Tuesday, July 31, 2012

round island 11...

more walrus.
liked all the flippers in this one. i never get tired of looking at the walrus pictures so i hope you are enjoying them. getting about 70-80 hits/day so i'm guessing someone is looking at them.
just love their faces. obviously i've spelt their wrong for years as it keeps spell checking me. i know i discovered with the computer system at work that i had also been spelling monitor wrong for years as well. can still teach an old dog new tricks.
rainy day today so i used that as an excuse to laze about, watch olympics and make chocolate chip cookies. did walk the dogs up patterson and over to the school for some play time for blossom. rio seems to move slower this summer. she is 8 and i will probably have to get back to taking her for a walk with blossom early in the day and then leaving her behind to take blossom for a longer stretch. she's a trooper though.
got to watch the american volleyball team play. can't remember who they beat, but it was action packed and fun to watch. kinda fun to see that kobie bryant was chilling in the stands also watching. he had on his olympic warm up jacket, it's fun to see these superstars get excited about the games. everyone seems to aspire to the olympics no matter how successful they are. watched a smidgee of the womens basketball play, they won handily. also watched the beach volleyball. it was a bit tight today for mens and womens. the women won, i'm trying to remember but i think the mens team lost, but it wasn't the top seeded mens pair i've seen.
the mens gymnastics was painful to watch. they just lost it and quickly. to prepare for so long and then make huge mistakes like that, they will be remembering those misses for years to come. congrats to great britain though. it was said that nobody alive can recall them ever getting a medal in gymnastics at the olympics. go brits!! they just brought it to the table, while the americans didn't so that stuff can happen. even the networks were pained by the americans efforts. after they switched back to gymnastics you never saw the american team again. strange. it must have just continued to be bad.
in the meantime, swimming seems to be going well. not always gold medals, but we got a few of those too. gotta love the swim team!! they do bring it. phelps looked great in the butterfly prelims. will look forward to that tomorrow. his wing span is impressive. i was at the pool today doing my laps. it goes better and better. i got in 20 laps today, though compared to those i've seen at the games i look pretty shabby! oh well.
watching that butterfly, one has to wonder where the hell that came from. it is just so unnatural. who came up with it? at least the breast stroke has some look of like a dog paddle cross.
three teens got in the pool a bit before i got out. thought it was sad that none of them knew how to swim properly. none of them knew how to swim with their heads under water so they just swam swishing their heads back and forth above water. gotta be tiring. lots of water up here so it's a good basic skill to have. i'm grateful my mom got us into formal swim lessons at a young age. i saw a certificate from the "plunge" before we had left west covina for south pasadena. i was 3-4 years old when i was first put in lessons. she just knew we spent a lot of time at the beach and it was quite wise of her.
love when the walrus are layed out like they are having a zen moment. could see lots of belly buttons on them too. their belly buttons are huge, of course they weigh close to 100 pounds at birth i think.
lazily scratching.
finished my book, "still alice". in the end alzheimers takes her memory from her. not sure how quickly that goes for the average person. such a sad disease though. it just made me worry about everything that i forget or misplace.
blossom still steers us clear of the bog. not sure what is up with that. it's such a great place to walk. i guess i'll just have to push her more and hope that whatever it is dissipates over time.
wrote a little quicky song for my neice about learning to play the guitar. tried to load it on facebook but they never load well there for me. it's hit or miss. it wasn't great, just thought she'd enjoy it. may try to load another time.
this guy's face is so cute, all tucked in and cozy!

still love all the sea of pink pictures. took many of them.
a few similar are up from 10 years ago in my bedroom. i've never tired of looking at them when i awaken.
too bad i haven't got the chimes to wake up to yet. bummer. will have to work on that.
my iphone alarm still goes off for dog walk monday's. that is still a few months away.

this is just a cool rock formation.
our seal is back in the boat cove on a different day.
he tried to keep from having to head out until the tide came in and forced him too. we were laughing as when we mentioned this seal visitor to the fish and game folks they acted all chill, next thing we know they are all headed down to boat cove to see him. so i think he wasn't the usual visitor there and they were more excited than they let on.
back out at flat rock.
i tended to walk back and forth all day, like i did 10 years ago. i'm just not good at sitting for too long.
love how warty looking their skin gets as they get older.
blossom saw a black cat outside when we were walking. she went crazy trying to take off and chase it. so strange that she lives with cats and is chill with them but wants to chase any she sees outside. it was kinda embarrassing. luckily, i was able to prevent her from escaping my grip and taking off after the cat.
lone sea lion at the end of the last beach. the sea lions can be seen on the rocks just past this guy. not sure why this one was alone.
at the end of the beach i was at there was a lone walrus.
these guys were at second beach. the one guys flipper has a wound on it. he seemed to be doing okay and it looks nice and pink...healthy tissue.
cormorants above and below is female harlequins. i thought i'd seen some cool, unusual bird species but it was just harlequins. not used to seeing them without the males.
just noticed i have spilled some sort of chocolate all over me. nice! probably melted chocolate chips.
with that i will change to a clean shirt and head to bed. i loaded stuff on the kindle before the trip so maybe i'll see what is on there to read. batteries dead so i guess i'll charge it and see tomorrow what is on there. good night.

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