Thursday, February 17, 2011

celebrating karens birthday...alaskan style!!

not too many pictures today. debated going to the coastal refuge again and probably should have as the sunset looked great. had other stuff to do though so didn't get out there. i have wanted to get downtown to get photo's of the ice sculptures at night. there had been a little vandalism on a few of the sculpures but overall they looked pretty cool all lit up. the bears looked great still. the walrus has no tusks anymore.
this salmon above looked pretty awesome as well. i was very careful walking around out on the ice out there. the shoes i wore, my sorrels are not the best on ice. part of me would love to have the folks on what not to wear teach me how to dress more stylish, but i know they would want to toss all my alaskan style clothes!! what would they think of sorrels, xtra tuffs and skhoops, let alone all the fleece that exists in my closet. there is no way i could allow those alaskan fashion items to be trashed. they are too practical, though i realize they would look pretty out of place in manhattan.
thought the lights brought out the details in the lynx's coat.
people are so clever with these sorts of things. soon the fur rondy will be going on and they do snow sculptures. those usually are pretty imaginative as well.
made it to my dental appointment today and it was actually the right day this time. the hygenist was very nice and complimentary. seems like most of them tend to lecture you on your poor dental care...thus everyone now simply lies to thier hygenist and dentists about how often they actually floss or brush. when people are shocked that someone lied about this or that i always bring up the dentist...i mean nobody is honest with thier dentist. are they?
this sculpture above was a bit odd. looks to be some sort of mermaid on a bike? still looked pretty cool anyway.
the mastadon was another of my favorites for the year, but it looks like the light that highlights it is burned out. bummer.
got my swim in as well. went right from the dentist. was a slacker this week with the swimming. enjoyed watching the dog show though. it all seems pretty arbitrary once it gets to group judging and i suspect personal preference comes in to play at that point. was happy that the deerhound was the preferred breed and that it won.
it was karen's birthday so she wanted to go to ORSO's for dinner. it's a great local restuarant downtown. always good eats and they spoil you there. we were a bit obsessed with the wine racks behind our table. i actually didn't even get wine tonight. i went with a tom collins. those are classic and always good. love me some wine though as well, just depends on the mood.
karen and i split a king crab you can see there is plenty. we each had matching plates. love king crab!!! the fresher the better!! they also make a nice mashed potatoe.
we topped off dinner with some molten chocolate cake. bought a few and shared em. can't go wrong there. we took turns taking pictures with the wine..see, i told you we were obsessed.
this is as we were just about to leave. see, this is an alaskan out on the town outfit, i'm sure they' be appalled in new york. luckily, i'm not in new york and alaskan style suits me just fine!!

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