Sunday, July 29, 2012

round island 9...

will do less pictures today cause i'm tired. woke up early, but seemingly forgot my plan to head over to the dog jog at 9 was 8:45. ack!! really wanted to get there as i've missed it the past several years. it seems to always fall on my work weekend. i feel better giving support to those who saved ms rio catalina's life and cared for her until she was adopted by me. i know she went through at least one other house before it worked out for her with me. i appreciate that people put in that time, effort and money to help dogs that other people have thrown away. it's so aggravating how people can just walk away from pets. anyway, i really did want to show my support to the cause so i leapt out of bed and off we went. was going to just do the little 1 mile jaunt, but then it was a nice day and i felt pretty good so we did the longer 5k, 3 miles?
i was happy to go poking along for rio so i think we were about the last back in. all the other big dogs just did the 1 mile trek. rio is way tougher than the average big dog. so we strolled along with this older lady with a spastic dog she'd rescued years back and stuck it out with. sadie i believe was her name.
bought a t-shirt as i liked the design they got this year. was also able to say hello to the woman who runs it and had brought rio over to the house years ago. of course, rio was known as "star" at the time. the name she was given by her previous owners. the lady was happy to see rio and did remember her though she couldn't recall the new fancy name i'd given her. i just felt "star" was a bit undignified for a dog such as rio catalina and a new home, fresh start, new name. she seems to have adjusted to the new name.
all walrus shots today. hopefully, i can get more pictures in tomorrow. besides the 3 mile walk with the dogs i actually returned to the pool again and did the 15 laps. an easy workout but a start. i figure technically, my leg is elevated when i'm swimming and the cool water feels good on the calf.
just took my antibiotic, i'm on a 01-09-17 schedule. or close to a nurse i know i have like an hour on either end to get my meds in. luckily, i avoid documentation. have i mentioned lately how much i loathe JAHCO. so often things start out with good intentions, but now it's ridiculous. just the mention of those letters makes my blood pressure rise and i don't want this to cause any increase in swelling.
looks like sue sitting and scott walking. anyway. i noticed tonight that the medication vial now comes with a label describing what the pills in the vial are supposed to look like, including lettering and numbers that are on the actual pill. made me wonder if this is the backlash of a med error made by pharmacy. not long ago i took care of a kid who had been given the wrong medication at the pharmacy. kid was fine, but i'm sure it cost that pharmacy a bit.
have been happy to prop my leg up today in between activities and watch the olympic events. i'm always on the verge of tears with the stories in between events. gotta love the olympics. you cheer with those who succeed and cringe with those who fail. gotta totally suck to train so hard and then have that be the day you mess up your routine. i'm not a tattoo person really, but i think if you become an olympian that would be a time when i could see a tattoo of the rings being cool. wouldn't want to get in placed until after my event had occurred, i mean that would suck to get some sort of reaction/infection and miss the olympics but still have the rings on your body.
random fox seen at the bird area.
liked to head over there mostly just to see how the walrus activity was out on the spine.
the paper had photos and a video clip of a baby walrus found seperated from the pack up out of barrow. it's now at the sea life center in seward. they are totally tactile creatures so it keeps snuggling up to the caregivers. i wanna snuggle with a baby walrus...! how cool would that be. they've only had a few baby walrus there. i'm sure it will live out it's life in captivity, us people can only do so much to teach the skills it will need to survive out there. bummer, but zoo's and aquariums do have thier place. i just have come to prefer seeing my wildlife in the wild when possible. i'm sure he will eventually be shipped south. there are probably several places that would be happy to have the little guy. not so true for black bears. so sadly 3 cubs were killed after thier mom was killed this week in my neighborhood. trash divers.
flat rock.
quite the gathering on this day out there.
the usual snuggling and jostling for position.
i thought this guy would fall off the rock due to the big bloody guy who took over his spot, but he did eventually work his way into another position and all were happy again.
happy walrus hauled out on the rock.
the airshow continues tomorrow on base. i'm debating going. could see the horrible traffic jam when i was on the dog jog today though. never like all the crowds and traffic and all that. dogs can't go either. may have to plan it for another day. was thinking though that it must be the best job in the military, doing these flight shows. no war zone, just play in very expensive planes all the time. obviously a big crowd today. everyone seems to enjoy it. would be cool to just take photo's of all the planes and stuff.

this guy has the crossed tusks. must be a little bit of a bother.
the faces are just so dang cute!
i think i got a bit obsessed with the little guy as i have so many photo's of him.
but really...look at that adorable face!
that baby walrus in the paper had a cute face too.
love when they have this zen look with thier flippers turned up.
of course, his zen moment is about to end...
the big guy wants to move.

the big guys seem to get thier way.
even if they just have one functioning tusk.
loved the shot of the poke above. that looks like it hurts, but they are pretty thick skinned.
you'd think that cold water would make their outer layers kinda numb anyway.
well, that was enough for one night. will carry on later. enjoy...

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