Monday, December 9, 2013

more from the great state of Texas...

 ok...the above is from the great state of Washington.  this is Mount Rainier as seen from the jet coming down to Texas.  we had a pretty sweet view of it.
 these are from the lake walk i took with my sister in law, darla, before she took me to the airport.  loved the rocks and plants out there. just some cool designs.
 probably could have spent hours out there with my camera.
 got an early start today as i apparently messed up at work.  no patients were injured, just an infraction of which i'm sure i'll get a stern talking to.  i was in the ER and the charge let me go home.  the house sup wasn't informed.  it all usually goes through whatever charge i'm working under, but i guess it's still my responsibilty to make sure that the right people are involved.  guess i have to mess up every so often so that nobody gets to thinking i'm perfect! i was more upset that i slept through the supervisors call at 7:15 this morning.  i had assumed i was on call so it's not good that i can sleep through a call.  the day sup tried to call me again it looks like after 8:30..i'm guessing that the second call was what roused me.
 this is why i keep my home phone.  i know i can sleep like the dead and sometimes i am on call and i'm supposed to wake up when the phone rings.  as it turns out i had taken the ER phone home with me. i'm guessing this is when the sup figured out i wasn't there.
 my brain tried to convince me as i left that i should call the sup, but then the other part of my brain convinced me not to.  i'm a bit of a ruminator and i can read way too much into things going through my pea brain...i was told to go home so i did, stop ruminating!!  should have listened to the first part of my brain.  there are so many me's talking to myself in there sometimes though.  it's hard to know which me to ignore.
 i flopped on the couch when i got home, didn't take off my uniform or empty my pockets.  i really was skeptical about the situation, felt like i was going to get called back in at any moment.  2 hours later i finally decided that it was safe to try and go to bed.  emptied my pockets and i had that dang phone!!  the other part of my brain again just said if they hadn't come looking for it in those 2 hours it could wait til morning...and i went to sleep.
 of course, the phone calls got my pea brain ruminating all over again for the better part of the day.  no point attempting to go back to sleep again so i got 5 hours sleep.  i should hopefully sleep well tonight.  if i get ruminating and can't settle my pea brain down i can always take  a sip of a matter of fact, i should wisely just open a bottle of mikes and settle my pea brain down right now...!!
 i keep getting my toenails mixed up too!!  my big toenail on my right foot is half ripped off but my brain keeps thinking the other toenail is half ripped off and then i find i'm protecting this toe when it's perfectly fine.  awww...mikes hard lemonade!!  sweet and it does seem to have a turn off valve to my brain!!  i rarely drink and i find when i do have a drink it takes me like just a few swigs to feel the effects.  total wimp.  i see tons of alcoholics so i see the bad the stuff can do.   thankfully, despite my brain being this crazy ruminating blog of neurons, it's not a brain that gets addicted easily. i'm very rational and i like to be in control of my body.
 not sure if you can see what is in this picture below, but i had wanted to write words in natural things and think about putting those in next years calendar in some way.  so Darla selected the word DANCE and i liked it so i set down my backpack and she helped me collect the rocks i had wanted.  then we walked on.  at some point i realized that i no longer had my pack...and i had to catch my plane in a few hours.  thankfully brain remembered that this moment was probably when i set the pack down and left it.  also thankfully, we were able to backtrack and find it and it was still there and my stuff was still in it.  luckily i had my plane info/wallet and phone  on my person.  whew!!
 another couple from the air.  we got out of seattle fog and then the sun was coming up!!
 not many pictures out the jet as the powershot often focuses on the crap on the windows instead of the land below.  at some point we got past any hills or mountains and it remained flat until we landed.  i hate those big turns they take before they land.  thought these circles looked cool from the air.

