Monday, June 5, 2017

Round Island/Togiak wide angle...

 still looking through pics of course, but these are the few wide angle shots i took.  obviously pulled it out after i set up my tent.  weather was a bit blowy today it looked like for a bit.
 pulled out the wide angle also for this great rainbow in Togiak.  that boat is sitting in the front yard...beach side.  lots of boats out of water.  this is due to the mud flats. the community has a fork lift thing that comes around to help get boats in /out of the water, otherwise people have their own trailers it looked like that they used for their boats.  funny to see boats being pulled around town by little 4 wheelers.  i had no idea that had that great of towing capacity
 lens looks a bit dirty.  never think to check that and give it a wipe.  most of my lens caps have gone missing.  that is the rough life as a camera in my house.  I'm not too gentle on them and i take them all over the place.
 need to finish making my plans for my next trek to Kennicott mine.  hoping that will coincide with some nice flower blooms.  you don't like wasting any days in summers up here.  have felt a bit lazy these past few days since returning.  my back had been a bit sore before i even left now my knee and shoulder are also a bit sore.  nothing bad, just aches. the back...well, being a nurse our backs are always at risk.  we use proper body mechanics for all the pulling and lifting we do, but our patients are not always helpful.  some fight against us.  some stuff just requires you to be at odd angles.  the folks in the offices make sure we have lift teams and nice equipment but they seem to not realize that our jobs are still a risk to our backs because of the sort of stuff we do day in and day out.  it's unpredictable stuff.
 the sunset i think was the first night i was there.
 ended up at the dog park again today.  then a friends for BBQ later. the pups are pretty tuckered out, they got to come to the BBQ and play with other dogs.  they were pretty good overall.  everything is still new and exciting for them.
 finally hit the grocery store as well. it threatened rain all day but none actually fell that i could tell.
 was cracking up...i wear a fit bit and of course the days i was out on the boat my fit bit must have been registering steps as the boat bounced along.  kept meaning to check and see how many steps i got those days. waiting for it to sync.
 can't really complain about the weather out there. these were as i set up the tent and then exploring and getting my island legs back.
 i did take an extra pad to sleep on.  overall fairly cozy as a tent can be...
 my full day on island i got nearly 17,000 steps(over 7 miles).  with boat travel and walking..Tuesday i got over 10 miles (23,500 steps) and Thursday it was almost 19,000 steps...suspect the water was more calm that day so less bouncy?  Monday without a boat and with all day to kill time in Togiak i actually walked nearly 12 miles (over 27,000 steps).  always interesting to look back at that.  i nearly always get my 10,000 steps in.  not today so far though.  over 8,000 though.  i can live with a day with less on occasion though. it's still not back considering I'm now 53.
 different angles for the shots.
 always like the wide angle.  didn't really have time on island to really start getting experimental with the photo's.
 sometimes after a few days you really start to explore what is out there and what your camera equipment can do.  out there too.  you start to utilize different stuff as batteries die or whatever.  i suspect i would have used the nikon more after the batteries for my bigger camera bodies died off.  i was already into my second battery on the newer Canon.
 wanted to use it to just take some general trail/scenery shots.
 most of the trails on island are about 8-10 inches in diameter.  there is a variety of materials used to make some of the trails. you can tell it was altered over the years.  try to keep the mud down, the damage down and the slipping down.
 as i mentioned those little sticks are to remind you to not go over that spot.  the grass can grown out over the rocks, meaning you are no longer on solid footing.
 it is no surprise that it is generally the professional photographers that disobey rules out there. haha. i am no professional though.
 there is only so much i can do out there with my equipment.
 second beach look out below.
 looking toward the other end of the island.

 these clouds were just really pretty. always love clouds like this.  clouds were our only shade from the sunshine on the days out there.

 below is the boys on flat rock.  chilled with them my last morning there.

 it was time this weekend to get Skelly decked out for summer.  i think i did a fine job on him.  my little silly obsession of late is getting Skelly decked for each holiday or whatever.  it's entertaining and makes me laugh as i come and go.
 he looks pretty chill....that is one bad arse skeleton!!

 loved this one...drink, flip flops...haha.
 the pups weren't quite sure what to make of their friend.
 a few of the pups at the dog park yesterday.  they always loved benches as pups and continue to enjoy the seemed a good time for a few pictures. they have sure grown!!
 not sure what I'll be up to tomorrow. weather looks a bit sketchy for a road trip...mostly the back is a bit sketchy. may do some day trips.  it's supposed to be nice further north. you never really can tell here though.  weather may be better by tomorrow.
 will head to bed though.  finished the book that Ivy tried to destroy. don't really think that i have had the same dogs over and over.  they each have unique personalities.  i like to think they all watch over me from dog heaven after they pass. I'm not perfect and i hope they forgive me my imperfections.  i think they do.  dogs are much easier for me than humans admittedly.
grateful for:  A.  lazy days and friends that keep me laughing.  B.  the silly Skeleton that has kept me entertained.  wonder what the UPS guy thinks.  haha.  C.  ibuprofen.

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