no back up eventually and i will quickly forget what i'd learned from the old machine

we did a mad pack that night trying to get sorted out for the ferry. luckily the ferry ended up having a luggage cart. don't recall that ever being available. sweet! can be a bother trying to deal with all the luggage out there.

is that blue amazing or what?

can't wait to crash today. it was a super busy day. hit several furniture shops, the office depot place, put a few things together for the office. the california closet folks are coming out tomorrow to see what they might be able to do for the closet. so hard to switch back to regular life after a fun holiday like this one.

have eaten crap today as well. miss having someone cooking for me. got spoiled. could totally live with that.

we did make a trip into glacier bay for a boat tour so i'll post those pictures eventually. hopefully, after tonight i'll be able to post pics from the ferry ride and then from gustavus. not answering the phone for work. did chat with a few siblings and htier families tonight. always fun to catch up. guess several of them went to see harry potter. i haven't read the books or seen the movie. have the books, well at least what they had out when i got it as a gift. i must be the only person not all gaga over the movie and books.

there was a wolf that was hanging out at mendenahll glaciers for a few years. that wolf was known to even play with the other dogs from time to time. he's still obviously beloved by the community. poor wolf got shot and killed. what a waste. romeo, was trying to think what they called that wolf. there was lots of stuff for sale regarding romeo. guess people had a great time out there with that wolf.

rocks are always so cool.

i am wiped out so i think i shall just let you enjoy the pictures and call it a night before i drool all over my computer.

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