Thursday, June 8, 2017

still in Togiak....

 walked around this part of town. there is another section that a road leads to, but i didn't have the time to walk that road to the other part of town.  well i did have time but i had no means of communicating so  i felt a bit reluctant to adventure off too much in case i missed the opportunity to get out to Round Island.  i woke this day to flat and calm waters.  i was pretty confident i'd be out on Round Island Monday...but in the end it didn't happen.  the captain had other jobs to get done and then the fog rolled in out on the island i guess.
 proof that i was in Togiak.  haha.  spent some time and money at this store while there.  it was where the atm machine was.  if you go to a village best to bring cash or checks or some other non-credit card form of money.

 church in the distance.  i think the town is dry or damp at most.  no bars, no place to buy alcohol that i saw.  that doesn't mean alcohol doesn't make it to the village but there is an effort to control it.
 many of these smaller places in AK only have safety officers.  if you need troopers they must be contacted and flown permitting.  never saw any sign of any police force while i was there.  apparently a child was run over so a medivac was arranged.  i think i did see a community ambulance of sort and there is a clinic.  not sure what level of care is there.  often a PA or NP.  in smaller communities, health aids.
 barrels being used as some sort of fence i think.  way to re-purpose.
 finished looking at all the Round Island trip photo's.  it was a short trek but with the good weather i think i got a few nice shots anyway.  not tons of walrus on the island while i was there, but it's a beautiful place and there were walrus so not disappointing at all.  happy with the great weather.
 my back is feeling much better today.  still occasional tweek moments but i could sit longer.
 was going to make the drive to Seward today but the weather got worse the further out of Anchorage i drove. a little rain here now but overall no rain today.
 took the dogs to the dog park. reading now there has been some giardia showing up there.  will just watch pups. hopefully, they are fine.  will avoid it i guess for a bit.  probably from the beaver that live there.  those beavers can be pretty aggressive as well.  always gotta watch out for them.  now the kid are back for like day camp programs as well. the pups did pretty good.  Ivy only jumped on one person today.  that girl...!! she is quick and her tongue goes right for the persons lips.  such a brat.  haha.
 drove as far as the wildlife center.  it was raining but i still cruised through. there are baby musk cute.
 this guy was working on his nets, getting ready for salmon season.  as i said, everyone was out and busy and friendly when i cruised by.  nice to see them all outside enjoying the great weather.  everyone was busy as the fish will soon be coming in.
 nets and boats and related items.
 dogs of town.  don't feel too badly for them, they are probably eating salmon and caribou and all assortment of foods that are probably way better for them than the processed foods we feed.  my friends laughed when my dog had stomach issues in the past and i'd mix old frozen salmon and halibut with rice for a bland diet.
 growing up the wealthy ate the fancy salmon and the poor ate beef.  here, the poor often eat the salmon and crab and all that and rarely eat the spendy beef.
 went 4 wheeling with Esther.  she was looking for the fiddle heads.  many in these areas still practice the hunting/gathering.  it's a healthier diet.  there is no fast food there and the sugary treats are available at the store but are more expensive.  of course, soda is consumed in large amounts and dental care is not always very available so often many in the villages have poor dentition.  especially if they like the sugary foods.
 reflections in puddles.
 few houses seemed to be painted,  there were some vibrant colors on a few though.

 more dogs.
 rare tree.  probably planted...maybe they brought in a live Christmas Tree and planted it. i didn't see much around as far as trees.
 check out all the antlers back there.
 met a few pups and chatted with the woman who owns them.  can't remember their names.
 hagemeister island.
 back on the beach for more walking.
 look how perfect that water is!!
 stacking clam shells to kill time.
 there were lots of clam shells and when i was coming out of the water barefoot in the mud.  there were lots of hard things in the mud..probably shells. thankfully, nothing moved or grabbed me.  i would have freaked and really embarrassed myself.

 i seem to write notes where ever i go.  totally forgot to leave Blossoms ashes out there.  she came with me, as did Rio though.  was not in the right frame of mind out in Togiak.  a dead dogs head on the beach....really didn't feel like a good place to leave them.  on the island.  i don't know, just never had the right opportunity i guess.
 cute dog on the beach.
 birds...looked pretty flying around.

 back to work tomorrow.   still need to arrange to get my windshield repaired.  want to do that before i head out to Kennicott.
 also really want to get that stand made for the library. the guy is gonna get the stuff to build it so hopefully that gets made within a few weeks, then i can paint it, put a sealing cover on it and put it out there.

 back to the airstrip.  as the hours wore on i found myself questioning this trip and feeling bad for myself.  i really wished i could text or call friends/family to kill time and distract myself from the disappointment of not leaving that day.
 not much as far as trees.  hopefully, they picked up the garbage on garbage day.

 puppies entertain themselves with an old cup playing keep away.
 down the trail a bit.  Esther took us for a ride.

 no fiddleheads.  saw some on Round Island and thought of her.  things grow super fast once they start growing. the greens came in more in just those few days i was on the island.  it was amazing to watch the transformation.  flowers bloomed by day three that weren't there day one.
 Esther out walking
 there was less trash out this far away from town so hopefully that is a good sign.
 the main means of transportation in the summers in town.  that creek is also a swimming hole for the town she said.
 riding back.  thanks Esther.  it was a stressful and frustrating day, she was kind and she listened to me and she took me out for a little entertainment to pass the time. it was much appreciated.
 i am far from perfect.  i am flawed.  we all are.  being alone on a trip can be stressful and tough to be stressed and not have access to friends. you really do have to rely on the kindness of strangers.  i gave her a WARIS bag which i think she liked.  i still need to send one to MaCracken for speaking.  i'm a slacker some times.  better get some rest.  good sleep seems to be helping my back heal.
thankful for: A.  the kindness of strangers  B.  my phone and that connection to others when needed C.  people who actual enjoy talking to me.

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