 totally sweet orange kitten.  milk dud...named by my nephews.  he was over for the week.  fun having a cat around for my animal fix.
 that first night we were there we went to the bass store to see santa.  they were all decorated for the holidays and there were more stuffed and dead animals there...crazy.  they do make some crazy large and outrageous stores there.  fun looking around.
 my niece, her husband and her brother, my nephew.  she's been married for a few years  now, i finally met her husband.  really nice to see both of them and get some time with them both.
 the store had the pond above, games and even a merry go round.
 Tom and Darla take some shots with these fancy
 red ryder rifles.  of course, i just think about that movie, "a Christmas story".  my friend Marcia was mentioning her favorite Christmas movies.  that one would have to add on to my list.  of course, i have to have the original Grinch and the Muppet Christmas carol.  great flicks.
 i was playing Christmas music tonight as i got the lights on my tree and wrote some cards.  yes, i bought a tree today.  i think i may have gotten one a bit taller than i usually get.  looks nice though. may kill myself dragging it the 4 blocks to the recycling center after Christmas.  it was a bit of a challenge to get it into my tree stand.  
 this is the ostrich that got my thumb.  it's almost healed now. they have those crazy long necks and they move pretty fast.
 this guy is an emu...they are much gentler.
 had to order more Christmas cards from Shutterfly tonight.  i miscalculated.  did get several more ready to mail. need to get some stuff in the post soon.  it's time to stand in line at the post office!!  can't wait.
 will keep rio home from walks for a few days.  tried to take the dogs yesterday just up Patterson street, but as soon as we turned up Patterson st she began sliding all over the place and even fell a few times.  i turned around.  a big dog like that, one fall could put her out of commission!!
above Grayson feeds one of the friendly beasts, below an elk gets friendly with Carly.
 fun to get close and personal with all these guys.
 everyone loved the eye ball on this guy.  several shots are taken by either Carly or Curtis as we just handed my camera around the car
 so today, blossom and i went to the beach at kincaid.  of course, whe i got to the steep hill going down i opted to not go down there.  just seemed like a bad idea.  totally icy.  Blossom adapted to the change well, i think she was happy to be out.  i stopped on the way out as they were having cross country ski races.  watched for a bit and took some photo's.  will see how those come out.
 loved the cute wildlife mugs not afraid, but entering the car windows to get some snacks.
 my favorite of the day were the zebra's.  the giraffes were locked up.  boo hoo.
 just love those stripes!!  such totally cool animals.
 rio did make it around the bog the day before.
 bought tree and also cruised around mill and feed.  decided to make this Monday walk the tree trimming one.  we enjoyed that last year so figured we'd repeat.  so i found animal friendly treats for tomorrows tree.  made a garland of cranberries, dried mango, peanuts and some other dangly bird treat.  they seemed to like it last year so i stopped by petsmart and got some more for this years tree.  in getting out my tree trimming stuff i noticed the bag i'd collected at the end of the Monday walk season.  didn't want to leave the tree trim leftovers out there.  cleaned up another tree that someone else had decorated so we have several baubles that we could put on.
 may make the tree sparkle a bit.  i have nuts and corn to put around the trees base.
 i was in the ER two nights and then the first night i was in the CVIU.  steady but decent.  one patient kept me busy. finally called doc and got something for her to help her relax.  my back felt a bit sore after trying to assist her with the multiple position changes.
 loved these guys
 the night before ER seemed to not need me after a certain hour.  the same charge called the supervisor to see if about what to do with me, then one patient was en route and another pt needed a 1:1 for a bit so i stayed with that 1:1, then helped with the trauma and then took the trauma upstairs to the ACC and worked there for the last of the shift.  i was late getting out.  i think we transferred the pt at like it was a steady night as i said.  i think the ER charge felt badly for moving me around so much the night before.
 i think i'm pretty chill at work, i go where they tell me to go, when they want me to do it.  last night, they told me to go home.  really not too surprising i guess that i did.

 my short sleep is starting to catch up to me.  soon i will crash.
 the one night in the ER the other nurse brought me this little machine. i'd never seen it before and had no idea what it was or what she expected me to do with it. i'm sure i gave her the funniest look..i was baffled. turns out it was a breathalyzer
 there were some turkeys there and they kept chasing our car and pecking at it, the car.
 Darla gets her self from ungulate love!!
 some scenery from the park!!
 Carley, Curt, Tom and Darla.  warming up in the sunshine.
my eyes are drooping so i'm off to bed....

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