Sunday, December 15, 2013

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

 got myself moving fairly early today.  made it to the coastal refuge by 11:30 so blossom and i got a nice stretch in before the time i had selected for sledding.  it was coming down pretty good all day.  above is blossom on the beach.  tough to differentiate between the sky and the ground.  thought this one was cool.
 i'd guess we easily got close to a foot and it's still coming down out there.  i shoveled a goodly amount 2x today.  twice up front, once on the back deck.  if i don't keep that one shoveled the dogs bring in lots of snow each time they go out.  not to mention using the deck as a place to pee which i try to prevent.  i know i'm strange as i actually enjoy shoveling snow.  i'm not so committed to shoveling that i would dissuade my neighbors from doing it on the times they do.  that is always a nice surprise too.
 was laughing at work that i can't wait to be that 80 year old lady that is crazy and it's cute.  another co-worker pointed out she already does whatever she wants.  i responded that yes, i have always done what i want as well, but when you are 80 it's cute.  when you are middle aged and do whatever you want you can be mistaken for being a crazy bitch.  when you are 20 or 30 you are seen as a dumb blonde or just forgiven due to being immature i guess.  of course, someone else pointed out that cute little old ladies have to be non surgically altered to get the benefit.  if you look way younger your behavior won't be seen as cute. true enough.
the train went by as i arrived at the sledding hill today. below is the sledding hill from the bottom.  it is a nice hill.
 i had not actually gotten on a sled on this hill before today.  funny how you forget how much you enjoy doing something like sledding.  also, it's not like you need anyone else there for it to be fun.  wasn't sure if anyone was coming today so i just figured i'd take my walk with blossom and then take a few runs down the hill.
 there was for sure a sheet of ice under the snow.  lots of powder on top which made for a pretty snowy run.  i think i have some mild corneal abrasions from the snow flying back at me.  it was also a bit challenging to breathe a few times due to the powder in my face.
 karen came by.  i'm sure inhaling all that snow was great fun considering she's still recovering from a bad cold. i think she had fun anyway.
 blossom chased her frisbee during our walk and she got to stay out on the hill and chase me down each run.  my old dog baby huey used to chase me too, but he'd always catch up to me and yank the sled out from under me, causing me to wipe out every time.  perhaps this is why i forgot how much i enjoyed sledding.  fun to have blossom out there.  people seemed to come and go.  lots of families.  blossom was quite happy with that.  she loves kids.  she got her fill today. one family really enjoyed spending time with her.  they are thinking about getting a labradoodle so they were pretty excited to meet miss blossom.
 i always love the refuge and it was pretty out there albeit stark appearing.  lots of snow flurries, but not really all that windy really.  temps today seemed like they were 15-20F which is quite comfortable.
 my cool post tsunami tree stand.  dead since 1964, when the water levels rose.
 didn't walk out too far today.  kept a close watch on the landmarks.  visibility was decreased but not dangerously so.
 had fun with blossom.
 did some christmassy stuff later in the day.  wrote the rest of the cards basically as the cards arrived in the mail.  i'd bought too few initially.  i also baked some cookies.  want to make little xmas bags for the monday walkers.
 hopefully tomorrow i can get another fairly early start and get a snowshoe in before the trails get too tramped down.  there is also supposed to be a christmas skate at westchester. not sure if they will be able to have it with all this snow really.  will have to see.
 my friend amy went in after her dogs went through the ice at university lake.  i'm always afraid of this with blossom.  sounds like they are all okay, but it sounds very scary for all.  gotta be careful out there.  even in town life in alaska can change quickly into a life threatening moment. thankfully this event had a happy ending.  just wet and cold.
 a few selfies i took on the beach today.
 timed it all well to be back on the sledding hill by 1pm.  blossom is pretty wiped out.
 she is currently preheating my bed.  i have a blanket that she is supposed to lay on, but she is up by my pillows. hope she doesn't accidently pee. it's been  years, but post spay she on rare occasion will pee if she is in a deep sleep.  it only has ever happened after i've totally worn her out.  i'm sure today going up and down that hill was tough.
 even though she still looks like a puppy, she's not one anymore.
 that is a satisfied look
 the trail on to the beach
 back to the sledding hill.
 a few more throws down the hill, then i put away the frisbee and got out the sleds.  hope i put the frisbee in the car.  yesterday i had to go back to the park as i had dropped it right outside the car.

 at first i had my camera out, later i discovered there was way too much powder to attempt photo's
 loved these though of my cute blossom chasing behind me.  i just looked back with the camera and took them

 i'm sledding in this selfie with blossom as well. not bad for an action shot.
 snow flying in front of me.  it really is a fun hill.  i'm  sure it's pretty dang fast once it gets packed down a bit.  it is a trek back up.
 i'd gotten snow all over my little powershot lens so i cleaned it as best i could and took this shot of blossom to check it.  she is looking for attention from karen here i think.
 karen coated in snow at the bottom of the hill.
 and making her last run.  i was on the hill for an hour, walking for an hour and a half before that.  i was good.
 went to the mall at sears for popcorn for myself and my neighbor.  i always get them that...and myself as well.  maybe i'll put some in baggies and add that to my goodie bags.  i'm sure i can't eat that whole tin myself....and if i can i really shouldn't.
 my new lighted polar bear for my front deck, though it kinda looks like a rat really.
 before shoveling.
 i love to just watch the flakes come down.  they are big fluffy flakes.  so pretty and relaxing.
 hard to see the yard stick but it's at 14 inches.  it was at about 4 inches on the deck rail before this snow started so easily 10 inches when i started to shovel.  another few inches have fallen again since i last shoveled.
 after my second shovel..the front on my house.  so pretty.
 see, kinda rat like.  hmm...
 a few more from texas.
 above Joel and his wife, Susan.  below my brother Ross.
 sunset in fort worth as we drove back to my brothers place.
 my eldest brother is turning 60 in january so Eric brought a cake so we could all do a mini celebration for him in Texas.  Eric, Tom, Ross, me, and Joel.
 saturday Tom and Darla got us all tickets to this grapevine Christmas Opry show.  we all had fun.
 we were probably some of the youngest ones there.  it was a fun night of song and we laughed  a lot.  it was probably a bit corny, but just corny enough without being cheesy.  thanks Tom and Darla.  they had some great talent there.
i went back here the next afternoon with Tom and Eric to shop around and check it all out in daylight.  really cool area.
 yet another picture of this tree in my brothers neighborhood.  i'm a sucker for a beautiful tree.
 lastly a few from a walk i took .
 nice to get an extra fall.  sure not as spectacular as the alaska tundra in fall, but i love nature and i love finding and seeing the beauty that exists everywhere.  each unique and with it's own charm.
better call it a day so i can get out there and play in the snow all over again tomorrow.

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