Tuesday, December 24, 2013

the eve before christmas eve...

 nice group out for the monday walk today. speedy, gail and gails daughter, shannon.  so 3 dogs as well.  beau is below.  he is shannons dog and flew up from the lower 48 for the holidays with her.  she had layered his coats and booties.  she also had a scruff for his neck/ears.  i think he stayed warm.  smartly, he avoided the deeper snow for the most part.  so cute. he'd wait patiently behind you on the thin trail until you stepped aside and let him through.  leo and blossom were also our canine companions out there.
 we walked past out tree and it was getting a lot of bird activity.  we did notice as well that the red bulbs had been removed.  i suspect by who ever had placed them on the tree out there last year.  i'd removed them late spring so that they wouldn't fall and break.  not sure where the bulbs are now, probably back on the tree out in the bog area.  will have to wander that way another day to investigate this mystery.  hope they weren't upset that i'd removed their bulbs last spring.  people can be strange...you just never know.  anyway, if they were upset they should be at least happy that they are returned now.
 group shot.  the light is always great here.  and then below tried for a few photo's of shannon.
 did manage to get this last one with just shannon and her dog.  the other dogs kept wanting to get into the action.
 enjoyed a nice swim tonight. i debated trying to get a ski in as well, but it got too late for that.  the pool felt great though.  50 lengths or 25 laps.  the last 5 laps or more i had the entire pool to  myself,always nice.
 had the thought that i should focus on getting in shape and plan next years trip to be to baja to kayak with the whales. i've always wanted to do that.  maybe next spring will be the year for that.  time to go international again anyway...right?  still need to start planning this summers trip to ketchikan.  time to start thinking about summer in general.  the things i want to do, the stuff i've never done.  try to get a few things explored each year.  i still want to make a trek north to fairbanks in the winter and see the ice sculptures up there and chena hot springs and perhaps some good northern light action.
 went shopping after the coffee shop today for a bit downtown.  turned out i think i bought a few things for myself.  still have a few packages to get wrapped up.
 also decided that the next sledding day could be new years day.  perhaps combine it with a ski..could be fun.  kincaid.  will pick time soon enough.
 got a dvd movie in the mail today...anyone know who sent that?  there is often that mystery gift that you just never know where it came from. last year it was a subscription to photography magazine...anyone???
 we talked about my hospital for the undead idea at coffee today.  speedy is ready to head up advertising. read about another unfortunate case in texas.  a man came home to find his wife down.  not sure if she's been declared brain dead or if it's an anoxic injury.  i suspect it's anoxic at this point.  she through a pulmonary embolism i believe.  anyway, he and his wife are both ems trained/workers.  he knows she would not wish to be kept alive in this manner, as this is something that they have discussed repeatedly due to their jobs.  sadly, she is 18 weeks pregnant at this point and Texas law is such that you can't remove life support from anyone if they are pregnant.  the husband is also realistic enough to know that the fetus probably also suffered an anoxic event.  don't think he's up for a court battle, but it's going to be a tough for for them all no doubt.
 our society just has some unrealistic expectations when it comes to life and death sometimes.  i was thinking about years and years ago.  i was working at a job at a veterinarian clinic.  it was called the cat clinic, all cats, all the time.  i got bit and scratched up often.  i had pretty dang quick reflexes working there i must say.  one day though this woman comes in with her cat, it was dead.  she wanted it examined by the vets.  so we put her in a room.  well, they examined the cat and informed her it was dead.  she said, "that is what the last vet said" and left.  i remember walking past her outside just sitting on the curb with her dead cat.  she just didn't want to believe the truth no matter how many vets told it to her.
 after swimming i drove around a bit looking at lights.  didn't get lucky with my neighborhood choices but it is fun to cruise the streets and see if anything cool is about.
 didn't get out there much this year.  can't believe Christmas is almost here and i also can't believe that December is almost over. yikes!!
 there is a fun display online in fairbanks.  reminds me of "the big bang theory".  a couple have a log cabin up there and it has a basic display of lights.  what is fun and unique about the lights is that it's set up so that anyone in the world can go to their web page and turn the lights off/on.  http://kenandrebeccaellen.com/xmas-lights or christmasinfairbanks.com try those if you want to check it out.  alaska dispatch has a link if those don't work.  cool idea and since it's nearly always dark you can pop over anytime and give it a try.

 this guy was out there looking at lights like i was.  pretty young moose...wandering the neighborhoods in anchorage.
 i head back to work for the next three nights.  doubt i'll  be getting any on calls.  it's been busy and hospitals often run a bit short as nobody really wants to work Christmas.
so Merry Christmas to all....and to all a good night!!

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