Tuesday, July 17, 2012

back from round island and off to bed...

the sea,
the sea,
the angry sea,
i feared it's anger,
would engulf me,
the waves,
so powerful,
so large,
to devour us,
the boat,
seemed to shrink,
in the angry sea,
my life preserver,
would useless be,
only to locate,
a lifeless me.
my thoughts now,
ache for all,
who've lost,
thier battle with,
the angry sea,
for though i was shaken,
trembling and cold,
i yet live,
to try and grow old.
just returned from round island. it's a magical place and i've loads of photo's to share over the next several weeks no doubt. we all had a great time. it's a complicated place to get too and one is often reminded of the powers of nature. it's a force greater than we are. i'm grateful to those who are brave and work in the sea, in the good and the bad, for the experience they bring to get us safely home. thanks to terry for getting us through seas that i was not sure we would survive. i was terrified, holding on for dear life, lost in the immense waves that i saw all around me. i knew if the engine on our boat stalled for any reason, we would not stand a chance. my heart takes a moment to grieve with all those who have lost thier lives to the great bering sea and bristol bay and to the families who must live on despite the loss of loved ones.

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